Roborock S7 Review 2022 – Is It A Great Pet Hair Vacuum?

Roborock S7 Review 2022 – Is It A Great Pet Hair Vacuum?

Given that modern civilization is based on multitasking, why can we expect anything less from our robot vacuums? That is precisely what the Roborock S7 for pet hair, the company’s most recent hybrid robot vacuum, and mop, does. In the past, we never would have allowed a hybrid robot to freely roam our house while carrying a full water tank. However, the S7 is smart enough to lift its mop when it detects carpet, making it an intriguing solution to a recurring issue.

Not only does the S7 have intelligent mopping capabilities, but it also has strong vacuuming performance, quick mapping, and a customizable app. Despite its shortcomings, the Roborock S7 for pet hair has finally been identified as a reliable hybrid robot vacuum and mop in our evaluation.

What is Roborock S7 for Pet Hair?



Surface Recommendation:

Controller Type:

Battery Cell Composition:



Hard Floor

App Control, Push Button, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Lithium Ion

The Roborock S7 for pet hair could be compared to Star Trek among robot vacuums because it has an alien appearance. Its enormous, puck-shaped body has a glossy finish, and next to the actual buttons is an eye-catching LED strip. Although it is also available in plain black, the white S7 looks futuristic when paired with the vibrant red accent color.

Roborock hasn’t held back when it comes to the S7’s design; it closely resembles earlier iterations: a compressed cylinder with a central dome that houses the LiDAR scanner required for the Roborock to navigate.

The S7 has top-tier hardware components thanks to Roborock. For instance, it makes use of a LIDAR sensor on top to detect walls and move around your home. Additionally, the front wheel has an ultrasonic sensor to the left of it that aids in determining whether it is on carpet or hard surfaces. The main roller and side brush do away with bristles in favor of a finned silicone design. The mop pad and its VibraRise bracket are the hardware’s focal point, but we’ll get to that in a moment. It has sensors along its bottom edges that prevent it from falling off a ledge, just like more affordable robots like the Deebot N79S.

Is Roborock S7 Good for Pet Hair?

Roborock S7

The fact that Roborock vacuums have a strong suction force is the main factor in their success in removing pet hair. Keep in mind that the S6 MaxV and S7 have 2500Pa of suction, whereas all of the Roborock robot vacuums have at least 2000Pa. You can pick up AA batteries with it at 2000Pa, just to give you an idea of how strong that is.
I do run my Roborock S7 once a day even if it is not necessary. I run it every day and it picks up all the pet hair that my dog sheds on a daily basis because it doesn’t require any effort on my part. Therefore, I hardly ever notice dog hair on the floors; however, the furniture is a different story.

The suction on the S7 is so powerful that it picks up dirt, hair, and dust that I don’t even see when looking at the floor. So if you’re wondering if the robot vacuum is going to get up all of the dogs and/or cat hair on your floors, it will.

Roborock S7 for Pet Hair Price and Availability

The Roborock S7 for pet hair is out and selling for $649 right now in the US.99 (about £470 / (opens in new tab) and Walmart (opens in new tab) for AU$850. There is currently no set date for the international release of previous Roborock models, though they have already gone on sale in the UK and Australia.

Pros And Cons of Roborock S7 for Pet Hair


  • Vacuums and mops
  • Auto-empty base
  • Strong suction power
  • Quiet cleaning
  • Multiple mop scrubbing levels
  • Supports multi-level maps, schedules, virtual boundaries, and zone cleaning
  • Multi-stage HEPA air filtration


  • Expensive
  • Only mops with water
  • Loud when vacuuming carpets

Vacuuming and Mopping Performance 

The S7+ runs efficiently and quickly. It intelligently moves through your house by first skirting the edges of a space and then drawing straight lines to cover the middle, as opposed to wildly ping-ponging from wall to wall like some affordable robot vacuums.

It takes an hour to vacuum my main level, which is about 1,000 square feet. After completing its first run, arriving back at its port without incident, and emptying its trash can, the robot still has 58 percent of its battery life left. When vacuuming and mopping at the same time, it can take up to 90 minutes longer to finish the same amount of space.

It took 115 minutes to drain the battery when the vacuum power level was set to Balanced. That’s a better outcome than the Deebot Ozmo N8 Pro+ and the Shark IQ Robot XL, which, in our tests, cleaned for up to 96 and 97 minutes, respectively, in comparable modes. 

