7 Best Robot Vacuums for Vinyl Floors (Summer 2022)

7 Best Robot Vacuums for Vinyl Floors (Summer 2022)

Robot vacuums has come a long way. Robot vacuums can automatically complete all kinds of small garbage that is difficult to remove at home! If you want to lay clean and waterproof floors for your house, vinyl wood flooring is a good choice. However, these planks may become difficult to clean. Therefore, a high-quality robot vacuum may serve you well.

After extensive study of the various robot vacuums available, we managed to compile a list. Here are the top 7 robot vacuums for luxury vinyl flooring.

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Reasons to Get the Right Vacuum for Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring feels quite luxurious, and you have no reason to deprive yourself of the pleasure. Vinyl flooring not only has high aesthetic value, but also is more durable. You may invest at first, but you will feel that your money over the years is worth it. Compared with other types of flooring, vinyl flooring is more resistant to damage and scratching, which means that if you care, you don’t have to change the flooring often.

There are several different types of modern vinyl flooring. There are vinyl tiles, vinyl planks and luxury vinyl flooring. You can distinguish them by their appearance. Vinyl tiles are often similar to tiles or stones. They tend to be more scratch resistant and are synthetic. Vinyl wood is also common and looks like wood. They are easier to clean but of a different quality than vinyl tiles. You can buy luxurious vinyl flooring, which can be tile or wood. They are much thicker than ordinary vinyl base plates. They tend to be more expensive than ordinary vinyl base panels, but they are also more durable.

It is difficult to find robot vacuums for both hardwood and vinyl flooring, but we have selected some models for you. You need to pay attention to how to maintain the vinyl wood flooring. When it comes to how to treat vinyl, you can’t be careless. Even if you drag a piece of furniture roughly to the floor, it will damage the floor. You need to clean the floor regularly. Having a robot vacuums will make your process easier. The reason why vinyl wood flooring needs the best vacuum is that it helps to prolong the service life of the floor. Make sure the vinyl floor has enough time to fix so that the adhesive can stick before vacuum pumping begins.

Best Robot Vacuums for Vinyl Floors

1. iRobot Roomba s9+

iRobot Roomba s9+ is an excellent vinyl floor robot vacuums with excellent performance and powerful functions. This robot vacuum cleaner has powerful suction, which allows you to clean dirt without any effort. IRobot Roomba s9+ is also very efficient because robot vacuums can find their way in all your rooms without your help.

In addition, robot vacuums’ dual power motor system generates enough power to effectively clean large-scale debris and small-scale debris. It can also pick up dust in a narrow space (such as under low furniture). We also like the multi surface rubber brush, which can remove all dirt.

iRobot Roomba s9+’s large rotary side brush also helps to remove dirt and pet hair from hard to reach areas or under furniture. If you have different types of hardwood floors in your home, iRobot Roomba s9+ is a perfect choice because it can effectively remove stubborn stains and debris from hardwood floors and hard floors.

This model is also suitable for owners with pets, because it can easily clean up their pets’ debris. In addition, allergic patients may find it ideal because it is equipped with a great three-stage HEPA filtration system, which can capture up to 99% of dust mites and pet allergens.

The iRobot Roomba s9+ cleaner also has a visual mapping system, which is displayed only after the cleaning task is successfully completed. This feature helps you detect areas that are missing when the device is vacuuming.

Another good thing is that you can receive an app notification when the robot vacuums’ tank is full or stuck. You can also manually set the vacuum to clean room. In addition, its more than 6-pound fashion design will complement your home decoration.

In addition, iRobot Roomba s9+ can run for 90 minutes after a single charge and then return to the charging station. This Wi Fi enabled robot vacuums takes about 75 minutes to fully charge.

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2. Kyvolhome S31

Robot vacuums is a huge time-saving tool for many people, but they still need to pay attention to cleaning their garbage cans regularly. If you don’t like the dust and fog when cleaning up the robot vacuum, kyvolhome S31 will make your life easier. You can put the dustbin neatly into the disposable bag, just pick it up and throw it away after 60 days, which is a huge reward.

For allergic patients, this kind of automatic cleaning is a huge selling point. They not only want to clean the floor, but also do not want to deal with the flying dust when cleaning the robot dustbin. Of course, the actual dust collection technology of kyvolhome S31 is quite good, and it is easy to set up non cleaning areas and routine cleaning procedures.

Similar to most models on the market, it also includes the mopping mode, but mopping is not the way of mopping. As we have said before, a robot vacuums that only focuses on mopping the floor is much better than buying a robot that can both clean and mop the floor, because it usually does one thing well and another poorly.

3. Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1002AE

The garbage bin of shark IQ robot vacuum av1002ae can not only hold more garbage, but also has no bags. This reduces additional waste and saves you money over time because you don’t have to change the bag. Equipped with high efficiency air filter, it can filter 99.97% of dust and allergens, and purify the air in the home.

