How to Replace a Vacuum Cleaner Belt – When to Change

How to Replace a Vacuum Cleaner Belt – When to Change

The motor of the cleaner head and the rotating carpet brush are typically connected by a flexible rubber belt in upright vacuums. The vacuum’s effectiveness is significantly reduced as a result of the belt eventually wearing out from operating in dirty, dusty conditions. If the motor is on but the carpet brush roller constantly stalls out or doesn’t move at all, it’s time for a new belt. On the vast majority of upright vacuum models, replacing the brush-roller driving belt is easy.

What Should Be Prepared When Replacing a Vacuum Cleaner Belt?

It is a fairly simple task to replace the belt. However, a few extras or tools are needed to complete the replacement task. these accessories include:

  • A screwdriver — For the task at hand, a basic screwdriver will do. Checking the cleaner’s plate and the machine’s screw type is all that is necessary. The cleaner’s front side has the plate. 
  • A new vacuum cleaner belt — Be sure to look up the model of your vacuum cleaner before purchasing the belt. There are a number of websites that sell genuine parts, and they do so for relatively less money. 

How to Replace a Vacuum Cleaner Belt

If your vacuum cleaner is operating but not properly cleaning the carpet or if the head of the vacuum cleaner is not spinning, you might want to think about changing the belt. You can get your vacuum cleaner back to fully operational status by changing the belt. 

You can guarantee the cleaner’s maximum efficiency by replacing the vacuum belt on your own by following a few easy steps. Let’s have a look at the steps below-

Step 1: Buy a Replacement Belt

Spare vacuum cleaner belts were more frequently provided by manufacturers with new vacuums in the past, but not as often these days. Therefore, you’ll need to get in touch with the manufacturer or look for a replacement belt on Amazon or the manufacturer’s website; prices are typically in the $5 range (they’re so cheap, you might as well buy two). Because belt sizes and thicknesses vary and they are not interchangeable, keep the model number of your vacuum close at hand.

Step 2: Take Off the Bottom Plate

When the vacuum is unplugged, place it on the floor with its underside facing up. After that, take off the bottom plate to reveal the brush and the vacuum belt. Some plates are fastened with screws, while others have a quick-release latching system.

Step 3: Remove the Old Belt

It’s time to pop out the damaged belt after you’ve removed the brush roll plate. Since the brush roll and most vacuums are connected, you will also need to remove it. But keep in mind that depending on the vacuum, these steps might change. It will be easier to determine the precise procedures for your vacuum model if you have a guide for installation instructions.

Step 4: Install the New Belt

Hook one end of the new belt onto the motor shaft and the other onto the brush roller with the lettering facing out. Refasten the bottom plate after locking the brush back into its housing.

Specific instructions for your vacuum should be available, though this will vary from model to model. Given their prevalence, upright vacuums are the focus of the information that follows. On the motor shaft and roller brush, confirm that the stretched belt loop is firmly fastened. Consider that there must be belt tension. Additionally, keep in mind that there are numerous varieties of vacuum belts available. Be certain to use the correct belt for the installation. Always place manufacturer orders first to make sure the replacement belt you buy will work with your vacuum.

The vacuum cleaner belt should now be periodically inspected for signs of deterioration or stretching. In the event that your belt breaks, it’s not a bad idea to keep a spare nearby. To get the most use out of your floor cleaner, follow the tips in How to Make Your Vacuum Last. 


Simply following a few simple steps will teach you how to replace a vacuum cleaner belt. The cleaner’s noise is lessened with its help. On the other hand, a broken belt makes a lot of noise. Most people think it’s pretty easy to change a belt. It is preferable to always have a spare belt on hand for a relatively straightforward process in case the vacuum belt breaks.

Hopefully, the detailed instructions in this manual will make it easier for you to understand the entire replacement procedure. Here are five additional procedures that can be done to extend the life of your vacuum in addition to changing the belt.

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