Keep in mind that increasing the robot’s suction power also causes the battery to discharge more quickly. According to Roborock, the 5,200mAh battery can operate for up to 180 minutes, presumably in Quiet mode. 

In testing, when the robot’s battery level fell below 20%, it found its way back to its base without any trouble and forbade me from beginning another cleaning run until it had recharged. Before finishing a run, it will return to its base to recharge, at which point it will pick up where it left off cleaning. If the battery runs out before the run is finished. 

Roborock S7 for Pet Hair Battery Life

  • Battery can list up to 3 hours between charges
  • Recharging takes several hours
  • Vacuum automatically returns to the base when it needs charging

Inside the Roborock S7 for pet hair is a 5,200 mAh battery, which in our testing provides 20 minutes of use per 15% of battery at the highest suction levels. In one of our tests, a thorough cleaning of a floor with a variety of surfaces reduced the battery from 100 percent to 68 percent over the course of 46 minutes while encompassing a total area of 35 square meters (377 square feet).

Since the Roborock S7 for pet hair will simply return to base and recharge before completing the task, battery life isn’t much of an issue as long as it can dock itself, which it can do automatically. However, charging takes some time, so in cases where there are more people living there, you might have to wait for the S7 to finish up for a few hours.

How to Set Up the Roborock S7 for Pet Hair

If you’ve ever used a Roborock vacuum cleaner, setting up the Roborock S7 for pet hair is incredibly easy. The Roborock S7 for pet hair battery needs about six hours to fully charge after being unpacked, assembled, and plugged into an outlet. Then:

  1. Install the Roborock app (Android|iOS)
  2. Lift the lid on the S7
  3. Hold down the two buttons on either side of the robot’s power button
  4. You will see the Wi-Fi indicator light flash and hear the “resetting Wi-Fi” alert
  5. Tap the + in the app
  6. Tap the S7 icon in the app once the robot has been detected
  7. When the Wi-Fi indicator light glows steadily, it has paired to the S7
  8. Follow the prompts in the app to connect the S7
  9. Check for updates before using and install if available

Roborock S7 for Pet Hair Countless Options

Several connected items may or may not be considered to be “connected.” A Bluetooth-enabled garbage can with an app that notifies you when it starts to smell excessive is not something the world needs. The app connection is both necessary and natural for robotic vacuums.

You can command the robot in its entirety using the Roborock app. Without going through each settings page, there is a ton of customization available.

You can view your home in part while accessing the particular vacuum you own. Roborock offers three different map types to see your home, including a mesh frame as acquired by LiDAR, a 3D with furniture, and a 2D color-coded map.

Each room can have a name, and you can divide them into zones for simple instruction. We combined the kitchen and living room into the “living area” zone in our open-concept home, as an illustration.

The S7 MaxV uses the ReactiveAI 2 because it is so intelligent.0 to detect what furniture is in each room and dictate how much cleaning may be necessary. In high-traffic areas, it might advise a more vigorous clean, but to conserve battery life, hallways might call for a softer mop and less suction.

Roborock S7

Roborock S7 for Pet Hair Software

Along with updating the vacuum’s hardware, Roborock also updated its mobile phone software, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The Roborock S7 for pet hair MaxV Ultra can be connected to your phone or tablet by simply following the Roborock app setup instructions. Before utilizing the robot vacuum for the first time, you should have a map of your home or place of business so you can mark the precise locations you need to clean next. A 2D, 3D, or matrix view of the map is available. You must move the smartphone camera in matrix mode around your house while it takes pictures for the matrix view.

A photo taken by the vacuum and information about the obstacle (wires) are displayed when you tap one of these obstructions. I’ve been extremely impressed by the wire identification, which has prevented me from tripping over wires hidden beneath furniture as I enjoy a faultless vacuuming experience.

The software allows you to designate no-go areas, invisible walls, and mop-free zones. I use walls for spaces where I don’t want the vacuum to go, as well as no-go zones around some furniture pieces where the vacuum won’t fit in between the chair legs. Other than that, I have faith that the vacuum will detect hardwood floors or area rugs. As the S7 MaxV Ultra keeps working, I have more confidence in it every day to avoid objects and am less concerned than I was in the past with vacuum-related problems like entanglement.

