How to Remove Roller Brush from Shark Vacuum?

How to Remove Roller Brush from Shark Vacuum?

Roller brush is a part of the shark vacuum cleaner. Cleaning roller brush is an indispensable part of keeping the shark vacuum cleaner running optimally. It is not wrapped on the roller, but on the brush behind the roller, so we must remove any hair and other substances that may hinder the airflow.

What is the Roller Brush of Shark Vacuum?

Shark vacuum cleaner is a popular vacuum cleaner brand in the market. It comes in various shapes, models and prices, so you always have a shark vacuum cleaner to meet your specific cleaning needs and budget.

A part of the shark vacuum cleaner is the roller brush, which is made of metal, plastic or wood, and its material depends on the model of the shark vacuum cleaner.

Roller brush is an important part of shark vacuum cleaner because it helps to remove dirt, hair and other debris from the floor. Due to its cleaning purpose, it will accumulate dirt and debris regularly, so in order to maintain it and make it last longer, you must clean it regularly.

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How to Remove Roller Brush From Shark Vacuum

Removing the wheel from the shark vacuum is a simple process. You need a tool – a coin wide enough to remove the three blackbody below

  1. Separate the shark vacuum cleaner from any power supply

For the sake of safety, this is an important step. You will find that many people prefer to turn off the power. Although this is very effective, the effect will be better if you completely separate the vacuum cleaner from the power supply. When you have to remove the roller brush, it may be dangerous to let your vacuum cleaner continue to work.

You may also have someone turn on the shark vacuum power supply unconsciously, so it is necessary to completely separate it from the power supply. In addition to hurting yourself, the vacuum cleaner or roller brush is still connected with electricity

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  1. Separate the main nozzle

The first step is to release the lock by pressing a button (check the photo) to separate the test tube from the frame. After removing the pipe, press the locking pin on the dust collector to remove it from the rack. These steps can remove most of the material on the nozzle, so it is easier to clean.

  1. Remove the roller brush

In the shark vacuum, there is a release latch on one side, which reads “eject roll”. Push forward slightly to release the wheel. Make sure the nozzle is low off the ground, or hold it with your other hand so that it won’t fall to the ground. Once you push the lever, the roller will pop out. This is something to remember. Once you take out the shark vacuum roller, it is easier to clean. Shark recommends washing the drum with water only and drying it thoroughly before putting it back into vacuum.

  1. Remove the three bolts

For some shark vacuums, you must loosen three bolts to remove the plate. You can use flat head screws, but coins wide enough should be able to accomplish this task. After removing the brush shield, you will have more space to remove your hair with scissors and other debris attached to it. The brush has grooves, which makes the task easier.

Once all the shark vacuum screws are pulled out and the panel separates, it’s time to take out the roller brush. Usually, the roller brush can easily slide out of the machine. Only one end of the brush slides out; Pull the other end out of the retaining strip to completely remove the brush. If this does not work, rotate the wheel slightly until it pops out.

Don’t rush to eject the shark vacuum roller brush from the belt, because you need to check its sitting posture and ensure that it is safely removed. Pay attention to the initial position of the roller brush so that it can be easily reassembled after cleaning. If replacement is required, the manufacturer’s manual may be required to properly install the spare roller brush.

  1. Clean other areas of the nozzle

You will also notice that dust and other pollutants adhere to various corners and cracks. An effective way to clean these areas is to use a hand-held vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Make sure to clean the two big wheels behind the brush, because dust will adhere to it and leave scratches on the hardwood floor. Don’t forget to check the small wheels on both sides of the protective cover, because these areas may be covered with dust. You can clean these areas with a damp cloth to remove any contaminants or hair.

If the soft brush looks dirty, you can wash it more thoroughly with cold water. However, do not use any detergent or soap, and allow the shark vacuum brush to dry completely for at least 24 hours before reinsertion.

  1. Reconnect the carbon brush protective cover

After cleaning the brush, reconnect the brush guard and fix the three fasteners with bolts. Don’t be too tight, because it is a plastic part, which is easy to fall off.

  1. Reconnect the roller rod

Next, connect the soft roller rod and lock it in place. The roller only moves in a specific direction, so it is very anti idiocy.

  1. Connecting pipe

The final step is to reattach the pipe to the frame of the upright structure. Please note that remove the roller on other models (such as shark apex and nv-800 Series). Most of them have pop-up buttons that can be pushed out.

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If you decide to clean the brush roll after removing all hair and other fibers from the shark vacuum, make sure it is properly dry. Only after drying can the brush roller, cover and all different screws be replaced.

If the shark vacuum you bought on Amazon or sharkclean is damaged, you can easily find a replacement shark vacuum rotary brush. Website under the parts and accessories tab. No matter what type of shark vacuum you have, when your vacuum cleaner shows signs of rotation or does not rotate, it is time to clean your head. Then, you can take out the roller brush from the shark vacuum cleaner according to the simple steps we provide.

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