Why is My Vacuum Spitting Stuff Back Out?

Why is My Vacuum Spitting Stuff Back Out?

If your vacuum starts to protrude dirt outward, it means that the air flow has reversed or does not exist at all. However, not all vacuum cleaners have bags, but they all have the same problem. Before you use up and buy a new vacuum cleaner, please read the following vacuum cleaner spit dirt guide to determine what kind of vacuum cleaner you need.

Reasons Why Your Vacuum Cleaner Is Spitting Out Dirt

Whether your vacuum cleaner is Dyson or Bissell, regardless of the brand, the vacuum cleaner will spit dirt or blow dust for five reasons. Each reason is explained in detail below:

  1. Full vacuum bag / tank or dirty filter

If your vacuum cleaner is blowing dust, the first thing you should do is to check to ensure that the replaceable vacuum bag or dust collection tank (depending on which type of vacuum cleaner you are using) is not full. A full bag or tank may reduce airflow, causing the vacuum to spit dirt out. Next, clean all filters.

  1. Vacuum head blocked

Your vacuum bag or vacuum tank is empty, and your filter is clean. If you’re still thinking, “why does my vacuum cleaner blow dust?” Then it’s time to check whether your vacuum head is blocked.

  • Vacuum cleaner with easily removable parts

Just remove the vacuum head (the part rolling along the floor when in use) and remove the parts of the vacuum head. Newer vacuum cleaners, such as Dyson or Bissell vertical vacuum cleaners, have components that are easy to disassemble for proper cleaning and maintenance.

Remove hair, dust, and dirt that may reduce airflow, and then reassemble to see if the problem has been resolved. The problem will be solved immediately after you remove the accumulated dust.

  • The vacuum cleaner has no components that are easy to disassemble

Older vacuum cleaners may not be as easy to disassemble as newer models. Opening the head of an old vacuum cleaner (the part that rolls along the floor when used) may be more challenging. You can try to visually check whether there is any blockage that can be removed from the cleaning head. If necessary, please refer to the user’s Manual for other methods to remove the blockage.

  1. Suction hose blocked

You still wonder why your vacuum cleaner spits dirt? Then you should check whether the vacuum hose is blocked. Sometimes debris is blocked by the vacuum hose. To check whether this is the root cause of the problem, just remove the vacuum hose, fix one end near a bright spot (such as a window) or a lamp, and then look through it. If you can’t see through the hose, something will get stuck in it.

You need something to remove the blockage from the hose. You can find an ordinary household object that can reach the long tube well, such as:

  • Untied metal hanger
  • Metal tape measure
  • Appropriately sized dowel bar
  • Fishing rod
  1. Belt damage

Most vacuum cleaner mechanisms require a belt to rotate the vacuum cleaner drum or brush rod (or brush rod, depending on your specific model). If your vacuum cleaner is still spitting dirt, turn on the power and check whether the drum or brush rod is rotating. If your roller or brush bar is / is not rolling, you may be dealing with a damaged belt. The bad news is: if you are not that handy person, you may need to order a belt, go to the store to buy a new belt, or take the vacuum cleaner to the repair shop. The good news is that vacuum belts and vacuum belts are relatively cheap to repair.

  1. Other required maintenance

Can’t the above “do it yourself” solutions solve your vacuum cleaner problem? Unfortunately, you may face such a decision: whether to take your vacuum cleaner to the repair shop for professionals to check and try to solve your problem, or consider buying a new vacuum cleaner.

  • Newer vacuum cleaner models

If your vacuum cleaner is a newer model, please contact the manufacturer. Because you have owned and used the vacuum cleaner for a short time, your vacuum cleaner may be within the warranty period, and you can repair it free of charge or reduce the cost.

The cost of vacuum cleaners may be high, so if the manufacturer proves that it is not helpful, you’d better have a professional vacuum repair shop to solve the problem.

  • Old vacuum cleaner model

Although it sounds unfortunate, the older vacuum cleaner may have reached the end of its life. In this case, you can consider not going to the vacuum repair shop, but buying a new vertical vacuum cleaner.

What Needs to be Checked Before Using the Vacuum Cleaner?

Why is My Vacuum Spitting Stuff Back Out
  • Check whether the vacuum cleaner is really working

To spit everything out, the vacuum cleaner must blow when inhaling air. If the motor driving the vacuum cleaner is wired according to a specific polarity, the way it is plugged into the power supply will be different. In case of this unlikely situation, please unplug the vacuum, reverse the plug, and then insert it again. If the vacuum works normally, there is a problem with the installation method of the motor, which needs to be repaired by an electrician. If the drive belt from the motor to the fan is twisted, the machine can blow out air instead of inhale air. A single twist will cause the fan to reverse drive. Removing the fan belt and straightening it can solve the problem.

