iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair Review

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Is iLife v3s Pro robot vacuum suitable for cleaning your pet’s hair? Please check our iLife v3s Pro robot vacuum review. V3s Pro is not connected to WiFi and has no application. Instead, it comes with a remote control, which feels like a relic of 2005. After the ancient practice of inserting the included AA battery, the v3s Pro is ready to respond to the remote control (as long as you point to it). Cleaning can basically start from the out of the box. Groundbreaking. The v3s Pro remote control has buttons to schedule time, start automatic cleaning, point cleaning and resume charging (however, if the battery is low, the remote control should also go to the dock by itself).

What is iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair?

iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair Review

The best features of iLife v3s Pro robot vacuum for pet hair:

  1. The floor can be cleaned almost effortlessly
  2. Equipped with pet hair care technology
  3. Equipped with a schedule to allow cleaning at any time you like

iLife v3s Pro robot vacuum for pet hair is a robot vacuum cleaner designed to provide perfect vacuum and mop for your floor without raising more than one finger. In addition, iLife v3s Pro robot vacuum for pet hair (including rechargeable batteries and docking stations) is especially useful if you have difficulty vacuuming your pet’s hair at home. As you know, this is a never-ending battle, but this vacuum cleaner is equipped with pet hair care technology. It can even pick up the most difficult pet hair. In addition, iLife v3s Pro robot vacuum for pet hair has four different cleaning modes (regular, automatic, fixed-point cleaning and edge cleaning). It only uses 20W power and is specially designed to be easily installed under the bed and sofa to achieve comprehensive cleaning. This means that you will enjoy a thorough cleaning of all areas of your home, whether visible or not.

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iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Specifications



Part Number:


Product Size:

Package Size:





Pearl White

3 X 11.8 X 11.8 Inches

5.5 X 15.5 X 17.5 Inches

4.5 Pound

iLife v3s Pro Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair Features

iLife v3s Pro robot vacuum for pet hair performs well on ceramic tiles, laminated and hardwood floors, thin carpets and bath carpets. It has a strong airflow of 16 CFM, compared with 7 – 12 CFM for many other devices in this price range. This function can remove dirt at one time. Vacuum depends on suction, and there is no roller brush below. This solution can remove 100% pet hair from hard floors, but it is not suitable for thick carpets. In addition, the equipment is equipped with a high-efficiency air filter to eliminate allergens in the air in the clean area.

The iLife v3s Pro robot vacuum for pet hair has a cloth (mop rack) at the bottom for wet cleaning. For this purpose, it is only necessary to use i-dropping technology, that is, the device sprays water on the surface until the vacuum stops working. You can take off this mat and soak it in water to mop the floor. In addition, if there is carpet in the room, remove the mat. This type of mop is still not a substitute for full wet cleaning, but it can remove loose dirt and the most stubborn stains.

Dry cleaning can be carried out in normal automatic mode. It is necessary to use the infrared remote control to set up the robot to remove local spots, or manually guide the robot to move to the right, left, back and forward. ILife v3s Pro robot vacuum for pet hair is also used to set local time and schedule. I recommend applying the iLife v3s Pro manual to understand the different settings.

Pros and Cons of iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum


  • Great with loose debris on hard floors, including hair
  • Straightforward, reliable spot cleaning
  • Quiet
  • Vacuum and dock are very compact


  • Gets lost often
  • Inefficient on pet hair on carpet
  • Requires emptying after every run
  • No boundary strips included
  • Remote is not intuitive at all

iLife v3s Pro Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair Design

The model of iLife v3s Pro robot vacuum for pet hair is a circular device with a cleaning button on the top for opening and pausing the robot. The obstacle sensor and bumper are located at the front, and the suction port and side brush are located at the bottom. The vacuum cleaner is located in the center of the vacuum, directly below the front panel. The storage box is equipped with a handle which can be removed for emptying.

The biggest advantages of iLife v3s Pro robot vacuum for pet hair may be its low price in the U.S. and Canadian markets, and iLife can adapt to many functions of vacuum cleaners. The cost is as high as twice its price. Its battery will last about 90 minutes to clean the hardwood floor. At the same time, you can also use the remote control and set the cleaning schedule. When the battery is low, you can go home automatically. When you can’t find the remote control, you can operate with one button in vacuum. The v3s has a cleaning radius of 12 inches, weighs 4.5 pounds, and is 3 inches high. ILife v3s Pro robot vacuum for pet hair is designed to clean hardwood floors (especially pet hair), not carpets. It also includes the same too short one-year warranty, which is common for almost all robotic vacuum cleaners you can buy today.

