How Do You Vacuum a Shag Rug & Carpet?

How Do You Vacuum a Shag Rug & Carpet?

A beautiful shag rug can add a different beauty to our room, but do you know how to use a vacuum cleaner to clean shag rug? When you wake up for the first time in the morning, there is no better way than to add a fluffy carpet to your bedroom, which can bring comfort, color and space to your bedroom. We can’t think of anything better, especially in a long and harsh winter!

What is Shag Rug?

Although shag rug feels beautiful and comfortable, these carpets are difficult to keep clean. Shag is one of the most difficult carpets to clean and maintain. In our carpet cleaning facilities, the cost of cleaning shag rugs per square foot is often higher than that of cleaning silk carpets with higher value. This is because a lot of extra manual work is required to clean up the embedded things in these carpet fibers. ” But don’t worry, you can keep your hair clean. Rugknots has some important tips about prevention methods, including not using shag rug in places with heavy traffic such as the lobby or kitchen at home, which is very meaningful! They also advise you or guests to take off your shoes before walking on the carpet and avoid eating nearby. Another tip: don’t forget to keep the area under and around it clean so that your woolen carpet looks like a star.

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Can I Vacuum Shag Rug?

We do not recommend cleaning shag rug with an ordinary vacuum cleaner. It is suggested that you should be careful when vacuuming. They suggest not vacuuming on the side of the pile, because this will damage the carpet. Instead, they suggest turning the carpet over to clean one side for better results. The biggest problem with shag rug is that most carpets cannot be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner without damaging the carpet. They need to manually use the gap tool, go in row by row, and try to remove everything caught between these long lines. Due to the huge project, shag rugs usually need professional carpet cleaning, where they can soak and thoroughly wash carpets in a way that is impossible at home.

How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Shag Rug?

Yes, you read it right – I want you to vacuum under the carpet first. You want to do this because it can avoid damaging the fibers of the carpet and help loosen the dirt and dust on the carpet. If your carpet is large, a simple way is to roll the carpet and unfold it in reverse, keeping the underside of the carpet on top. Next, just connect the vacuum stirring rod and run it on the whole surface as thoroughly as possible.

Now roll the carpet back and vacuum on the floor. You will find a lot of soil, dirt and dust on the floor, because you beat them out when you vacuum the bottom.

We can set the vacuum cleaner to the highest setting. Shag rug is like this; It is fluffy. Therefore, if the vacuum is set too low, the fibers may get stuck in the brush. Turn off the beater and use a manual accessory or hand-held vacuum cleaner. We can also use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the dirt on the carpet. Keep vacuuming until your carpet starts to rejuvenate. Then we need to turn the carpet over and vacuum the back. If you are worried about sucking the fiber or breaking it, just suck it off your back with a vacuum cleaner. We can shake the carpet well outside, and then put it back in place. For spills, the site cleaning effect is the best. The key is to act quickly before the stain forms.

  • Use Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

What you need to do is to disengage the beating up lever. If you cannot use the vacuum cleaner, please use the accessory brush. Using an adhesive brush will make it harder, but will not damage the fibers of the carpet. The second thing to remember is how far you can keep the vacuum cleaner from the carpet while cleaning the carpet. Most vacuum cleaners have the option of adjusting the height, so ideally, try to maintain the height. Of course, if you have a vacuum cleaner that is most suitable for carpets, it will help.

  • Remove Stains from Shag Rug

You should vacuum once a week to prevent dust and debris from entering. However, vacuum cleaners do not help stains. Spills can be common, especially when you have a shag rug in the living room like me.

  • How to Remove Spots and Stains?

The best time to remove stains is the moment when the stains occur. If it is a slight stain, sometimes wipe it with a mop. For more colored stains, you should consider sprinkling a little baking soda and salt solution on the carpet, and then sprinkling some water to dry the stains.

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How to Maintain Shag Rug In Other Ways?

