How to Keep a Vacuum Cleaner Smelling Fresh In Simple Ways

How to Keep a Vacuum Cleaner Smelling Fresh In Simple Ways

Despite having an expensive vacuum machine, you still struggle with vacuum cleaner smells when cleaning the house. The same problem used to plague me, but I was able to eliminate the offensive smells. You will be aware of everything I did to resolve the problem as of right now.

Why Should We Clean Vacuum Cleaner?

Today, everywhere in the world, a vacuum cleaner is considered basic household cleaning equipment. Theoretically, it can help us maintain a clean and fresh home. In real life, I typically have to put up with the machine’s foul and unpleasant smells. I continue to ponder how it could possibly occur to cleaning equipment. I started looking into this problem and discovered that using a vacuum to clean is a very common problem. Even though the machine may run smoothly, it may still give off unpleasant odors. I have experimented with a variety of techniques to improve vacuum smell, and I want to share my findings with you all!

When you have to deal with the burning vacuum smell, cleaning tasks are already exhausting.

Why Do Bagless Vacuum Purifiers Smell

Pet Hair

When caring for a pet, such as a dog, cat, etc. at home, their hair falls are one of the main causes of this issue. Pet hair typically has a bad smell, and when it gets stuck inside the vacuum, it gets much worse. Your vacuum cleaner smells like feet because of this.

A second “culprit” in this case, in addition to pet hair, is pet urine. Consider this for a moment. Your carpet at home and their hair both get stained with the liquid. When we vacuum, the combination of pet hair and urine can give off a particularly foul smell in your home.

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The rubber vacuum belt’s job is to propel the vacuum brush into motion so that it can gather all dirt. Additionally, an overworked vacuum belt may become burnt, which causes the vacuum cleaner to emit a burning odor. Despite being less expensive, the rubber belt is not as strong as the metal one. If you use a rubber belt, it is suggested that you replace it once a year because it wears out quickly.

You must unplug the device before you can examine the problem. The vacuum cleaner is then plugged back in after you remove any pet hair, strings, or fibers that may have become lodged in the vacuum brush.

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The vacuum machine’s motor, which is its most crucial component, can catch fire inside and emit a burnt odor. You should first inspect the rubber belt and brush roller to see if the motor is malfunctioning or not. If they are all in good condition, the motor may be malfunctioning. You should bring this to a qualified service and repair facility for inspection in this situation. Always remember to unplug the device before inspecting the vacuum.

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If you don’t have a pet at home, that doesn’t mean your vacuum cleaner won’t give off unpleasant odors. When left unattended for a long time, dust and other undesirable items in the vacuum bag can produce a strong odor. Why?

It’s because moisture and humidity provide a conducive environment for the growth and development of mold. Then, when we vacuum, these filthy molds enter the vacuum bag and emit a foul odor.

Dust and debris

Your vacuum cleaner’s bad odor may also be caused by a variety of dust and debris that is stored in the vacuum bag. The combination of dust and debris is bad for your health and the longevity of your vacuum machine. You must first halt and unplug the device in order to fix this problem. After that, examine the roller and take out anything that is still in the vacuum.

How to Keep a Vacuum Cleaner Smelling Fresh In Simple Ways

How To Keep A Vacuum Cleaner Smelling Fresh

Change The Vacuum Bag

If your vacuum uses them, change the bag. Stinky bags are frequently to blame for vacuum cleaners that smell bad. If your model doesn’t come with a bag, empty the canister and wash the filters in soapy water. Before putting the machine back together, let the filters completely dry.

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Maintenance Is Key

The goal is to stop offensive odors at their source. Good maintenance practices are the foundation for everything. Of course, due to time constraints, we can’t fully disassemble the vacuum every time we take it out, but the more frequently it is done, the less stench there will be in the future. One of the advantages of a bagless vacuum is the simplicity and speed with which the contents of the canister can be quickly dumped.

Disassemble Vacuum Cleaner

If the vacuum still has a foul odor, disassemble it. Keep an eye out for roadblocks. Having pets may result in pet hair clogging intake valves and foul odors. Any obstructions you find should be removed.

Essential Oils

t has distinct scents consisting of eucalyptus, lemon, vanilla, strawberry, mint, and orange. The best feature is that you can choose your preferred heady scent to ensure that your home smells clean both during and after vacuuming.

The fragrances are available in percentages of 4. Choose the ones you want from the vacuum. When using a bagless vacuum cleaner, place a paper towel with about 6 drops of the desired essential oil inside the filter chamber.

You can spread the oil’s fresh, invigorating scent throughout your house. To cover up any unpleasant odors, add a few drops of oil to the filter.

Baking Soda

Baking soda and water should be combined. With it, scrub the vacuum’s canister, hose, and filters before giving them a thorough water rinse. Allow the filters to air dry and dry any plastic or metal objects with a clean cloth. the vacuum back together.

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Orange Peel

Through the hole that connects the new vacuum bag to the vacuum, insert some orange peel or dryer sheets. Put the sheet or orange peel in the filter cavity if your canister model lacks bags. The vacuum will spread a clean scent throughout your house as you use it.

Sprinkle Orange

Alternately, smear orange or vanilla extract onto a paper towel. Pull the towel apart, then vacuum it. As usual, vacuum the floor after liberally sprinkling it with ground cinnamon or potpourri. Any of these remedies will give your house and vacuum a new scent.


Most vacuum cleaners will emit an unpleasant odor when used frequently. To effectively get rid of this odor, you must look into where it comes from. You’ll be able to concentrate on the appropriate area once you’ve localized the problem.

When a bad smell is discovered, you must first clean the area and neutralize the smell. Then and only then can you use a natural or artificial remedy to create a fragrant scent. These tips should assist you in maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of your vacuum. This will make your house more hospitable as a result.

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