  • Is your vacuum cleaner bag broken

If you forget to install the bag or fail to install it correctly, the dirty air sucked into the vacuum cleaner will be directly released into the free flowing indoor air through the machine, carrying all dirt. Installing the bag correctly should solve this problem. The same can happen if the bag is seriously damaged and cannot collect debris.

  • Is your vacuum cleaner bag broken?

Although the filter should handle it, torn vacuum cleaner bags will also allow dirt and dust to simply blow through the machine.

  • Inspection of vertical cleaner

If an upright cleaner is spitting out everything, it means that the brush roller is spitting out everything. There are two ways. If there is a blockage in the short distance between the brush roller and the machine body, there will be no air flow to push the dirt into the bag. Dirt will fall back on the brush rollers and flow out of the front of the machine.

Another method is whether the drive belt of the brush roller is twisted. A twist in the brush roller drive belt will cause it to rotate in the opposite direction, thus discharging dust from the front of the vacuum cleaner.

  • Inspection of drum vacuum cleaner

The old drum cleaners are unique in that they have hoses that can be connected to both ends of the machine. This means that the owner can choose to “suck” or “blow”. Connecting the vacuum hose to the wrong end will give the impression that the machine is “spitting out everything”.

  • Combined vacuum cleaner inspection

Some combination machines can be used for spraying. They have a special option to switch the machine from oil suction to air blowing, so that they can use the sprayer or water sprayer driven by the vacuum cleaner motor. If your machine is such a machine, please check whether it is set to “suck” instead of “blow”.

How Do You Fix Vacuum Spitting Stuff Back Out?

In this section, we will discuss the reasons why the vacuum cleaner must spit debris and how to solve it:

  1. Remove or clean the vacuum container

If the container of the vacuum cleaner is full of dirt, you should clean it immediately so that it can start collecting dirt correctly. If it is not cleaned, the vacuum cleaner will continue to spit dirt, because it has no space to store dirt.

  1. Clean the filter

The high efficiency air filter of vacuum cleaner is easily blocked. To blow out clean air, you need to clean the vacuum filter. If the filter is dirty, the vacuum will blow out dirty air. To clean the filter, check whether the label is permanent or washable.

If it cannot be cleaned, doing so will damage the fibers that remove harmful particles. If it can be cleaned, remove the filter, rinse with water, and remove all dust to properly clean the filter.

  1. Clogs

When dust and other large particles accumulate in the vacuum cleaner, they will get stuck and further block the machine. Blockage usually occurs behind the air duct of the hose, brush roller or dust cup.

In order to remove the blockage, try to remove the dust accumulated in the vacuum with a stick. Clogs often appear in places that are difficult to reach, so a stick can help you remove clogs correctly.

  1. Does your vacuum cleaner have spraying options?

Some vacuum cleaners on the market can be used to spray water or paint. These vacuums are called combiners. If you have this type of vacuum cleaner, it may be that your vacuum cleaner is in spray mode rather than vacuum mode.

If this is a problem, you can simply switch the vacuum mode to correct it.

  1. Reverse vacuum plug

Your vacuum cleaner must be spitting dirt, because it can’t breathe any air. This problem may occur when the vacuum is inserted reversely or the vacuum motor is inserted reversely.

If this is the case, please try to reverse the plug of the vacuum cleaner and check whether it works properly.

  1. Check the vacuum bag

If you forget to install the vacuum bag, or do not install it correctly, it will cause dirt to circulate inside the machine, and because dirt will not enter the vacuum bag, it will be released into the air again.

If your vacuum bag is damaged, you should replace it. Or, if the bag is improperly installed, make sure that the vacuum cleaner does not spit dirt.

  1. Check the vacuum fan belt

Sometimes, the drive belt of the motor may be distorted, resulting in poor performance of the vacuum cleaner. Even a simple rotation will cause the vacuum fan to move in the opposite direction.

If this happens to your vacuum cleaner, please turn it over and remove the belt. If the belt looks broken, worn or damaged, replace it. This can solve the problem.

  1. Hose

Cleaners can choose to blow or dry the air. This depends on the connection position of the vacuum hose. In this case, you may have connected the vacuum hose to the blowing option.

If so, you should simply connect the hose to the other end, so that the vacuum will be transferred to suck away the dirt instead of blowing it out.


There are many reasons why your vacuum cleaner spits dirt. Maybe your vacuum cleaner components are not suitable, or you must have completely forgotten. It may also be that the bag is full and cannot contain more dust. There may be other reasons behind this problem. You should read this guide to find the correct way to solve this problem and prevent your vacuum cleaner from spitting dirt and dust.

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