About Us

Welcome to Pet Hair Vacuums!

If you’re like me you know how difficult it can be to own pets and keep your house clean. Carpet and furniture seem to be a magnet for pet hair. It sticks to everything.

I’ve owned numerous dogs and cats in the past. I actually suffer from seasonal allergies, and I’m allergic to cats! Probably not the wisest choice to keep animals I’m allergic to, but I love those fuzzy little critters.

I have been on the lookout (and continue my search) to find the best vacuum for pet hair. There are many people that swear by one brand or another. My goal with this site is to research all the claims and take advice from my readers regarding the various makes and models of pet hair vacuums. With thorough research and customer reviews I’m sure we can narrow down the absolute best vacuum for pet hair and help other pet owners in the process.

Thanks and keep your house clean!