Dyson Pet Hair Vacuum Review 2022

Dyson Pet Hair Vacuum Review 2022

Pet hair has the habit of sticking together like glue, especially on cushioned chairs and velvet sofa cushions. The simplest solution is to use a pet hair vacuum cleaner. This guide introduces Dyson pet hair vacuum and explains what type of Dyson pet hair vacuum should be used in different types of home environments. In addition to sucking off the hair, the machine should also clean up (do not entangle with the hair) and work quickly, especially if you have a nervous pet, it will hide at any time. In order to find the best vacuum cleaner for pet owners, we asked trainers, veterinarians and famous animal experts to find out their favorite vacuum cleaners.

What is Dyson Pet Hair Vacuum?

Dyson pet hair vacuum can help me remove excess pet hair in my home. Dyson pet hair vacuum is not only powerful, but also easy to reach those hard to reach places. In addition, the Dyson pet hair vacuum can be quickly and easily converted into a handheld machine to improve mobility. The battery will last for up to 30 minutes and will not run out unless the trigger is engaged. HEPA filtration of the whole machine will last a lifetime, and it is easy to clean and handle hair and dust without using messy vacuum bags. The dirt ejector can remove dried hair and debris in one sanitary operation, and you do not need to touch it. Dyson pet hair vacuum is cordless, light in weight, well balanced and powerful. It can be said to be one of the most capable pet vacuum cleaners. The battery of Dyson pet hair vacuum needs to be charged for at least 4 hours, the medium use time is only 30 minutes, and the high-power use time is only 8 minutes.

How Does Dyson Pet Hair Vacuum Work?

The working mode of Dyson pet hair vacuum depends on the model you buy, but all the above products have been tested by hundreds of reviewers, who can prove their effectiveness in strong suction and hair removal.

Putting the four parts of Dyson pet hair vacuum together is a simple process. Dust and dirt are drawn into the dust collector through pipes / hoses through brushes or other appropriate nozzles. This process is driven by the suction motor and all air is filtered through the exhaust filter to keep debris in a vacuum while only clean air is discharged.

The vacuum cleaner uses an electric motor rotating fan to suck in air – and any small particles in the air – and push it out from the other side into a bag or tank to create a negative pressure. You may think that it will stop working in a few seconds because you can only force so much air into the confined space. To solve this problem, Dyson pet hair vacuum has an exhaust port to discharge air from the other side so that the motor can continue to work normally.

However, air does not just pass through and out from the other side. This is very harmful to people who use vacuum cleaners. On top of the dirt collected by Dyson pet hair vacuum, it also collects very small particles that are almost invisible to the naked eye. If inhaled in a large enough amount, it may cause damage to the lungs. Since not all these particles are trapped by bags or carbon canisters, Dyson pet hair vacuum passes air through at least one fine filter, usually a HEPA filter, to remove almost all dust. Only now can the air breathe safely.

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The Best Pet Hair Dyson Vacuum

The best Dyson vacuum for pet hair depends on your needs, budget, and other preferences. The following classification, comparison and analysis can help you decide which Dyson to buy.

Dyson V15 Detect
  • Type: Cordless Stick
  • Suction: 230 AW
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
Dyson V11 Animal
  • Type: Cordless Stick
  • Suction: 140 AW
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs

Vacuum Review

Dyson Ball Animal 2
  • Type: Upright
  • Suction: 306 AW
  • Weight: 17.35 lbs

Vacuum Review

Dyson V8 Animal
  • Type: Cordless Stick
  • Suction: 150 AW
  • Weight: 5.75 lbs

Vacuum Review

Dyson V8 Absolute
  • Type: Cordless Stick
  • Suction: 115 AW
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs

Vacuum Review

Dyson Humdinger
  • Type: Cordless Stick
  • Suction: 120 AW
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs

Vacuum Review

Best Dyson Pet Hair Vacuum on a Budget

  • Dyson Ball Animal 2

If you are looking for the most powerful vacuum cleaner in the market, Dyson ball animal 2 will be your best choice. With this powerful vacuum cleaner, the pet’s hair becomes a distant memory. Dyson ball animal 2 will prevent you from becoming allergic, and the small flour crumbs and debris will also be removed. Whether you know a trusted Homo erectus or a person seeking the reliability of a rope model, the 35 foot long rope and retractable hose will never make you feel constrained.

Most importantly, Dyson ball animal 2 is indeed one of Dyson’s most powerful vacuum cleaners. Few competitors in the market seek to provide similar suction in the vacuum of consumers. Dyson ball animal 2 is also the preferred product for pet owners, which is why it is listed as our best pet hair vacuum cleaner.

