How to Empty a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner-Different Types


Cleaning your Dyson is an important task that you should complete at least once a month. This can improve your cleaning process and help your vacuum cleaner last longer.

Don’t know how to empty your Dyson vacuum cleaner? Here is a simple guide to emptying wireless and wired Dyson vacuum cleaners.

How Often Should You Empty a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

The frequency of cleaning garbage cans is similar to that of cleaning filters: once every three months. If the container is dirty and blocked, you may speed up the process.

Use your brush roll. When the brush roll is blocked, you should clean it. This is usually more frequent than three months, sometimes even once a week.

When Should You Empty a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

Although the vacuum cleaner is designed to dry all dust and waste on the floor and furniture, the vacuum cleaner itself needs regular cleaning and maintenance to extend its service life. The first thing to know before you really start emptying your vacuum is when to empty it.

If the dust particles stay too long, the performance of the cleaner will be reduced. Therefore, when you notice any of the following factors, you must observe the signs that the vacuum cleaner needs to be emptied, and then start the vacuum cleaner immediately.

Reduced Suction Power

A suction drop is a clear sign that the Dyson vacuum cleaner needs to be emptied. When it has accumulated enough dirt, the next time you try to clean the house, you will notice that the ability to absorb dirt has decreased. Another factor that reduces suction is the accumulation of dirt on the rollers and bristles. Therefore, not only empty the drum but also clean the drum surface frequently.

Bad Smell

This is the natural side effect of not cleaning the vacuum cleaner for a long time. The dust and debris in the vacuum cleaner will give off an unpleasant smell, which indicates that it is time to clean the vacuum cleaner.

Terrible Noise

When you try to operate the vacuum cleaner, it has collected too much debris, and there is not enough space for more debris. Then it starts to make a strange and strange sound, which is different from the sound it produces during the regular cleaning process. When you notice this strange sound, it is a signal that the cleaner may need to be emptied. If the sound continues, you will want to remove the cleaning head and tube to see if something is stuck.

How to Empty Dyson Vacuum

Empty a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Things You’ll Need

You don’t need much to learn this tutorial. Here are some necessary suggestions:

  • A small toothbrush
  • A dry towel
  • Dyson’s combination tool

Tips for Emptying all Dyson Vacuums

Step 1: First, turn off the vacuum cleaner. Obviously, this is the first step, but it’s best to note this because you don’t want to clean or do anything impulsively while the cleaner is still on.

Step 2: The next step is to empty the trash can from the vacuum. Most Dyson cleaners can easily do this by pressing a button. Remove the trash can according to the instructions of the specific product.

Step 3: Once you’ve separated the trash can from the vacuum cleaner, it’s time to remove dust and debris.

Place the trash can directly under the vacuum trash can. Point it directly at the trash can. You should see a red button at the end of the trash can, which connects to the rest of the vacuum cleaner. Press this button to remove the ash bin from the vacuum cleaner.

If you are unsure of the location of this button, please check your user manual. Make sure the trash can is empty before removing it.

When you empty the dustbin and release all the dust, make sure you wear some protective equipment or at least one mask to ensure that you do not inhale all the dust.

Step 4: Contaminate yourself with some dust. Clean the inside of the garbage can with warm water. Clean the inside of the trash can with a slightly wet cloth. Do not use any soapy water or other cleaning products as these may damage the filter.

Step 5: clean the brush

After cleaning the trash can, it’s time to clean up the rest of the vacuum cleaner. The brush roll is movable using a locking mechanism at the bottom of the vacuum. Just put a flat head screwdriver into the indicator light and screw it to the unlocked position.

If the brush roll is covered with pet hair, cut it open with scissors. Wipe the remaining debris from the trash can.

You don’t need to clean it with water unless you care about the appearance of your brush roll. It still works well when it is dirty.

Step 6: Clean the filter. Dyson recommends that you clean all their filters with cold water. HEPA filters are quite sensitive, so you don’t want to use chemicals or soapy water.