V3s Pro vs. V5s Pro

iLife V3s Pro
iLife V3s Pro
iLife V5s Pro

Boundary Markers:





Operating Time:


UV Sterillzation:






100 (min)








140 (min)



iLife v3s Pro is deeply loved by Tom’s Guide reviewers. Tom’s guide is a highly trusted source that can perform reliable in-depth tests. It performed well in the comprehensive selection of “the best vacuum cleaner in 2022: the best choice for your family”, and was rated as “the most suitable robot vacuum cleaner for use within the budget”, which in itself makes it a product worthy of consideration. We also made a comprehensive score analysis on iLife v3s pro and iLife v5s pro. The results showed that all the sources of vacuum of the two robots tested, including Tom’s guide, tended to use iLife v3s Pro instead of iLife v5s pro. Among all the review sources, iLife v3s Pro is the most popular with Tom’s guide, with a score of 9 points, while iLife v5s Pro has the highest score, with a score of 8 points. The reviewers from Tom’s Guide. Finally, we averaged all their comments and compared them with competitors. We found that iLife v5s Pro scored 8.0 out of 10 points, significantly better than most competitors. The average score of robot vacuum was 7.2, while iLife v3s Pro performed poorly, with an average score of 7.0.

Why Buy iLife V3s Pro?

In our book, the main reason for purchasing iLife v3s Pro is that you need a robot vacuum cleaner to clean your pet’s hair, dirt, dust, and a small amount of food and garbage on hardwood, tiles or laminated floors, while spending as little as possible. If you want this machine to clean the carpet for you, you don’t want it because it won’t; You’ll want A4S. If you want to control v3s pro with smart phone, you don’t need it; You will need a product like the deebot N79. However, if you like to use the remote control and there is no carpet or carpet, you can go to the bank with a smile and enjoy v3s pro at the same time.

Between the simple clean path and the disorganized navigation, V3 is almost like a bump, just hoping that it can directly sweep through the chaos.

When docking, lack of self-awareness is also a problem. V3 seldom returns to the wharf alone. It will get very close, turn around at the last minute and swing in the opposite direction until it gives up. It’s like watching a car keep missing the turn and circling around the block. This is a space below 1000 square feet.

Of course, the v3s Pro lacks WiFi, car cameras or lidar sensors, which means it cannot be sent to a specific room or follow virtual boundaries. (magnetic boundary strips are compatible but not included.) If you have only a few rooms, no mapping may not be a problem, but don’t expect it to remember what has been swept like a more advanced vac.

Do I Need to Clean the Brush of iLife V3s Pro?

Just as the garbage cans on robot vacuum cleaners need to be emptied regularly, so do their brushes. This will remove debris and hair from the bristles. It only takes a few minutes to clean the iLife v3s pro (the brush on my vacuum cleaner is easy to remove and replace), so it’s not a big deal, but it’s a chore you don’t want to skip; If your iLife v3s Pro has too much hair, it may be permanently damaged.

Like many technologies, what we had then is not applicable to us now. Of course, basic robot vacuum cleaners can still do more or less work, but this technology has existed for quite a long time. Performance and navigation should be improved, and there should be more functions.

Is Cheap Robot Vacuum Cleaner Worth It?

The iLife v3s pro (opened in a new tab) may work as well as your $160 robot vacuum cleaner. However, if your cleaning needs are only to clean your diet on hardwood, tiles or laminates every day, and there are few personal items, then this simple way is completely feasible.

iLife V3s Pro provides large-scale overhaul and improved performance, with a large number of creative and really useful new functions, and even supporting mobile applications, which can provide you with more functions. They are also smaller and slimmer. However, the biggest (and most popular) areas of improvement are cleaning and navigation. Newer vacuum cleaners have many improved brushes, making them a force that can not be ignored on any surface, whether it is uneven stone or plush carpet. They are also better at handling pet hair. They can clean up more trash and grab it from the deep carpet so they don’t stick to it anymore. What a relief!

As for navigation, the new VACs uses more advanced navigation technologies, such as lidar (light detection and ranging), laser, camera, algorithm and intelligent map (or intelligent zoning), rather than annoying collision and collision methods, to create the basic layout of the home plan. This helps it understand the location of static objects such as walls, furniture and stairs, and better detect the location of more dynamic obstacles, including toys or pets (or you). If your home has many square feet, don’t worry. If the battery runs out before the cleaning is completed, multiple options will automatically return to its base; After charging, iLife v3s Pro will return to the original place and continue to clean other places in your home. Some even can automatically empty the dustbin into a larger dustbin in the dock when charging. Although it is usually provided as an expensive add-on, it completely changes the rules of the game. In this way, they can do a thorough cleaning work at any time, so you don’t have to follow it to empty the garbage can, which solves a huge problem. Self emptying robot vacuum cleaners can actually clean the entire floor of your home.


In general, if you consider buying a robot vacuum cleaner, iLife v3s Pro robot vacuum for pet hair is definitely a fair choice. Amazon users have obtained 4.3 stars out of the 5 stars. Most users claim that this is a huge investment, with fast work speed and good results. However, it does seem to have some problems because it is trapped in various places around the room being cleaned.