Roborock S7 for Pet Hair Suction & Mopping

I’ve always been pleased with how well Roborock vacuums work, and the S7 MaxV Ultra did not disappoint. This product from Roborock maps my home so that it can clean efficiently in back-and-forth lines while also enabling me to customize cleaning sessions from my phone, just like the company’s other products. For instance, I created a virtual barrier in the doorway to prevent the vacuum from passing because I don’t want it to collect anything in my messy hobby space.

As another illustration, after a snowy day, when my dog tracked in a lot of mud, I used my phone to send the vacuum to clean up the area around the dog door, and it did a fantastic job of removing all of the dried mud.  Since I began testing this robot vacuum and dock set, my floors have unquestionably looked cleaner and shinier. Fur balls are kept from accumulating in corners, and the unique rubber brush keeps them from becoming entangled with hair or pet fur like brushes with bristles do.

The S7 can easily clean my house in one session because it has a battery life of up to 180 minutes. However, if more time was required, it would head back to the dock, recharge, and pick up where it left off with the cleaning.

The mop can’t handle really gooey messes, just like the majority of robot vacuums can’t. You will still need to scrub your floors in another way if there are sticky or substantial messes because it is more suitable for light cleaning, such as picking up dirt. 

Roborock S7 for Pet Hair Auto-emptying & Cleaning

This arrangement’s most appealing feature may be its auto-emptying features, which cost close to $1400. Emptying the dust bin after each run or two won’t be a concern. Now that seven weeks have passed, you can possibly go longer.) without replacing the dust bag and more than two weeks without even considering clean water. When those times do come, emptying the contaminated water, refueling the clean tank, and changing the dust bag all only take a short while. It can literally do the dirty work, which saves time. I almost always find myself using my vacuum, even when I don’t really need to, just for the sake of it.

Moreover, it occupies a sizable amount of room. If you’ve ever owned a robot vacuum, you are aware that although they have a reasonable footprint, they can frequently slide into a corner or under a table and be out of sight and out of mind. You will need a lot of space for the Roborock S7 for pet hair MaxV Ultra setup if you want to use it. It must be a larger corner or table, but you can still tuck it away there.

Did I mention how loud the emptying and cleaning operations are? They’re loud, but that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since one thing is squeezing air and unpleasantness from another with considerable force. Although it only lasts for a short time at the end of the cycle, this part is loud, so don’t assume that it will go unnoticed.

Who Should Buy Roborock S7 for Pet Hair

  • Because it has modern and cutting-edge features like the VibraRise function for mopping, which vibrates and raises the mopping pad when it comes into contact with carpet, the Roborock S7 for pet hair is a great option if you’re sick of your old robot vacuum and mop and want to update.
  • The Roborock S7 for pet hair is the ideal choice for multi-level homeowners because it can store multiple maps that enable you to use the robot vacuum on any floor level you choose.
  • The Child Lock feature will catch your eye if you have energetic kids or pets because it will stop unintentional starts.
  • The Roborock S7 for pet hair can be a huge help if you think your home is cluttered or has a lot of furniture and obstacles because it uses LiDAR navigation and adaptive route algorithms to efficiently navigate around obstacles and perform more thorough cleaning.
  • The Roborock S7 for pet hair is ideal for you if your home has both carpets and hard floors because it has effective carpet detection that will increase its suction automatically and prevent it from mopping carpeted areas. Additionally, it is capable of smoothly switching between various floor types.

Who Should NOT Buy Roborock S7 for Pet Hair

  • You might want to wait until the Roborock releases this feature sometime in 2022 if you’re looking for a robot vacuum with an auto-empty dust bin, or you could choose the Ecovacs Deebot OZMO T8+, a hybrid robot vacuum and mop with a self-emptying dust bin.
  • If the Roborock S7 for pet hair’s obstacle avoidance hasn’t satisfied you, you might want to check out the Roborock S6 MaxV, which has an improved version of the Reactive AI obstacle detection feature.

The Conclusion

It’s not perfect, but is it close by? Yes, Roborock S7 for pet hair is a true beast of a vacuum, barring a few minor flaws. This hands-free vacuum will win your heart because it has a dust bin and access to clean water, and its revolutionary sonic mopping feature. The most worrying part, however, will undoubtedly be for many people to swallow the hefty price tag.

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