How to Get Dog Smell Out of Vacuum?

How to Get Dog Smell Out of Vacuum?

If you smell dog small when using the vacuum cleaner, it must be something wrong with your precious vacuum cleaner. We must prevent dog small from appearing in the vacuum cleaner from the beginning. Generally speaking, we need to thoroughly clean the vacuum cleaner every three to six months. In addition to cleaning the vacuum cleaner, we also need to replace the dust bag or clean the dust box. If your vacuum cleaner has a dust bag, try a new one first. If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a dust bag, you can thoroughly clean the dog small vacuum with hot water, soap and a little white vinegar or baking soda.

How to Get Dog Smell Out of Vacuum?

  • Clean or Replace the Filter

If your dog small vacuum cleaner has a washable filter, wipe it around, and then rinse the filter with cold water until the water is clean. This may take more than five minutes. Allow the filter to dry for 24 hours and return it to vacuum. If your vacuum cleaner has a replaceable filter, please replace it every six to twelve months. If you have a pet, you may need to change the filter every six months.

  • Cleaning Brush

It’s a good idea to clean the brush of the dog small vacuum cleaner once or twice a year, especially if you have carpets, oh, so it’s spotless. To do this, pull off the vacuum. Then carefully cut off any hair stuck in the mane with scissors. If the brush can be removed from the floor head attachment, wash it with soap and water. If the brush cannot be removed, spray with water and vinegar solution. We let the brush dry for 24 hours before using the vacuum cleaner.

  • Drench Hose 

One easily forgotten source of dog small is hose. The debris may get stuck and start to smell. Clean the hose: first, remove it from the vacuum and push the broom handle through the hose to remove any large debris. Then fill the sink with about four inches of hot water. Add 1 tablespoon soap and 2 tablespoons bleach or baking soda and vinegar. Put the hose into the water tank and rotate it to clean the inside. Then empty the water tank and flush the hose with clean water. Hang the hose on the shower curtain rod and dry it for 48 hours before reconnecting.

With more effort, these tips can remove dog smell and keep your vacuum cleaner fresh. Once it no longer smells like dog, you can also consider cleaning dog small carpet professionally if you think it is troublesome to clean yourself.

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  • Clean the Dustbin

If you use a bag less vacuum cleaner, you may not realize that even if you empty the dustbin, there may still be some dust in the dustbin. This can cause pet smells to linger, just when you think you’ve finally got rid of all the bad smells. Wipe the inside of the dustbin with a wet towel and soapy water, and then scrape off the caked dust layer formed after each emptying of the dustbin. Before reconnecting it to the vacuum cleaner, make sure it is completely dry, as any internal water may damage the machine.

Why Does My Dyson Vacuum Have Dog Smell?

Pet owners sometimes have a love hate relationship with their vacuum cleaners. They are very good at sucking animal hair. Sometimes they can’t even tell if you have a pet in your family. On the other hand, through efficient cleaning, dayon vacuum may have a tendency to smell a little strong. Usually, when you use a vacuum cleaner to clean the place where your dog has been lying, the smell will stay in the dayon vacuum. This is usually related to the poor maintenance of Dyson vacuum cleaner: if you often use the dayon vacuum to suck dog hair and empty the vacuum cleaner from time to time, you will soon have a dog smell when you start vacuuming.

Some important reasons:

  • Dust collector of dayon vacuum has not been emptied for a long time
  • Degraded Dyson filter
  • Dyson parts poorly maintained

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How to Vacuum Wet Dirt (Including Wet Dog Hair)?

To understand how your Dyson spreads the smell of a dog, it is interesting to understand how a vacuum cleaner works. When you vacuumize, the inhaled air will transfer the collected dirt to the dust collector. Then filter the air and leave the vacuum cleaner again. If the filter is no longer functioning properly, unfiltered air (which may smell like a dog if dog hair is often present in the dust container) will be redistributed. This usually leads not only to odor, but also to increased dust emissions.

It is worth noting that dog small’s vacuum cleaners are not always caused by dogs. In fact, many of the people I’ve talked to smell dogs when vacuuming. They don’t even have pets. It is likely that the smell produced by the vacuum cleaner “looks” like the smell of a dog. People often talk about moldy smells, even vomit like smells.