First, take the Dyson filter off the machine and put it aside. This will allow you to clean the untouched parts of your trash.

Before cleaning, tap the HEPA filter on the edge of your trash can (not disgusting). This faucet can remove excess dust.

Once the dust has fallen off, wash the filter with cold water. The filter absorbs cold water and eventually looks cleaner when dirty water flows out.

Once finished, shake the filter until most of the excess water is turned off. It should be wet, but the filter should not be wet through.

Once you run out of filters, you need to wait 24 hours to reinstall them. Using the filter when it is wet may damage it and cause the filter to tear.

You only need to clean the Dyson filter every three months. Please follow your owner’s Manual for more details.

How to Empty a Dyson V-Series Vacuum

Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner has a small dust collection capacity and needs to be cleaned frequently. This process is usually simple, but it is important to empty the vacuum in the correct way to avoid damaging the equipment.

Dyson V series bar vacuum cleaners are the backbone of the Dyson vacuum brand reputation. Most people who own Dysons have v-series. This guide will guide you through emptying any V-series vacuum. The process spans models; However, Dyson changed the design of the dust cover after the release of the Dyson V8. For older models, it used to be L-shaped; Now, it’s in series. Due to the different designs of the dust cup, the emptying procedure is slightly different. Our two-part guide shows you how to empty out old V-series models (V6 through V8) and new ones (V10 through V15).

How to Empty V6-V8

Dyson of V6, V7, and V8 is equipped with an L-type dust cover. For most people, this is a more familiar design. Empty: empty any of these vacuums:

Make sure the vacuum cleaner is off. Check whether the power switch is off and whether the power cord is removed from the wall socket.

Put the vacuum cleaner on a dustbin, then press the red button near the handle behind the vacuum cleaner to open the bottom of the dust cup.

Press the red button again to completely remove the dust cover.

Wash the dust off the cup and put it back. Click the door at the bottom of it to close its position.

How to Empty V10-V15

Dyson has only released three vacuum models with an online dust cup design. Emptying these vacuums is a bit complicated because, with the online design, the dust cup is connected to the wand and motor. Here’s how to do this:

Turn off the vacuum, then remove the front wand and press the wand release button.

After pulling the sucker out of the vacuum, you should be able to see the release door of the cup.

Take the handle of the vacuum cleaner and put the cup in the trash can. You can also turn the vacuum cleaner upside down and put it in the garbage can. This will reduce the effect of dirt.

Push the red latch under the dust cup and open the door of the cup. Everything in the dust cup will be released into the garbage can. The biggest advantage of the linear cup is that it is completely free from dirt, so it is more hygienic.

To remove the cup for cleaning, press the small button with the white arrow. This cup slides easily.

How to Empty a Dyson Ball Vacuum

The Dyson ball vacuum series is equipped with a removable dust cup. You can press the button on the top of the cup to separate the cup from the rest of the vacuum. The cup will pop up immediately after the button is pressed.

Hold the handle on the top of the cup and put it in the trash can. Hover the bottom of the cup as low as possible in the trash can to avoid overflow of its contents.

Press the release button on the top of the cup again to open the bottom of the cup so that all debris and dirt in the cup can be discharged. Gently shake the cup to remove the residual dirt in the cup.

Close the door of the cup. When you hear a click, you will know that the door is closed.

Put it back into the vacuum and place it in place. Again, you should hear a click. In addition, when you shake or pull the cup, the cup should not shake or loosen.

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants their Dyson to be durable because they are not cheap Proper cleaning and maintenance are the keys to increasing the service life of Dyson products. According to Dyson, you should clean your vacuum cleaner at least once a month to keep it running at its best efficiency. Regular cleaning of the Dyson vacuum cleaner can make it last longer, maintain suction, and extend battery life. Clean Dyson is easy to use and consumes less power. Read our article on how to clean a Dyson vacuum cleaner and learn some simple cleaning techniques. We can say that emptying the vacuum is part of daily cleaning and maintenance and should be done as often as possible.

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