How To Empty And Clean A Dyson Ball Vacuum – Easy Steps

How To Empty And Clean A Dyson Ball Vacuum – Easy Steps

Does the suction of Dyson ball vacuum in your home suddenly disappear? Have you cleaned the vacuum cleaner recently? Your Dyson ball vacuum may only need to be thoroughly cleaned, and then you run out and buy a substitute. But in order to protect your investment in this expensive vacuum, you should know how to clean up Dyson ball vacuum. Regular cleaning of Dyson ball vacuum is essential for maximum operating efficiency. It can also extend the service life of vacuum cleaners.

What is Needed to Clean Dyson Ball Vacuum

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Compressed air (optional)
  • Sink or pool
  • Scissors
  • Bolt driver
  • Distilled white vinegar (optional)

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How Do You Open Dyson Ball Vacuum?

Cleaning Dyson ball vacuum depends largely on whether it can be disassembled. Noteworthy fragments signal where things can be separated. The cleaning dustbin, garbage head and hose can be removed from the vacuum for cleaning. Each step will guide you on how to remove each part for cleaning.

The first step of cleaning should be to clean the dustbin of Dyson ball vacuum. Before starting, prepare a garbage bag to collect dust and debris. When handling dust, you need to wear masks and gloves if possible.

To remove the transparent carton from the vacuum, just press the red latch on the top. Now, you will have free access to Dyson ball vacuum’s dust box and cyclone separator.

To empty the dust in the container, you can press the red handle again. This will release the bottom of the container and dump its contents. It happens quickly, so you don’t want to press the button until you’re ready.

In order to completely control the garbage, close the garbage bag around the garbage can before releasing the bottom of the garbage can. If everything doesn’t come out by yourself, use something long to relax yourself. Things like pencils or pegs will work well.

How to Empty and Clean Dyson Ball Vacuum?

  • Step 1: empty and clean the vacuum tank

After closing and unplugging Dyson ball vacuum, remove the vacuum tank or vacuum tank from the machine. Most Dyson vacuum models have a red “box release” button, which makes this work easier. Take it to your trash can (or compost bin!) Then press the button on the dust can to release the contents.

Don’t fill Dyson ball vacuum more than half before emptying it. This habit will help your vacuum cleaner maintain good suction. Next, separate the carbon canister from the cyclone separator. If you notice dust or debris stuck in the cyclone hole of the vacuum cleaner, you will want to grab an air compressor. If possible, take the whirlwind outside (it will be chaotic!) And use the air compressor to loosen and release debris.

If you don’t have an air compressor? You can try to blow away some debris with the cold setting on the hair dryer. This is certainly not as effective as the air compressor, but it is always better than nothing! Next, take a wet microfiber cloth. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the residual dust and debris inside the canister and around the cyclone separator. You can rinse the canister under cold water and then clean it with a brush or sponge. Please check the manufacturer’s vacuum instructions before flushing the cyclone with water.

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  • Step 2: remove and clean the vacuum filter

Dyson ball vacuum’s filter plays a vital role in keeping the home clean. It can catch dust, pollen, bacteria and dust particles in the air. This means that it is necessary to clean the filter over time. Many Dyson filters are purple and located near cyclones.

Some Dyson vacuum cleaners have multiple filters. This may include a “ball” or another ball on the back of the machine. Take out the filter and remove it for cleaning.

You can run Dyson ball vacuum’s filter under cold tap water to remove dust and debris. It is best not to use any detergent or chemicals. You can squeeze the water out gently and repeat the process until the water becomes clear. You only need to look at it to know when it is clean.

Before reinserting the filter of Dyson ball vacuum into the vacuum, it is necessary to dry it thoroughly. Damage may occur in the drum dryer. So you can put it in a warm place at home for about 24 hours.

Some Dyson ball vacuum manuals say that you should clean the filter every three months. However, if you use vacuum cleaners often and the floor is dirty, you may need to clean it more frequently. When using Dyson, we just need to remove the filter and check how dirty it is. If it is dirty, we will clean it immediately.

  • Step 3: untie and clean the vacuum brush rod

In order to maintain the best shape of your Dyson ball vacuum brush, you need to regularly clean the hair, rope or other substances wrapped around the brush stick. Your vacuum brush does an important job, grabbing all the dirt and debris from your hard floor and carpet. In order to make it work as well as possible, it is best to eliminate anything that may hinder it!

To remove the Dyson ball vacuum brush, you need a Flathead screwdriver or a coin (I use 25 cents), depending on your model. Remove the vacuum brush.

You can use scissors to cut off any hair or debris wrapped around the vacuum brush.

Next, you can wipe the vacuum brush strip with a soft cleaning brush or a wet microfiber cloth. Make sure it has enough time to dry before putting it back into the vacuum cleaner. This is also a good time to disinfect the bottom plate of the vacuum cleaner, wheels or other parts that contact the ground when vacuuming. When cleaning, this is very important to prevent the vacuum cleaner from spreading bacteria or dirt to the rest of the house.

Dyson Ball Vacuum
  • Step 4: clean the accessories of Dyson ball vacuum

If Dyson ball vacuum comes with multiple accessories, now is also a good time to clean these accessories. You will want to follow a process similar to using a vacuum brush stick. You can use your fingers to loosen any hair or other debris stuck to the vacuum attachment. Check whether there is blockage inside the vacuum accessories and remove it with your fingers. Use a damp microfiber cloth or soft cleaning brush to wipe off the residual dust or dirt on the accessories. According to Dyson’s advice, avoid using detergents or soaps. Allow enough time for each clean accessory to dry before storing again.

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  • Step 5: loosen the Dyson ball vacuum hose

Over time, your hose may be blocked, which will affect the suction. We need to disconnect the hose when cleaning Dyson ball vacuum. Sometimes a button separates it from the wand.

Visually inspect the inside of the hose to find debris. You can also push it over with a mop to clean the hose.

We’d better not use any irritant chemicals on the vacuum hose. This may cause irreversible damage. Instead, you can use distilled white vinegar to kill the bacteria that lurk inside.

We can fill your kitchen sink with warm water and a cup of vinegar. Immerse the hose in the mixture. After 10 minutes, rinse the hose with warm water. It may be easier to do this by keeping the hose in a U shape.

Allow the vacuum cleaner to dry before reconnecting it. This may take about 24 hours – you don’t want to take any risks.

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  • Step 6: clean the exterior of Dyson ball vacuum

Now that you have cleaned every part of the vacuum cleaner correctly, it’s time to pay attention to the outside! All you need is a damp microfiber cloth or a magic eraser to finish the job.

How Often Should I Clean Dyson Ball Vacuum?

Generally, the filter of Dyson ball vacuum should be cleaned once a month, but this depends on the frequency of your vacuum cleaner. Some more advanced Dyson stick vacuum cleaners even include sensors that tell you when to clean the filter through the display. If necessary, you should clean the rest of Dyson vacuum cleaner. Make sure that the container is emptied immediately after it is full to avoid blockage. If you notice that your vacuum cleaner stops working even if the container is empty, this is another sign that it needs cleaning.

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Dyson ball vacuum is easy to clean, but it is necessary to ensure that the vacuum maintains suction. It is important to identify and remove any potential obstacles, because even small obstacles can cause loss of suction or motor cut-off of Dyson ball vacuum.

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