Tips for Cleaning Dog Smell Vacuum

  • Replace or clean the filter

Changing the HEPA filter on my Miele vacuum cleaner had an immediate and lasting impact on my vacuum cleaner. If your vacuum cleaner has a filter, either replace it or clean it. You need to check the instructions for a particular vacuum cleaner. High efficiency air filters are a godsend because they can filter out fine dust particles in the air, including allergens. If you have a high-efficiency air filter in your vacuum cleaner, you are likely to find that the air you vacuum is cleaner than before.

  • Put a dry coat or something like that in the bag

In order to make your vacuum cleaner smell dog less, put a dry coat in the dust bag. You can also use some orange peel or drop a few drops of essential oil on a paper towel. I like orange oil or lavender.

  • Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and vacuum

My dog often likes to roll on our carpet, giving off her unique smell. This technique can effectively eliminate it. This includes spraying a lot of baking soda on the carpet, allowing the carpet to stand for a period of time, and then vacuuming. You can also use washing powder to do this. Baking soda (or bicarbonate of baking soda) has a unique ability to absorb dog small, which is very suitable for eliminating the odor of pets at home. There are some simple ways to keep your vacuum cleaner fresh when you use it, and to help it work more effectively. Since up to 30% of Americans are allergic to cats and dogs, all these tips will also help reduce allergic symptoms.

  • Check filter

Some models of vacuum cleaners will have filters, in which some dust and debris will agglomerate, and these dust and debris will be effectively filtered out. Just check the user manual for the location and best procedure for cleaning or replacing them. Some filters are disposable and need to be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. Others can be washed, dried and reused.

  • Flush the trash can

If you have a model bag less vacuum cleaner, even if you empty the dustbin, the dustbin can still be covered with a thin layer of dust. This can also produce a lingering pet odor, just when you think you have disposed of the odor evidence. Wipe the inside of the dustbin with a towel dipped in soapy water. Remove the caked dust every time the dustbin is emptied. Make sure it is completely dry before reconnecting it to the vacuum cleaner.

  • Check rotary brush

In a home with pet hair, there may be clogs in the rotary power attachment, or the hair may be wrapped around the rotary brush moving along the floor. These will produce pet odor and affect the working state of your vacuum cleaner.

You can occasionally turn the vacuum cleaner over to check if anything prevents the brush from rotating freely, or blocks the air flow and reduces the suction. This is a good idea. Use scissors to cut everything around the brush and check if a pinch of hair sticks. While you are there, it is also a good idea to wipe the equipment with a little soapy water to remove any layer of dust that is accumulating. Benefits: this kind of maintenance can make your machine run longer and more efficient.

  • Change baggage

Changing the vacuum bag regularly is one of the simplest and most effective methods to control vacuum dog small. They are good at capturing all hair and related odors, but need to be replaced before filling. Frequent replacement can maintain your suction, and do not let any unpleasant smell accumulate in your vacuum. It’s easy to keep a few new bags handy for quick and easy replacement. If you notice dust accumulation in the area where the bag is located, wipe it clean to eliminate any other odor sources.

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Other Methods to Prevent the Odor of Vacuum

Therefore, we have discussed the solution, but first, how to prevent dog small from accumulating in a vacuum? This can be difficult when you have a pet, especially if you have a lot of dogs or your pet has lost a lot of hair.

How you dress your dog and make it smell good will depend on the breed you choose. Long haired dogs need more cleaning and grooming than short haired dogs, so maintaining this is crucial to prevent your home and your vacuum cleaner from smelling like your pet. You can do it yourself or take your dog to the beauty salon.

But one important thing to remember is that one thing is to over clean your dog. Just like humans, scrubbing a dog’s skin can cause skin irritation, which can make your dog very uncomfortable and itchy. If overdosed, it can even lead to serious skin diseases and infections. Do your research to find out how often you can safely bathe your pet. If you can’t clean your dog as regularly as you would like, consider using a dog spray. This allows your dog to keep a fresh smell between baths, saving money.

Another thing you can do is give your pet a good brush. Just like bathing, this should not be excessive, because it may do more harm than good. However, if your pet is in the hair removal season, brushing off all loose hair can prevent it from falling out all over the house. This may also mean that you usually need to reduce the vacuum.

If your vacuum cleaner stinks, it has nothing to do with your pet, but there is one thing you should never do, that is to use your vacuum cleaner to quickly remove spills, no matter what the liquid is. This may lead to the accumulation of moisture in the vacuum chamber, which will not only cause a very unpleasant smell, but also damage the interior of the machine.


Pet smells and vacuum cleaners are not necessarily a permanent match. With just a few simple checks, you can easily get ahead of any problem, and you can continue to enjoy your pet at home!

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