Dyson ball animal 2 is a rope upright vacuum cleaner. From bare floor to high pile carpet, it has excellent overall performance on many surface types. It can clean the pet’s hair very well, and can easily absorb the size of debris. Dyson ball animal 2 is equipped with a dedicated pet grooming tool and a variety of other tools and brushes, such as turbo brushes, slit tools and interior decoration tools. On the other hand, its strong suction will make it difficult to move back and forth on some carpets. Its plastic structure is also a little cheap in some places, and the vacuum itself is not very intuitive to assemble.

Best Dyson Pet Hair Vacuum for Hard Floors

  • Dyson V8 Absolute

Dyson V8 absolute has two cleaning heads (for hardwood floors and carpets), five connection tools and a 40 minute fade free run time. Dyson V8 absolute offers less power, less pumping time, and far fewer tools. There are more expensive vacuum cleaners (such as extra large ones) that can provide more running time, but also require an additional $300 to $500.

You can also get a vacuum cleaner for hardwood only, but that doesn’t really solve the carpet problem. In terms of cost and performance, the V8 absolute is a perfect medium vacuum vehicle.

Dyson V8 absolute cordless vacuum cleaner perfectly combines everything of the already impressive V6 absolute and takes it to a new level. It doesn’t look very different from the previous generation products. Dyson has hardly reinvented the steering wheel, but these complex improvements to fundamental changes make the V8 absolutely the best cordless vacuum cleaner purchased at the first launch.

Dyson V8 absolute is much quieter than the previous V6, so the dust collection work is not so heavy. Dyson claims that the noise is reduced by 50%. Although we have to accept Dyson’s statement, it is obviously easier for the ear. This is a much lower frequency sound. Although dust collection is never a silent activity, we are glad to see that the usually excessive noise output has been reduced.

  • Dyson V15 Detect

If you have a pet that often sheds its hair, you will definitely need a vacuum cleaner. But no matter how old you are, Dyson’s latest cordless stick vacuum cleaner, Dyson V15 detect, may surprise you. Its suction force is greater than that of any previous product. The liquid crystal display of Dyson V15 detect can display the number of particles in real time. The new vacuum cleaner head accessory can emit green laser on the hard floor to display the fragments invisible to the naked eye. This may be the most intelligent and powerful cordless stick vacuum cleaner in the market. Dyson V15 detect is also equipped with a series of accessories, which can quickly transition from vacuuming the floor to sucking away garbage from the car, and then to dedusting all surfaces in the home. The new anti tangle accessory can prevent hair from winding on the brush roll and reduce maintenance workload. Dyson V15 detect not only provides first-class cleaning performance, but also makes ordinary housework interesting.

Dyson V15 detect detects ships with two cleaning heads; The laser slim and fluffy vacuum cleaner head is one of the tools bundled with the vacuum cleaner. Dyson V15 detect has a soft brush rod to ensure that the hard floor will not be damaged. It features a class 1 laser diode installed at an angle of 1.5 degrees and 7.2mm above the ground (so it is safe for humans and pets). Dyson V15 detect projects a green light in front of the cleaning head to highlight small dust particles invisible to the naked eye.

V15 detect is also equipped with a high torque cleaning head. When used in automatic mode, the power will be adjusted to suit the type of floor you clean when using. However, unlike the version included with the V11 series, it now has 56 polycarbonate teeth, which can cut the hair into small pieces to prevent the hair from wrapping around the mane of the cleaning head.

V15 detect absolute has three power levels, which can be selected by using the button on the top of the vacuum cleaner; Like other Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, you can convert the V15 detect absolute to a handheld cleaner by removing the main lever and connecting any of the eight tools it comes with directly to the vacuum cleaner.

Best Dyson Pet Hair Vacuum for Tight Spaces

  • Dyson Humdinger

Dyson humdinger is known as the most powerful and lightest hand-held vacuum cleaner, which can capture 99.99% of micro particles without losing suction. If you are familiar with Dyson products, Dyson humdinger looks like their full-size cordless model, but it is smaller.

All the cordless stick vacuum cleaners owned by Dyson are also used as floor vacuum cleaners and hand-held vacuum cleaners. The price is $300. Dyson humdinger is only $100 less than the cheapest stick vacuum cleaners Omni glide and V8 animal. (also, if you suddenly decide to have a floor cleaner, you can’t buy a floor accessory for humdinger.) If you are hesitant to use the floor cleaner because it takes up too much space, humdinger will take up as much space and use Dyson’s wall docking station for charging.

It’s hard to imagine anyone paying $300 for a hand-held vacuum cleaner, because a little more money can buy a versatile Dyson. We believe that Dyson humdinger may be the most powerful handheld device on the market, which is very suitable for families with small pets.

