How To Vacuum Under Your Bed Correctly?

How To Vacuum Under Your Bed Correctly?

A third of your life is spent on a mattress. When was the last time you fully cleaned something? The stroke of the vacuum brush might be felt more easily on the sofa in the living room than on your trusty mattress. Change must occur now. We rarely consider making the bed’s bottom clean. This is due to the location being challenging to access, especially when vacuuming. Due to improper vacuum cleaning under the bed, the room was dusty. It will draw allergies, which will make you sneeze. How then do we utilize the vacuum under the bed?

Why Are You Vacuuming Under The Bed?

When was the last time you peeped under the bed? You may imagine a desert oasis, a dust rabbit flying randomly, but it’s more disgusting than this. The space under the bed is the perfect place to collect dust, hair and food debris, dead insects and other less attractive things. If not disturbed, it will also become a breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites and various harmful pathogens. When you sleep, you will be exposed to unhygienic air. Inhalation can make you sick, especially when it accumulates over time. That’s why it’s important to vacuum under the bed. Not only to retrieve the long lost sock, but also to improve the air quality in your bedroom.

The Way of Vacuum Under the Bed

  1. Position of mobile bed

Another way to dust under the bed is to move your bed to one side. However, even with this option, your bedroom needs some space. Therefore, if your bedroom is large enough and your bed is not too heavy or attached to the wall, you can simply move it aside. In this way, you have a great opportunity to dust under the bed. However, there are not so many beds that can choose this possibility, because many beds are too heavy to be pushed aside like that. But if you have a choice, slide your bed aside, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust under the bed, and then put the bed back in its original position.

  1. Vacuum cleaner accessories

Almost all vacuum cleaners have a set of tools that can make us scratch our heads, but they do have practical uses. You can use the extender to clean those small and difficult to reach places, or use the mattress accessories to clean the bottom, top and side of the mattress. If you can’t seem to find your accessories, you can put the vacuum cleaner flat and push it under the bed., It is basically an extension of your vacuum cleaner. There are some special extensions that allow you to reach even the most difficult corner under the bed (such as this corner on Amazon). Even with such expansion, if you create enough space around the bed to really clean all the corners of the dust under the bed, it is also very helpful.

  1. Vacuum cleaner robot
How To Vacuum Under Your Bed Correctly

If you really have little space, or your bed is relatively low, and the previous choice is impossible for you, then it may be feasible to consider buying a robot vacuum cleaner.

Because they don’t need a certain angle to reach under the bed, and they can drive back and forth to absorb the dust under the bed. Robot vacuum cleaners are also easier to get under the bed because they are small and can fully adapt to the environment.

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  1. Use a long handle duster

With these convenient products, it’s easier than ever to clean up those annoying places under your bed. For example, in order to solve the annoying dust under the bed, just look at a duster with a retractable handle. These magical dust collectors have microfiber, which can cover every square inch under your bed. If you have hardwood floors, their effect is particularly good. Remember to buy a duster with a handle long enough to fit the size of your bed.

  1. Remove the mattress and mattress for dust collection

The last way to remove annoying dust under the bed is to remove the bed frame and mattress before vacuuming. During the cleaning process, you can put them in front of the door. Now you also have enough space to vacuum your bed.

After cleaning the bottom of the bed in this way, you can easily put the slat frame back in place and put the mattress back on the bed.

How to Vacuum Under the Bed Correctly?

If vacuuming under the bed was super easy, we might not have such a conversation. However, you can take some measures to reduce housework. After cleaning any clothes or objects under the bed, the simplest solution is to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. They are very suitable for being placed under the bed. Even without you, they can be programmed to clean.

If not, most newer vacuum cleaners are equipped with extension rods, hoses, or collapsible devices that can reach under most bedsteads. Ergonomic vacuum cleaners and handles will help you avoid sharp bending of your back. Does your bedroom have a wooden floor? Then take a hair dryer and blow the dust out! Brooms, such as fast brooms, can be placed flat and can easily reach all corners and gaps.

  1. Take out the box and items from under the bed

Before we start the actual cleaning, we must first remove everything under the bed. For example, this may be a box or other item stored under the bed. Of course, the boxes and objects under the bed also have some dust. Therefore, the first step may be to clean them.

  1. Make some space

Before you start vacuuming, you should leave a little space around the bed if possible. Only in this way can you have enough scope and correct angle to find and reach the hard to reach place under your bed with vacuum cleaner. First, move the boxes and objects to another room or door. The larger the space around the bed, the better.

  1. Place the vacuum cleaner at the right angle

In order to make the angle as flat as possible, it is best to squat or sit on the knees in front of the bed. Try to use the vacuum cleaner to enter the bed at the shallower angle as possible, because this is the only way to reach all places under the bed.

The bed should not be too low, and there should be enough space around the bed to form a flat angle with the vacuum cleaner, which is very important. If that’s not the case, you don’t have enough space to really vacuum every place under your bed. Here are more choices for you.

Vacuuming may be a kind of exercise, so if you prefer a sweat free alternative when cleaning under the bed, you can consider buying iRobot from Roomba or similar companies. From carpets to hard floors, you can choose the robot vacuum cleaner that is most meaningful to your space. Set it up, charge it, and let your children keep the area under your bed intact. Well, this may sound a little funny, but it turns out that hair dryer (or small fan) is a fast and almost painless way to make all dust rabbits swish! Hurry to watch them move through every crack – just make sure you arm yourself with a duster, broom, or vacuum cleaner, and clean up the dust as soon as it escapes under the bed. Although the brush head of the broom is very useful when cleaning under the bed, when you try this method, the broom handle is equally effective, if not more effective. Simply wrap your hand with tape and roll it up, or push it back under the bed, as if you were using a huge lint roller. If the area is really dusty, it may need some new tape and several passes to make it spotless.

How Often Should You Vacuum Under the Bed?

Vacuum under the bed at least once a week. Although various factors, such as the floor, pets, foot traffic, etc., can affect your specific bed cleaning plan, Barnett said that vacuuming under the bed once a week is ideal. This can not only save you the trouble of more frequent deep cleaning, but also prevent the accumulation of substances such as hair, dust and dander. A little dust may not look so scary, but it is worth remembering that regular inhalation of dust particles is related to diseases such as asthma. The less you smoke, the more likely you are to inhale these particles during sleep. No one wants this. Will vacuuming under your bed be as fun as browsing Netflix? no But it is good for your health and deserves priority. Barnett said that the ideal tool to complete this task is a cordless vacuum cleaner, which has bright LED lights and strong suction.


It is not necessary to vacuum under the bed every time you clean the room. This is especially true if you clean every week. It is ideal to clean the space under the bed by vacuuming at least once or twice a month, so that any dirty objects will not have the opportunity to gather under your bed. Remember, the more you vacuum under the bed, the cleaner the air you breathe.

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