Why Is My Dyson Pulsing – How to Fix It

Why Is My Dyson Pulsing – How to Fix It

The pulsing process can be perplexing at the best of times, regardless of whether you own a Dyson DC58, V11, or any other model. You might have to wait a while to purchase a cordless vacuum that works flawlessly. You may want to focus on answering one straightforward query for the time being. why is my Dyson pulsing?

We can make sure that you can quickly fix the issue with your Dyson pulsing even though the Dyson Pulsing solution is a little unclear.

What Cause Dyson Pulsing?

One of the main causes of a Dyson starting this annoying pulsing process is running low on power. It will not be properly charged if a Dyson starts turning on and off. However, while that is the primary diagnosis, occasionally the issue can be a little more nebulous, making it more difficult to come up with a definitive solution.

Damaged Battery & Charger

The battery should be fully charged. When your Dyson vacuum isn’t working, it’s possible that the battery was positioned incorrectly on the charger, which prevented it from receiving a full charge in between uses. Additionally, confirm that the charger is properly plugged in. Depending on their age and use, batteries don’t last forever. If your Dyson vacuum keeps turning off after only a few minutes of use, you might need to buy a new battery.

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Blockage In Air Duct Or Filters

If your Dyson is pulsing, stopping, or making noises, thoroughly clean the dust bucket and flapper by shaking or tapping it to release any dirt that has become clogged. Even if it appears clean from the outside, you should rinse your filter once a month. Place in a sink with cold running water and rinse for a few minutes without soap, gently twisting and squeezing.

A Dyson’s pulse is not ineffective: the vacuum cleaner indicates that there is a problem with the airflow. Among them are potential issues like these:

  • A blockage in the vacuum cleaner itself
  • A blockage in the vacuum cleaner rod
  • Blockages in the attachments
  • Clogged or worn filters

The Dyson will immediately stop working following the stutter. There’s a good reason for this: if an air duct of a vacuum cleaner is blocked, the air can no longer flow through. Suction power declines, but also: the Also no longer able to cool down is a Dyson vacuum.

Use The Max Extra Power Mode

When using the more potent “Max Mode,” your vacuum occasionally pulses on and off or keeps dying, which may be related to the charge of your battery. Consider pressing your vacuum’s Max button to try and disable this feature.

Why Is My Dyson Pulsing

How To Stop Dyson Pulsing?

Check For Power Problems

If you think your Dyson needs to be charged, check to make sure it is charging properly first. Fixing the charge is often all that is necessary to stop a Dyson from pulsing. The power cable’s complete connection to the wall outlet and the vacuum’s proper power connection are the first things to check. A Dyson requires a very thorough charge, but the actual charger must be inserted correctly for it to function as intended.

Making sure your Dyson can sit peacefully is another simple task. Many people discover that their vacuum has turned over in the middle of the charge, which has affected the charge cycle. As a result, ensure that your Dyson is stable and cannot tip over while being charged.

Replace these accessories if you discover that the battery or charger is the source of your issue. Go back to the shop you purchased your Dyson from and ask if they can replace it for free if it is still covered by warranty.

Check For Potential Blockages

A blockage in the vacuum system is another cause of Dyson’s pulsing. Often, the problem can be brought on by the attachments. If you discover that you can use your Dyson without any attachments, one of your attachments is probably the problem. If it continues to pulse without an attachment, however, you most likely have a blockage in the Dyson somewhere.

Going through Dyson’s actual tube is the only way to find this. See if you can find any obvious clogs by shining a light on this. If the roller is tangled up, you can quickly untangle it by removing the roller assembly with a coin. Once you’ve given it a thorough cleaning and given a full emptying, you can get inside. Try your Dyson again; if it continues to pulse, you will at least know that a block is not the root of the problem.

Clean The Floor Tool

What kind of floor instrument are you currently using? Maybe you’re pacing the living room carpet with the big cleaning head on. Or perhaps you have a small head that you use to fit into the teeny, tiny spaces where crumbs like to hide. It’s possible that your pulsing issue is being caused by a floor tool, no matter what it is.

When repairing your Dyson, start by using your floor tool. To do that, take it out of the vacuum’s body and examine it for obstructions.

Empty The Bin

The trash can is another place where blockages might be discovered. This must be understood in order for your vacuum to function properly.

Your vacuum will start to pulse if it determines that your trash can is too full for it to keep working. It will behave in this way or even stop functioning altogether until you empty it.

If you think there is a blockage in your vacuum’s bin, follow these instructions:

  1. Hit the trash can release catch. Put the bin’s contents in your personal trash container.
  2. Dust and dirt buildup inside the bin should be removed. For this task, you can use a cleaning cloth or a little bristle brush.
  3. Reinsert the bin
  4. Press the vacuum trigger and see if it continues pulsing

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What Is The Recommended Charge Cycle For My Dyson Cordless Vacuum?

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to charge your Dyson cordless vacuum after each use. Depending on the model you have, this will either be a wall-mounted dock for charging or a plug-in cable that you can leave your vacuum connected to while it’s charging.

This process won’t take long because a Dyson cordless vacuum typically requires only 45 to 60 minutes of charging before it is ready for cleaning.

Is Your MAX Button Working?

The Dyson pulsing frequently causes headaches due to the MAX button. There may be a problem if your Dyson pulses while your MAX button is lighting up and flashing. Hold down the power button while pressing the MAX button to make sure it is off to try and quickly fix this. This might be what’s causing the problem. Your Dyson may occasionally stop pulsing with a simple reset of the MAX function.

Although MAX is a frequently used feature, if the pulsing is giving you trouble, try a hoovering session without the MAX function being turned on. The majority, however, will discover that turning their Dyson back on even once without the MAX function allows them to do so without losing their form.

Should Dyson Filters Be Changed?

In fact, changing your Dyson filters every six to twelve months is a good idea. It’s a good idea to abide by this advice because Dyson suggests it to make sure your vacuum runs as effectively as possible.

However, if you clean your vacuum filters once a month, you might only need to replace them once a year, so routine maintenance is crucial.


When you try to use your cordless Dyson vacuum, does it pulse? Our appliances should never make strange noises or move in an odd way. In order to help you fix your vacuum, I’ve put together this article, which includes 6 simple solutions. You can probably stop the pulsing and resume your regular cleaning thanks to the suggestions.

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