  • Use carpet protector

Going hand in hand with prevention is another good idea to maintain your shag rug. Rugknots recommends scotchgard. Fortunately, there is a company specializing in carpets and rugs on the market. It is said that carpet protectants can simplify the cleaning process and make stains easier to remove (this is very effective for red wine spills!), It can even prevent the formation of stains – who wouldn’t like it? This preventive method is a perfect way to keep your plush carpet in better condition for its service life.

The company recommends that users test the area of the carpet first, and then carry out a simple process, that is, spray the whole carpet, and leave enough time for drying. The time is two to six hours, and repeat every three meters every six months. It’s important to follow the instructions completely so that you won’t damage your carpet or upholstered furniture!

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  • Tap your shag rug

In order to clean shag rug, it may only need a good beating to remove the debris found in the depth of the carpet. Loloi, a company that designs carpets and pillows, told house beauty to take the carpets in your area outside in this way and do some good treatment to them, so as to remove the dirt and debris in the depths of the carpets. This method can also help remove a lot of dust that causes allergies!

  • Steam cleaning

Carpet can be steamed; However, it is important to pay attention to what material the carpet is made of so that your shag rug will not be damaged during cooking. “In a broad sense, natural fibers (wool, cotton, silk) need cleaning, while synthetic fibers (polypropylene, acrylic acid, polyester) can be steam cleaned with carpets.

  • Site clearance

Unfortunately, as we know, stubborn stains may reappear, so learning the right carpet cleaning technology is crucial. It turns out that there are many ways to prevent stains, even unconventional. Sometimes you can even use vodka to wash away the stains in your wine cabinet (yes, really!).

Rugknots suggests that if you spill drinks on the carpet, spot cleaning is a good way. If this happens, there is no need to clean up the whole thing. They suggest using white or neutral microfiber rags so that the stains on the rags will not discolor your carpet, and then gently wipe the carpet until all the liquid is sucked away. Then, in the next step, rugknots said, use a mild detergent, such as dishwashing soap, and suck the stain dry until it disappears. Bob Vera points out that a mixture of vinegar and water can be used to spot clean shag rug.

  • Deep cleaning shag rug

If you want to deeply clean your fluffy carpet, you can consider giving it a dry shampoo bath. If you want to clean the carpet and remove the odor, especially when you are a pet owner, this method is very good. Bob Vera points out that using dry shampoo can remove bacteria, dust and dander from carpets. The store explained that you only need a little dry shampoo – usually made of powder – and then brush the carpet, and then suck up all kinds of deep dirt in the carpet.

In order to make the most of this special method, the agency recommends that the dry shampoo be kept on the carpet for at least 30 minutes before running the vacuum cleaner. They explained that read the labels of popular products to ensure that you use the correct formula on the carpet in your area. Bob Vila chose capture carpet and carpet dry cleaners as the best whole of dry shampoo. Nevertheless, spruce was very disappointed with this product, gave it a “hard clearance”, and wrote that it failed to remove stains in the end. Therefore, if you want to remove stains, you may want to choose another method. However, if you just want to make your carpet look new, it should work.

  • Ask a professional carpet cleaner

If you have tried all the above ideas on your carpet, but they still look stale, or if you are cautious about trying to clean your shag rugs, there is no shame in inviting professionals! Although they may use some of these methods, such as steam cleaning, using dry shampoo or spot treatment, they are experts in the field. With the right equipment, technology and products, they can complete the work correctly, which can help your carpet maintain a longer appearance.

How Often Do We Need to Clean The Shag Rug?

According to the pedestrian flow, shag rug only needs to dust once or twice a week. Try vacuuming by hand instead of using an upright vacuum cleaner. Vacuumizing by hand will make more dust on the carpet and make the fiber look more beautiful. Use carpet / carpet rake accessories for dust collection. It looks like a comb. When combing the carpet with its soft comb like mane, it will vacuum the carpet. Tourists and family members are required not to put shoes on the carpet, and rotate the carpet every six months in order to wear them evenly.

Fluffy carpets can warm your space and look great with most decorations. Knowing how to clean shag rugs will keep carpets in good shape for years to come. Home Depot has regional carpets, vacuum cleaners and other floor coverings online and in stores.

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