If you have many pets in your home, they may make your vinyl floors very messy. From muddy claws to frequent shedding, your vinyl floors and carpets need constant attention. This shark self emptying vacuum cleaner caters to the needs of pet parents. The suction is 30% higher than the previous model, which means that your vinyl floors and carpets will be cleaner each time you pass. The automatic cleaning brush roll can roll up the hair and long hair to prevent them from getting tangled.

From severe confusion to routine maintenance, you can customize each cleaning session using the shark IQ robot vacuum av1002ae application. In addition to on-demand deep cleaning (directing the vacuum to the most difficult places), you can also choose where the vacuum can (and cannot) go. For example, you can use your smartphone to target specific rooms or high traffic areas.

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4. Neato D9

Unlike the circular vacuum cleaner, the Neato D9 intelligent robot vacuum cleaner has a flat front and can easily clean corners. The robot will last for more than 3 hours when the battery is fully charged, and then automatically return to the charging platform. Does Neato D9 also have to complete the cleaning plan that you program in the application? Once the charging is completed, the Neato D9 robot vacuum cleaner will return to its original state. Thanks to the wide suction brush and intelligent laser, it can accurately draw any space. This means that you don’t have to worry about it skipping parts. Or do you really want the Neato D9 robot to skip part of the room. You can easily point this out in your application by setting up virtual walls or exclusion zones.

Neato D9 battery life and cleaning performance in the test, D9 provides strong suction and excellent battery life, but it is often stuck and cannot return to the dock. Before the battery power was low, D9 cleaned in eco mode for 200 minutes, narrowly surpassing ecovacs deebot ozmo T8 aivi (170 minutes), making the crown the longest lasting robot vacuum.

The Neato D9 has enough battery power to clean the entire house in turbine mode. You can even remap and install all clean areas and restricted areas to update comments after the next scheduled cleaning in the future.

The large brush of Neato D9 can be used on the carpet, but it can not clean the underside of the carpet. You do have two spare filters and a replacement spiral combination brush and a brush cleaning tool. The filter of Neato D9 needs to be replaced every one to two months, and the spiral combination brush should be replaced every six to eight months.

5. iLife V3s Pro

The new robot vacuum cleaner iLife v3s Pro has many improvements compared with its brother. The iLife v3s robot vacuum cleaner can also work on the vinyl floors. This robot vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice for families where pets live, because it uses new ventilation technology to prevent dirt and hair from pets. If you are an animal lover, but you are always busy and have no time to keep your house perfect, the robot vacuum cleaner iLife v3s Pro will be your best ally. Your pet depilates at least once a year. They will depilate on every floor of every room. Cleaning them is an endless task. If you need help to pick them up more easily and keep your home perfect, your new robot vacuum cleaner will be your solution so that you can keep your home perfect even with your children, so you don’t have to worry. ILife v3s Pro is a robot with better suction within its range. It has a suction of 650pa. You won’t have any problems even with the most difficult dust, such as dust, food residue, hair, etc. Airaway technology with HEPA filter can separate large debris from the powder to maintain good suction, no matter what you are vacuuming. As a HEPA filter, these particles can also be kept in it to obtain cleaner, allergen free air. Enjoy a clean, fresh and allergen free home with iLife v3s Pro robot vacuum cleaner.

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6. Roborock S7

When you flip the roborock S7 robot vacuum cleaner, there are still many things to see. Facing forward is the vacuum assembly with main rubber brush and rubber edge brush. Everything at the stern is mopping, using roborock’s “vibrating” mopping system. It absorbs water from the reservoir on the back to wet the mat below. When actively mopping the floor, the robot will swing the mop to help remove dirt, but when it does not mop the floor, the mat of roborock S7 will be lifted to avoid wetting the carpet. There is a detachable water reservoir at the rear of the robot. If there is no dock, you must manually fill it and empty it. Similarly, you can lift the top cover to access the dust box that is easy to lift. It’s not as easy as letting the dock empty it, but life isn’t always that easy.

Although this application is required for most functions, the roborock S7 robot has three physical buttons at the top for basic functions. For example, you can send it back to the dock, start point cleanup, or simply turn it on or off without going to the application. The choice of accessories depends on the version of S7 maxv you purchased. So, all you need is a roborock S7 robot, a charging platform and a power cord.

7. iRobot Roomba i7+

IRobot Roomba i7+ will need to be charged for at least one hour, but it is recommended to charge for three hours. It should be noted that the charging lights on the dock and the robot go out after a period of time. Not knowing this, I spent some time trying to fix the problem that doesn’t exist in the connection.

The next step is to download the iRobot application. It’s free and can be used by both Android and apple. After the robot is charged, you can pair it using your home Wi Fi connection. In our test, it was immediately connected.

IRobot Roomba i7+ robot vacuum cleaners interact with each other through voice messages. Therefore, if there is a problem with charging or something gets stuck in the cleaning mechanism, you will receive an audio prompt.

At the beginning, I was impressed by the noise of iRobot Roomba i7+ when it was running. Along with the whirring of machinery and the rotating sweeper, they combined (especially on the hard floor) to produce an overwhelming effect. IRobot said that its working volume is 68dB, which is not quiet for robot vacuum cleaners.

