How To Get Roomba To Remap a Room – Find The Simple Ways

How To Get Roomba To Remap a Room – Find The Simple Ways

Mapping is important because, without it, your Roomba won’t be able to find its way around your house. This functionality must work well for an autonomous robot to succeed. Your Roomba needs to be remapped on occasion as well. It frequently occurs, for instance, when you need to give your robot a break, alter how the room will be used in the future, or even use it in multiple rooms. If you don’t know how to tell Roomba to remap a room, this post is for you. Scroll down to find out everything you need to know about remapping your room in Roomba.

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Why Doesn’t My Roomba Clean Every Room?

If there are too many obstacles in its way, Roomba may decide not to clean every room. This can include obstructions like low-lying furniture, dark carpets, strewn wires, and random objects on the floor as well as insufficient lighting in the room. If the machine is not properly maintained, Roomba may also skip rooms.

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How To Get Roomba To Clean The Whole House

Set Roomba To “Clean All”

Newer Roomba models have more sophisticated cleaning and mapping features. 

Roomba’s i and s series, for instance, have Imprint Smart Maps. Roomba vacuums can map and customize their routes through your house thanks to a certain technology.

User options for this intelligent mapping technology include:

  • Add or delete maps.
  • Block specific areas.
  • Clean specific rooms.
  • Customize room maps.
  • Obtain individualized insights.

The issue is that your Roomba cleaning preference may not have been reset, which is a problem. 

It’s possible that your Roomba vacuum is only programmed to clean particular areas if it skips over some rooms.

Examine the iRobot Home App now. Review your specific cleaning preferences as well.

Choose “Clean All” to deep-clean your entire home.” So your issue ought to be resolved.

Running “clean Everywhere”

If you’re running a map for the first time, use this approach.

1. Press the [Clean] button on top of the robot

2. Press it again twice to start a new job

Note: The [New Job] option should accomplish the same goal if you are using the app; simply click it.

How Is The Roomba Map Made?

iRobot uses technology which is called vSALM, for mapping. vSLAM stands for Visual Localization & Mapping Concurrently. Additionally, as it moves, the robot will keep an eye out for various landmarks and remember their locations.

Older Roombas couldn’t create these mental maps of your rooms and house. To guide their paths, however, they used infrared.

Persistent mapping is included with every advanced Roomba i7 model and higher. Your different rooms in the house are all laid out in their memory.

By choosing the menu in the top right corner of your Clean Map Report, you can remap your Roomba. Update Smart Map is an option. Additionally, make sure your smart map has been updated correctly.


How Many Rooms Can A Roomba Remap?

You must be aware that your Roomba has the ability to remap one room, which is one of its many intelligent features. These smart mapping features are available on newer models, like the i3 and i4.

Your robot can memorize your entire house thanks to this sophisticated mapping feature. As a result, you can easily customize your cleaning routine by instructing your robot cleaner to clean any particular room in your house.

But you should also be aware that this feature is only accessible in certain parts of the world, like North America or Europe.

The steps you must take to assign your Roomba-specific zones and rooms are listed below.

  • Several seconds can be spent pressing and holding the Roomba icon.
  • The Room section can be found immediately after the two main instructions. You must decide on it.
  • You can choose to clean all of your rooms, or just a few selected ones, as shown on the following screen.
  • You can choose the zones or rooms you want, then start your Roomba by pressing the back arrow in the top left corner.

But bear in mind that you must first define the zones and rooms in your iRobot app once. Thus, it is essential if you want to clean some particular areas.

However, you can simply let your Roomba cleaner clean the entire house if you haven’t designated any zones or rooms. We still advise that you should reset the device. For the next 4 to 5 days, go through the entire mapping princess to make sure everything continues as planned.

Some Frequent Questions About Roomba

Can you remap your Roomba?

People being able to control their home technology with a mobile device is becoming more and more typical in the digital age. A WiFi connection allows for remote monitoring and control of the Roomba 960 using an app on a phone. The app can be used to program the Roomba with rules, such as which room in the house it should clean next.

How do I set my Roomba’s map?

Make sure your Roomba is plugged in, that the power button has been depressed, and that the home screen displays “Setup” after pressing the mode button if you want it to map out your home. Press Setup on the Home Screen. The next step is to choose a room and click “start mapping.”

Do all Roombas have a map of your home?

A select few Roomba models won’t map your house. The Roombas 6xx and 8xx lack mapping and are unable to learn the layout of their home. You can move them from one floor to another as a result.

From the 960 and 980 models onward, every Roomba has built-in mapping capabilities. Additionally, all Roombas other than the i7 and s9 have built-in mapping.

Why does my Roomba keep cleaning the same spot?

Three steps make up the cleaning process used by Roombas: scanning, vacuuming and edge cleaning. Before this procedure is complete, if your Roomba’s battery runs out, the cycle will stop, and the robot may need to recharge before it can resume its work. Additionally, if the power runs out, the brushless vacuum system’s motor will have less power and could crash.

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How do I erase the Roomba’s memory?

Using the Roomba’s top-mounted button or visiting the company’s website to locate the support section will allow you to manually clear the memory. How to reset your Roomba and clear its memory is covered in the support center’s tutorial.
The vacuum gathers information about the areas it has cleaned, and once it has done so, it won’t clean in those areas again until it has gone through again.


Robots like the Roomba can easily handle any minor adjustments to the room’s furniture placement. If you make any significant changes, though, you will need to reset the machine and remap your Roomba. If not, it might start to run in circles and be unable to effectively finish the task. The brain of your Roomba is comprised of these maps. Therefore, you must keep them up to date.

Restarting the Roomba will resolve any problems it encounters while mapping the area it will clean. We still advise that, though, if your furniture arrangement has undergone a significant change.

Restarting your Roomba and allowing it to remap itself using the new settings will minimize any inconveniences. And using the iRobot Home app, you can accomplish this task quickly.

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