How To Remove Dog Hair From The Car 

How To Remove Dog Hair From The Car 

Whether your pet just rides in your car occasionally or goes to work with you every day, no matter where you go, the pet hair in your car may be a problem It is a daunting thing to remove the dog’s hair from the car. It will climb onto the seat, carpet, parcel shelf, and trunk!

You often use a vacuum cleaner to suck your car, but you still find that pet hair is embedded in the interior of the seat, on the floor, and possibly in every corner and gap in the car. So, how to remove and keep no pet hair inside the car? This article can give you good advice on how to get dog hair out of the car.

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How To Remove Dog Hair From The Car

To remove the dog hair from the car, first, use a large pet cotton roller and tape the loose and fresh dog hair together. Next, spray the car interior with a tablespoon of fabric softener mixed with water to loosen the embedded hair. The next step in this method is to use a wire brush or paper towel to relieve the hair on the car seat. Finally, remove the hair with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Alternative methods of removing loose hair include rolling an inflatable balloon or Velcro curl along with the seat and carpet. Remove as much hair as possible before using the vacuum cleaner. 

Methods To Get Dog Hair Out Of The Car

dog on a car

1. Press the adhesive tape on the car seat to collect loose dog hair.

Pressing adhesive tape on the seat is a very useful way to remove dog hair. Most families already have it. Like a wool roller, it is more suitable for loose surface dog hair. Just tear off some adhesive tape and pat it on car seats and furniture. The stickiness will make your hair curl up. Switch to fresh tapes as often as possible to maintain the effect.

2. Rub a blown balloon on the seat. It will gather hair and remove dog hair from the car

Using balloons to remove dog hair from cars is another random but cheap way to remove dog hair from cars. However, when balloons are blown up, there will be natural electrostatic adsorption on their surfaces. Blow a balloon and use it to wipe all the hair. These hairs stick to the surface of the balloon.

3. Loosen embedded hair with water and fabric softener spray (10:1 Mix).

Mix 10:1 water and 1:1 fabric softener in a spray bottle, shake well and spray on the dog hair. Wait a few minutes and you will find that the fabric softener will loosen the hair stuck in the car interior fibers. Then you can remove them with a vacuum cleaner or brush.

4. Remove the embedded hairs with the best wire brush and collect them in a pile for dust collection

The wire brush can remove the embedded hair on the car interior and carpet without soiling or damaging the material.

Use the pet brush before vacuuming, and use it alternately until you remove the stubborn dog hair from the material.

5. Roll on the car interior with a leather roller (best for loose hair)

If you have a dog, a lint roller is an essential thing. It is not only useful in the car but also very convenient for your clothes! Just wipe the seat with a cotton roller, and your hair will stick to it!

The cotton wool roller is most suitable for hair that does not go deep into the fiber, that is, fresh hair. The hair does not stay in the fiber for a long time. It will help you get rid of the heavy and loose hair on the surface.

6. Scrape the dog’s hair off the seat with a rubber scraper

It sounds very casual, but the rubber surface of the window cleaning brush is actually very convenient for collecting and removing loose dog hair. Especially on flat surfaces, such as trunks, parcel shelves, and car seats.

Just like cleaning windows, a little wet, wipe the car surface, the rubber edge will collect a lot of loose dog hair, and then vacuum.

7. Velcro human hair curls can be used to collect loose dog hair.

It’s very similar to a cotton roll. If you have a Velcro curler at home, it’s very convenient! They don’t handle embedded hair very well, but you can put some of these things in the glove box in your car and clean them quickly between deep cleanings.

As long as the curler is rolled on the car interior, it can clamp the fallen hair.

8. Use a strong vacuum on car seats and carpets.

Strong vacuum cleaning is my first choice to remove a lot of dog hair from car seats and carpets. First, try your daily household vacuum hose, but you may want to invest in a powerful handheld vacuum because it can make your life in the car easier.

9. Buy furs – Zoff pumice. This product is specially designed for removing hair from seats, carpets, and furniture.

Tips For Preventing Pet Hair

If you have a dog, you will inevitably have some hair on your seat, carpet or interior decoration Although it is impossible to completely prevent pet hair from seeping into your car, there are several ways to reduce the amount of hair:

Tip 1: Brush your dog before you get in the car.

This may sound obvious, but before you go on a trip with your dog, even if it’s just a short trip to a dog park or veterinarian, groom your dog before you get on the bus! This will remove the hair balls from their fur and really reduce the malt they produce on car furniture, carpets, and seats. If your furry friend is easygoing, you can even use a vacuum cleaner to make sure that all the hair falling off is safely away.

Tip 2: Keep your dog in a crate or cradle to protect the car surface from hair damage.

When your dog is in the car, the crate or bracket is not only safe and reliable but also can protect the dog’s hair from entering the padded surface. It can’t guarantee that your car is completely free of dog hair, but it will certainly help!

Tip 3: Buy a seat cover to protect the seats

When you transport your dog in the car, the nonslip car seat cover is a very convenient way to protect your car from stray dog hair. These findings will prevent fur, dust, and dirt from soiling your car seat You can choose the dog hammock, which is similar to the dog hammock, but can be folded in the front seat, which is a comfortable and safe arrangement for your dog.

Things to Remember When Removing Pet Hair From the Car

remove dog hair on a car

Remove the pet before removing its hair.

One of the most common mistakes you make when removing your pet’s hair from the car is when your pet is sitting in the target area. No matter what type of pet hair removal method you use, it is easy to scare the pet sitting in the car, resulting in skin rash movement and more hair loss. Keep your pet in a safe place before continuing to remove the hair from the car.

Lint roller is only applicable to clothes.

Many car owners have made the mistake of scraping their pets’ hair off their cars with a cotton roller. However, this is not a wise idea, because cotton rollers are not very effective in removing pet hair from the inner surface of the car. Use your hair rollers only to remove pet hair from your clothes. Do not use them in your car, because it will only waste time and energy and lead to more complications.

Do not overuse the softener.

As a responsible car owner, you should use the least amount of chemicals in your car. Fabric softeners are a great way to relax pet hair. However, the use of saturated fabric softener directly from the container will cause discoloration and cause serious irreversible damage to different parts of the car’s interior. Be sure to dilute the fabric softener before use and ensure that the interior is dry before closing the door.

Properly handle pet hair

One of the easiest ways to deal with pet hair is to rub it into a ball and throw it away. Appropriate hygiene measures should be taken when handling pet hair.

Use one-way motion.

When it comes to removing pet hair from the car, reckless action doesn’t help anyone. You need to make sure you use gentle pressure and move the tool in a single direction. Whether you use a Furz – Zoff tool, pumice, rubber gloves, or even a vacuum cleaner, you should maintain a one-way, same action. Doing this repeatedly will not only damage the fabric and leather used in your car but also cause more entanglement between pet hair and fabric. Therefore, pet depilation will become more difficult and challenging.

Gently clean fragile areas

From the exquisite control device in the infotainment center to the small metal and plastic parts in the car, the refinement of the parts in the car must be considered before cleaning the pet hair. Strict cleaning will scratch the surface, damage the fabric, and even damage important automobile parts. Always use stable pressure and gentle cleaning action to remove pet hair from the car.


Pets are your closest friends. It’s unfair to leave your pets at home just because you don’t know how to remove their fur from your car. Removing pet hair from the car is a job that requires patience and perseverance. Using any of these methods to remove pet hair, you can now quickly and effectively get rid of pet hair inside your car.

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