Why Won’t My Kirby Vacuum Turn On – How to Fix?

Why Won’t My Kirby Vacuum Turn On – How to Fix?

When doing housework, we all hate sweeping the floor, because it is a complicated job. The floor is always swept and dirty, and sometimes it is not cleaned thoroughly. Since we had the Kirby vacuum cleaner, it has become easy for us to clean our homes, but the Kirby vacuum cleaner will have some problems after a long time of use. If you have problems opening the Kirby vacuum cleaner, you are in the right position. 

Kirby is a famous brand in the market and is famous for developing top vacuum cleaners that have been durable for many years. If your Kirby vacuum cleaner has stopped working or cannot be opened, there must be some faults that need to be repaired. The following is a guide to repairing the Kirby vacuum cleaner. We will discuss some common Kirby vacuum cleaner problems that usually prevent the Kirby vacuum cleaner from working properly. We will also discuss how to suppress these problems and make your Kirby vacuum cleaner work effectively.

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Safety Switch of the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner is Inoperative

If your Kirby has stopped working and cannot be turned on, the safety switch may be the reason. These switches exist for different reasons, and each of them can prevent Kirby from turning on.

  • Preventive safety switch

The safety switch has two functions to prevent the Kirby vacuum cleaner from opening. These switches ensure that dust and dirt do not rise in the air and that no one will be injured if you try to open the vacuum when the shaft, fan or motor is exposed.

You should ensure that the two safety switches are pressed to ensure that the vacuum cleaner is on. If you don’t press the switch, the Kirby vacuum cleaner won’t turn on.

  • Luggage safety switch

There is a small switch near the bag of the vacuum cleaner. When the baggage is correctly connected, the switch is pushed forward. If the bag of the Kirby vacuum cleaner is not properly connected to the vacuum cleaner, or you remove the bag, the switch will not allow Kirby to open. To prevent this, make sure the bag is properly locked. The bag needs to be aligned with the 3 tabs on the vacuum. Once you push the bag of the Kirby vacuum cleaner into place, rotate it clockwise until it is locked. If the bag keeps popping out, it may be because it is worn and needs to be replaced.

  • Safety switch at front

You will find an up / down switch on the front of the Kirby vacuum cleaner. Since the nozzle or hose will press the switch when connecting, these switches will not allow Kirby to open when the hose or nozzle is not connected to the vacuum cleaner.

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Kirby’s Power Cord

If you have checked all the safety switches, but your Kirby still can’t be turned on, it’s time to look at the power cord. To check the power cord, you need to release the power cord and plug it into an electrical outlet. When the power cord is plugged into the socket, try to move the power cord to see if the vacuum is on. If the vacuum is turned on while shaking the power line, it indicates that the power line is short circuited. If so, you should not try to solve the problem yourself. Instead, contact a professional technician to replace Kirby’s power cord.

Something Wrong With the Motor

Kirby’s motor may fail for three reasons. The first factor that causes the vacuum to stop working is the switch. A multimeter is required to test the vacuum on / off switch. A multimeter is an electronic device that measures resistance, voltage, and amperage through a circuit. After inspection, if the power switch is found to be defective, it should be replaced immediately.

However, if the power switch of the Kirby vacuum cleaner works normally, the next target should be the vacuum drive motor. To check whether the motor is faulty, check the blower wheel. The wheels shall rotate smoothly without any inconvenience. If the blower wheel appears to be working properly, it means that the motor needs to be replaced. If you want to replace the motor of the Kirby vacuum cleaner, you should ask a professional for help.

Finally, if the switch and motor are working properly, it may be the fan motor of the Kirby vacuum cleaner. The fan motor works to generate suction from the vacuum cleaner. A damaged fan motor may reduce the suction, or the vacuum may not work completely. The Kirby vacuum cleaner is guaranteed for three years. It is assumed that your vacuum cleaner is within the warranty period and stops working due to any of the above reasons. In this case, you should contact any local Kirby service provider to repair the vacuum or replace its parts.

Why Did my Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Stop Working?

If Kirby is not working properly, check the safety switch. Then you need to check the belt for any problems. Belt wear may also be the reason why the Kirby vacuum cleaner does not work.

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  • Case leakage due to Kirby vacuum cleaner failure

① Motor insulation failure. It only needs to be insulated after drying. If there is no effect, replace the new motor. 

② Some of the electrified parts are in contact with metal rods. Find the contact point and use an insulator for insulation treatment.

  • Failure of Kirby vacuum cleaner

① The motor speed is too low. Check whether the motor is normal (for example, whether the winding is short circuited, whether the bearing is flexible, and whether the fan blade is blocked). If it is damaged, replace it. 

② The electric fan and motor are not well fixed, so the electric fan does not rotate or the speed is too low. It can be fixed from the beginning. 

③ The hose, suction nozzle and dust storage bag are severely blocked. Remove foreign matters to ensure smooth operation. 

④ The housing is not tightly sealed. Replace the new sealing ring.

  • No dust collection of Kirby vacuum cleaner

① The dust storage bag in the vacuum cleaner is full, causing the air path to be blocked. Remove the waste and sundries in the dust bag. 

② The interface of hose, suction nozzle and dust storage bag is blocked by foreign matters. Check whether the channels and micropores are blocked, and remove the foreign matters to make them smooth. 

③ The connection between the hose, brush holder and extension pipe is not good enough to form air leakage. Check the joints and connect them from the beginning. 

④ The central connection part of the shell is not well connected or the sealing rubber ring is aging and invalid. Check the joints and sealing rings, and replace them if necessary.

  • The whole machine does not work after power on

① If the fuse blows out, replace it with a new one. 

② Poor power line contact or loose motor lead. 

③ The power switch is damaged (Note: some vacuum cleaners have two switches: one on the shell and the other on the handle of the hose). 

④ The motor is damaged. As long as a new motor is replaced, if the bearing in the motor is damaged or the carbon brush is worn, a new bearing or carbon brush can be replaced.


If you frequently use the Kirby vacuum cleaner and do not carry out maintenance when necessary, the Kirby vacuum cleaner may stop working. Ensure that the Kirby vacuum cleaner is maintained and thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. In addition, there may be other problems that may hinder the operation of the vacuum cleaner. We have discussed all the common problems in the above article, and hope it can help you repair the vacuum.

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