Ideal Dyson Pet Hair Vacuum for Pet Owners

  • Dyson V11 Animal

Dyson V11 animal for pet hair is a cordless stick / handheld vacuum cleaner. It has good overall performance on most surface types, from bare floors to high pile carpets. If you use it as a hand-held vacuum cleaner with the lowest power setting, the battery can be used continuously for more than one hour. If you are vacuuming for a car or other remote places, it will be great. However, when you use Dyson V11 animal for pet hair as a vacuum cleaner, it feels heavy in your hands. Dyson V11 animal for pet hair is made of plastic, which is not very strong, and its dust barrier is very small. Fortunately, it incurs almost no recurring costs

When using Dyson V11 animal for pet hair, I can feel the suction, especially on the carpet. It feels like the vacuum head grabs the carpet, especially in supercharged mode. Dyson V11 animal for pet hair has the best suction of all wireless VAC I have tested.

Dyson V11 animal for pet hair’s rotary vacuum head has an impressive range of motion. I can easily move the vacuum cleaner from side to side (except back and forth) without much effort. This simple maneuverability means that I can reach difficult places without twisting my body.

When the dustbin is full, it is easy to empty, and we do not need to touch the garbage. We just need to remove the stick or handheld accessory from the Dyson V11 animal for pet hair host, place the narrow garbage can directly above the garbage can, and then press the red handle. This releases the trapdoor of the bin and sends debris into the bin.

  • Dyson V8 Animal

If your house doesn’t have any or too many hard floors, the Dyson V8 animal vacuum cleaner may be a better choice. This works well on the carpet, more than 100 dollars lower than the absolute price. Therefore, we do not recommend paying extra cash just for things you do not need. As far as this vacuum cleaner is concerned, Dyson V8 animal has a direct drive cleaning head, but there is no hairy brush. Dyson V8 animal also has a maximum power mode that provides eight minutes of high power. This will push the hard nylon bristles into the carpet and suck out even the most embedded dirt. In addition to being used as a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner, the Dyson V8 animal can also be converted to a handheld device. It is great for carpet cleaning and cleaning furniture. If your pet gets stuck in these gaps, Dyson V8 animal will help you beautify your home once and for all.

Are Dyson Pet Hair Vacuums Good?

The Dyson pet hair vacuums mentioned above are more vacuum cleaners suitable for different environments than any other brand. Dyson V11 animal ranks first, Dyson V15 detect ranks second, and Dyson ball animal 2 ranks fourth. Jamesdyson, the founder of the company, was dissatisfied with the reduced suction of his vacuum cleaner. He tried to find out the root cause of the problem. He took the machine apart and found that its bag was blocked by dust, which hindered the airflow and reduced the suction. After five years of trial and error, he invented the world’s first bag less vacuum cleaner in 1983. The model was first sold in Japan. In 1991, he used the sales revenue to set up his own company Dyson Ltd in the UK. Today, Dyson is a household name. Since then, its product line has expanded to include fans, heaters, air purifiers, hair dryers and cell phones.

Should You Buy Dyson Pet Hair Vacuum?

If you have a pet, Dyson pet hair vacuum is absolutely great. You can now buy Dyson pet hair vacuum at the best price ever. Pets are great, however, the chaos they create is not. If you have a dog or cat that always loses its fur, you know better than anyone how difficult it is to stay in chaos, especially at certain times of the year. According to commentators, the cordless stick vacuum cleaner of Dyson pet hair vacuum works well in cleaning pet hair.

“Pet hair has many similarities with human hair,” said James McCrea, Dyson’s senior mechanical engineer. “They all have the same structure and the same thickness. But there are some key differences that make pet hair particularly difficult to clean.” Human hair grows continuously and becomes longer and thicker during the growth process (growth period), which can last for 2 to 7 years. When the hair follicle stops growing, it will eventually enter the stage of degeneration. However, once the animal’s hair grows to a certain length, it will stop growing and fall off to be replaced by new hair. This may change between seasons. Some dog breeds, such as German shepherd, shepherd and Samoyed, shed more hair in spring and autumn, making way for summer fur. That’s why you find more pet hair at certain times of the year.

Usually, pet hair will be embedded in the carpet surface or electrostatic “stick” to the hard floor. To ensure that the hair is rolled up, it needs to be stirred by the air flow of the machine (“passive”) or the nylon bristle of the brush rod (an “active” agitation) to “peel” the hair from the surface.

James McCrea explained: “when we design vacuum cleaners, we test dust from real homes, not just industry standard materials, because we know that organic substances such as pet hair and dandruff are often caught by household dust, which will have a significant impact on the way the vacuum cleaner works.”.

“In the process of developing vacuum cleaners, we spared no effort to ensure that our technology can effectively serve our owners. In our pickup lab, we tested the effectiveness of our machines in removing pet hair from different floor types, from industry standard carpets to common tatami mats in Japan.”


Dyson is not the only vacuum brand considered when purchasing the new pet hair vacuum, but Dyson is certainly one of the companies with good reputation. In particular, the cordless vacuum range of Dyson pet hair vacuum is very good. It can be said that Dyson V11 has changed the industry with its rope like performance, while V15 has further improved in this regard. We hope this article will help you decide whether Dyson pet hair vacuum is worth using at home. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below.