But it is an effective cleaner. IRobot Roomba i7+ has a rubber multi surface brush that can pull hair and debris from the carpet, and a sweeping brush that can sweep to the corner. In addition, if you have pets or people with long hair in your family, you will find that the sweeping brush is tangled with the hair you have to cut off.

Buying Guide for Robot Vacuums For Vinyl Floors

When you plan to buy a new robotic vacuum cleaner for your luxurious vinyl wood flooring, there are some things to consider.

  • Brush Type

Robot vacuums can be equipped with different types of brushes. Make sure your flooring matches the vinyl flooring. Without a proper brush, it will not provide you with the best cleaning.

  • Smart Home Integration

Integration with various smart homes and digital assistants makes your life easier. This means that you can control robot vacuums with voice commands.

  • Charging Capacity

If robot vacuums have a longer charging capacity, it means a longer cleaning time without charging. Make sure your next vacuum cleaner has an automatic charging function, because it will make your life easier.

  • Dust Capacity

Larger robot vacuums mean you have to reduce the frequency of emptying them. If possible, select a dust collector with larger capacity.

  • Sensors

Appropriate mass sensors will help robot vacuums navigate effectively indoors. And the expensive option also has the mapping function, which can remember the layout of your home and clean it easily.

Care and Maintenance of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Robot vacuums does not need much care for vinyl wood flooring because it is incredibly durable and waterproof. Sunlight or heat will not affect vinyl flooring at all. With some easy to understand instructions, you can keep the floor as new for a long time.

  • If any leaks occur, be sure to clean them immediately
  • The floor should be cleaned with a non abrasive floor cleaner
  • It is not recommended to push or pull heavy objects around the floor
  • Need to avoid using vacuum cleaners with mixing rods
  • If there are any stains on the vinyl floors, clean them with 10% bleach solution

Robot Vacuum for Vinyl Floors FAQs

  • Will these vacuums also work well on carpets? What should I look out for?

Robot vacuum for vinyl floors can work well with carpets, but not all of them can. You should pay attention to those models with roller brushes and rotary heads, because they can better clean carpets. They should also have suction control so that the fabric is not damaged.

  • Can you use a vacuum mop on luxury vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, you can use robot vacuum on luxurious vinyl wood flooring, but you should make sure that the vacuum cleaner has the right brush.

  • How often should I run my robot vacuum?

How often robot vacuum for vinyl floors is used actually depends on the use case. But for us, cleaning the whole house once a day is enough.

  • Do robot vacuums use a lot of electricity?

No, not at all. Robot vacuum for vinyl floors works with a battery pack. They use moderate electricity.

  • Can I wet-clean vinyl floors?

Yes, you can wet wash vinyl flooring. However, the key is to avoid splashing too much water on the floor. When dust and dirt are sucked away by the machine, you can use a wet / dry vacuum cleaner to mop the floor. Do not let the cleaning fluid drip into the cracks.

  • Are robot vacuums loud?

The robot vacuum cleaner of the previous model was very loud. They make very little noise these days. The robot vacuum for vinyl floors described above can reduce noise very well.

  • Can I use a robot vacuum on LVP flooring?

Yes, you can use the robot vacuum cleaner on the LVP floor. Robot vacuum provides excellent suction to remove tiny to viscous debris from the luxury vinyl base plate. Therefore, the robot vacuum cleaner has no hard brush, because the hard brush will scratch the floor.

  • How often should I run my robot vacuum?

It depends on how much dirt and debris you have on your floor. If you live with pets and children, you should run the robot vacuum cleaner every day to keep the indoor environment clean. On the other hand, if the traffic is not too heavy at home, it is also OK to clean the surface with robot vacuum for vinyl floors once a week.

  • Do robot vacuums scratch vinyl floors?

Most robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to clean each floor type. In other words, they do not include hard brushes. So we can say that robot vacuum will not scratch the vinyl floor.

  • Can you use Braava jet on vinyl floors?

Yes, you can use the braava jet on the vinyl base board. It doesn’t have enough muscle to scratch the vinyl surface. It uses a gentle cleaning tool and is friendly to the delicate vinyl base plate.

  • Is EUFY safe for vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, eufy is safe for vinyl flooring. It uses an intelligent technology called boostiq technology. Therefore, it can adjust the suction according to your floor type. So, you don’t have to worry about this vacuum cleaner, because it won’t cause any damage to your vinyl floor.

  • Can you use a Roomba on vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, you can use Roomba on vinyl wood flooring. It can effectively remove all kinds of dirt, dust and debris from the LVP floor. In addition, you can suck dirt away from hard to reach areas. In fact, any inch of space will not remain the same. Simply put, it will collect dirt and dust from every corner and crevice, making your floor crystal clear.


Vinyl flooring is very durable and can be maintained for decades. If you plan to lay vinyl floors in your home, you should choose the right robot vacuum for vinyl floors, which will protect your floor well. Although there are no vacuum cleaners specifically designed to clean vinyl floors on the market, you can buy high-quality vacuum cleaners for bare floors. You can even use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner because, unlike laminated flooring, vinyl base panels have excellent moisture resistance.

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