Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Pro Upright Vacuum Review 2022

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Pro Upright Vacuum Review 2022

Bissell pet hair eraser turbo Pro upright vacuum is suitable for low pile carpets. It can easily pick up most pet hair and small pieces. Although Bissell pet hair eraser turbo Pro upright vacuum has acceptable construction quality, it may be difficult to maintain this vacuum to ensure its smooth operation, and the recurring cost may increase, depending on how often you use it. However, it can be well manipulated in most spaces.

We know that pets can mess up at any time, which is why we bought Bissell pet hair eraser turbo Pro upright vacuum. It doesn’t matter if you vacuum your pet a few hours before it leaves a trace; You need to be ready to deal with any confusion. Bissell pet hair eraser turbo Pro upright vacuum is equipped with a powerful pickup, which is installed in a light and flexible machine for daily cleaning.

Features of Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Pro Upright Vacuum

Bissell pet hair eraser turbo Pro upright vacuum adopts a standard upright design.

The bright green scheme covers most of the vacuum, while the gray hint covers some smaller parts. An advanced rotary joint is also built into the steering system of this Bissell vacuum cleaner.

Bissell pet hair eraser turbo Pro upright vacuum has a separator bar, which allows users to connect the cleaning tools attached to the vacuum cleaner. The wand is connected to the upright vacuum cleaner, but it does add some tentacles, and it feels more like a hand-held vacuum cleaner with a hose.

In addition, the dust bin of the vacuum cleaner can hold a total of 1.5L of debris.

  • Light and flexible, specially designed for daily pet hair removal
  • Patented tangle free brush roll to prevent hair entanglement
  • Hands free patented whirlwind winding system to control pet hair
  • Suction channel technology provides edge to edge pet hair pickup
  • Sealed anti allergen system captures allergens and uses febreze Eliminate odor
  • Special pet tools are included to remove embedded pet hair

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Pros and Cons


  • Bissell pet hair eraser turbo Pro Upright vacuum is very good at eliminating pet hair.
  • The tangle free brush roll provides a good touch without losing suction.


  • Upright vacuum cleaners to some extent conflict with finer debris types, especially on carpets.
  • The upright vacuum cleaner is a little heavy, which may deter some users.

How does Bissell pet hair eraser turbo Pro upright vacuum work?

  • Rotate

I like rotating vacuum much better than my previous pet eraser. It works easier and seems to be easier to control than my previous one.

  • Lamp

It’s a good idea, but the light is not very good. Imagine using a flashlight to pass through two small pencil sized holes. This is the result you get. These lights are not very bright, and it is not easy to see when they are on. I think it would be perfect if they added a third light in the middle of their head, or a small strip of light outside the side light.

  • Brush

The brush on the vacuum cleaner is easy to clean hair. It can collect things well.

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  • Suction

This suction is great. There is a very old carpet in my house. It is well made on the carpet. Stack the mats in a way that other vacuum cleaners can’t do.

  • Rope

I like this long rope, but the spring on the side is very close, so it takes some time to wind each time. Due to this portable lifting function, it is a necessary function, but it is sometimes frustrating compared with other columns with wider winding.

  • Lifting

The lifting function of this vacuum cleaner is very good. My other pet eraser is very good, but it is difficult to put it back on the base. Sometimes I feel disappointed with it. Once, my purple mobile phone got stuck. When I gently tried to pull it out, a piece of plastic fell off and a small piece fell into my eyes! However, this one is easier to use, and I prefer it a little. It is very suitable for stairs and furniture. I also like it. If I want to make ceilings and curtains, I can take them with me.

  • Retractable rod

The locking extension is located at the end of the hose. You put it on the vacuum cleaner. When you need to use it, you just need to lift it. If you want it to work, you can turn it, stretch it out, and lock it. Well, it won’t lock. When I try to take it out of the vacuum, it will appear, and then when I want it to stay extended, it will unlock.

  • Handle

This is not a closed handle, but a hook like handle. Bissell pet hair eraser turbo Pro upright vacuum is better than the old Bissell vacuum cleaner. I’m not sure if I prefer this circuit to better upgrade to other rooms. I will update it. I think at this point, it is a good compromise between lever handle and circular handle.

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  • Light up the slit tool

It’s like a dream – a little wider than the usual crack tool, which is great on the edge and other smaller areas that you need help getting. The light is good. This tool is one of my favorite innovations. The wand is powered by a battery. Its working principle is that when you press the wand into place, it will turn on the light. When you pull it out, the light goes out.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Pro Upright Vacuum
  • Eraser

This is also a great tool. It cleans textile furniture and area carpets well. We have a carpet covered cat rack, which is very suitable for keeping them clean and fluffy. Although I prefer it to have a point stored in the vacuum, I realize that the lifting function can prevent a large amount of storage capacity on the vacuum.

  • Hose

There is a handle on the hose, which is very convenient to use. When you pull out the extension tube, it looks like a long hose. When it retracts, it will rise into the hose, and when it is stuffed into the vacuum device, it will be strengthened.

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  • Dirt trap room

This compartment is large, easy to use and easy to empty. Several filters eventually need to be replaced, but I prefer to use another vacuum cleaner to clean them, thereby reducing the cleaning of washable filters. I don’t like the febreeze filter it comes with, because I find it makes me sneeze (some artificial smells make me sneeze).

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  • Power cord

Sometimes, a small thing can make a big difference. For anyone who may be new to vacuum cleaners, one of the most important things is to avoid running over wires. It may cause some serious damage. This vacuum cleaner has a hook on the back of the valve stem near the top handle, where you can firmly clip in the power cord to help you avoid tripping over the power cord. You have to press the power cord hard and slowly (so that you won’t break it), and the power cord will get stuck on this hook, so it’s much easier to dust. I like this feature.

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How to Clean with Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Pro Upright Vacuum?

Bissell pet hair eraser uses Bissell’s cyclone pet hair winding system for cleaning. The system starts with the brush roll, which is used to reduce hair entanglement or entanglement. It uses the floor surface to pull hair off the brush roll. When pet hair and other types of debris are sucked up through the brush roll and enter the dustbin, the cyclone effect begins.

Whirlwind winding refers to the type of hair and debris that directly reaches the top of the dust box while rotating into a circle. By doing so, the dust collector can contain more debris without losing suction, and the debris is usually easier to empty, avoiding getting stuck in the filter or dust collector chamber.

Depending on the surface being evacuated, the user can choose one of five different floor types.

Once selected, the vacuum head will rise or fall, either in closer contact with the ground (this usually occurs on high pile carpets), or move up and away from the floor (for example, on a harder floor surface).

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Bissell pet hair eraser turbo Pro upright vacuum has a rear rope wrap, a wheel base with a brush roll, and a hose extension with an ergonomically designed handle. Bissell pet hair eraser turbo Pro upright vacuum can help us clear pet hair and other subtle garbage. The most important thing is that the pet hair vacuum cleaner also has functions such as no entanglement brush roll, and it also has a one touch empty dustbin. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the vacuum cleaner at home. You can also breathe easily with the allergen system, which can capture dust and allergens, so that you can enjoy a fresher and cleaner home. Using Bissell pet hair eraser turbo Pro upright vacuum can keep your space clean and away from pet hair

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