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How Long Does a Dyson Vacuum Last

How Long Does a Dyson Vacuum Last?

Most of the time, when we buy vacuum cleaners, we pay more attention to the brand, suction or vacuum style. However, one of the most important specifications to consider when purchasing a new product is its service life. Today we are going to talk about the battery usage of Dyson vacuum cleaner. Since the introduction […]

How to Get Dog Smell Out of Vacuum

How to Get Dog Smell Out of Vacuum?

If you smell dog small when using the vacuum cleaner, it must be something wrong with your precious vacuum cleaner. We must prevent dog small from appearing in the vacuum cleaner from the beginning. Generally speaking, we need to thoroughly clean the vacuum cleaner every three to six months. In addition to cleaning the vacuum […]

vacuum cat litter

Can You Vacuum Cat Litter?

One of the most frustrating things about taking care of cats is cleaning up cat litters. This annoyance doesn’t stop after we dig out the trash can, and then we have to dispose of all cat litters tracked on the floor or around the house. You should not use an ordinary vacuum cleaner to clean […]

How Many Watts Does A Vacuum Use

How Many Watts Does A Vacuum Use?

The Watts and amperage usage of the vacuum cleaner varies from device to device. Most vacuum cleaners consume between 8 and 12 amperes of current. The standard power consumption of the vacuum cleaner is 1400 watts. However, the vacuum can use any power in the range of 200 watts to 3000 watts. A vacuum is […]

Why Does My Vacuum Smell Burnt

Why Does My Vacuum Smell Burnt?

When cleaning the ground, vacuum cleaners are the most commonly used by consumers. With a household vacuum cleaner, it is no longer so laborious and time-consuming to clean, which is very convenient. The well used vacuum cleaner suddenly smokes. What’s the matter? The following is a brief description of how to do when the vacuum […]


How Often Should You Vacuum?

When it comes to cleanliness, every household has its own standards. How often should you vacuum? Well, while there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, your lifestyle can give you clues about the best vacuuming schedule. A little clutter and a few specks of dust don’t matter to some people, while others can’t fall asleep until everything is […]


How to Clean A Vacuum Hose

When cleaning a room, the hose is part of the vacuum that many people use for direct cleaning, and it gets dirty over time. If regular maintenance is not carried out, the hose may even become clogged. Especially if you accidentally misjudged your vacuum handling abilities. Or maybe you don’t notice and suck on something […]


Can You Vacuum Hardwood Floors?

If you’ve ever thought about using a vacuum cleaner on the hardwood but balked because you’re not sure if you’ll damage them, you’re on the right track. Hardwood floors are not as polished as many people think. Most hardwood floors have a polyurethane coating, which is durable and protects against wear and tear. Still, it’s […]