How To Untangle Matted Dog Hair

Matted Dog Hair

In addition to his friendly character, your dog’s long, smooth coat is one of his most wonderful features. But it may also be one of his most challenging jobs. Long hair can easily form mats and knots. It is very difficult for you to get them out. It is also an unpleasant experience for your dog. Long-haired dogs who like to get wet are particularly prone to these fur problems. Don’t be nervous. Continuing to read this article can easily help you untie the Matted dog hair!

What Causes Matted Hair In Dogs?

When the dog’s fur is intertwined, it will form a cushion to tightly intertwine the loose dead and live hair. If you don’t brush them off, they will continue to stick to more hair and get closer to the dog’s skin. The mat usually starts with a summary, but soon becomes a big ball. If left untreated, the mat will become larger and more difficult to remove. During the seasonal depilation period, when the dog is “blowing”, it will switch from winter fur to summer fur or vice versa, and matting will occur more frequently. If the loose fur is not brushed off, it will impact the skin. If it is placed too long, it will form a cushion and the fur will fall off. Dogs who like swimming are more likely to get cushions because the moisture will make their hair curl, and then their hair will wrap around themselves when it is dry. Many dogs have bathed, but they are not thoroughly brushed and dried, which will also produce mats.

Where Do Mats Form?

Dog fur with mat. Any place on the fur of a cat or dog can form a mat, especially where their hair is particularly long: behind their ears, buttocks, stomach, arms, and legs.

Maintaining a healthy coat can prevent the formation of hair pads, so it is essential to remove excess hair by regular brushing and combing. But usually, they will suddenly appear next to you.

Tips For Dog Grooming

Removing carpets and tangles can be difficult, especially if your dog doesn’t like standing still. In addition, sensitive dogs will not like you to coat them, and may not be willing to endure the process. Consider using hospitality to help your dog associate grooming with pleasure.

The best way is to prevent. Brush your dog’s teeth every day to keep his fur clean and prevent the development of the mat. It’s easy to avoid knotting by combing your hair regularly. If you do not brush regularly, dogs with good fur and a long and thick inner layer will quickly agglomerate. If your dog likes outdoor activities, he may pick up burrs, branches, and leaves, which will make his fur knot faster.

If you find that your furry dog has formed mats and knots, deal with them now before things get completely out of control

8 Steps to Untangle Matted Dog Hair

Matted Dog Hair

Now that you have the product ready, it’s time to pet your dog. Remember, this is not a dog spa. Unraveling a dog’s tangled fur is a delicate process that requires patience from both you and your pet. Here are some steps to remove the mat.

  1. Keep you and your dog in a comfortable position so that you can keep control of your dog without making him feel trapped or afraid. Kitchen counters, tables, or other stable furniture are easy to use, so they are on the same level as you (imitating a veterinarian or beautician). If your dog is big or easily frightened (like my dog), you can try to hold him on the sofa or find a more relaxed place.
  2. Gently massage the knot with your fingers. This helps loosen the hair naturally before removing the tool.
  3. Separate the mat from the surrounding hair, gently brush the area around the hair back and focus on the problem.
  4. Gently brush the smoothed area alternately with a soft brush. Place your fingers under the base, but above the skin, to minimize pulling on the skin while brushing. Sweep sideways with a brush to disperse the hair fibers.
  5. Using a fade comb, start at the top (farthest from the skin) and work toward the bottom. Be especially careful not to scratch the skin (it helps to put your hands under the fur).
  6. Spray conditioner around the carpet until it is a little damp. This step is optional, but we found that conditioner can make the comb slide through hair more easily.
  7. Combine the newly combed hair with a stainless steel comb and evenly apply the conditioner.
  8. Don’t forget to pet your dog. Once the process is completed (if necessary, you can use the above steps), give him words and food to express love.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of dogs doesn’t just mean giving them love and making sure they’re full. You need to make sure their hair stays clean and free of knots for a long time. Combing your hair regularly is the most effective way to prevent knotting. However, even the neatest dogs occasionally tie knots. Let the tangled hair fester, and soon, it will lead to a coat full of tangled hair.

Untidy hair is not only an eyesore. This can be very painful for your dog. When your dog moves around, tangles may stick to objects and pull its hair and skin. Tangles can cause mats, which can cause skin irritation or even infection. So, how to eliminate these entanglements?

There are several natural ways to help you groom your dog without buying any special grooming products. These products may contain toxins that your dog should not be exposed to anyway. We hope you enjoy learning these natural grooming techniques.