How to Clean & Get Filter out of Rainbow Vacuum?

How to Clean & Get Filter out of Rainbow Vacuum?

Do you stink when you use rainbow vacuum? Do you want to know how to clean & get filter out of rainbow vacuum? We need to clean the rainbow vacuum regularly in order to clean and make my home healthier. We also need to ensure that the rainbow vacuum needs minimal care after each use.

Why Does Your Rainbow Vacuum Smell Bad?

If you clean the rainbow vacuum and wash it with dirty water for a long time, your machine is likely to give off a bad smell when you use it next time. This is because the smell of dirty water that has stagnated for a long time enters the interior of rainbow vacuum and penetrates into the high efficiency air filter. In order to remove this odor, you need to remove, clean and reinstall the high efficiency air filter.

How to Remove the Filter from the Rainbow Vacuum?

Rainbow vacuum cleaner uses a unique system to contain dirt. Instead of a bag or empty can, rainbow vacuum pours dirt from the carpet into a reservoir full of water. Series E uses HEPA filters or HEPA neutralizers to remove small particles of dust and dander before sending air back to the room. It also helps the vacuum cleaner work more quietly. HEPA neutralizer can work without cleaning within 36 months of normal use. If you notice that the rainbow vacuume series vacuum cleaner is losing its cleaning ability, it may be time to clean the HEPA neutralizer.

  • Step 1

Remove the panel on the back of the rainbow vacuum cleaner. Press the latches on both sides upward, and then pull the bottom of the panel towards you. Once the panel is free, you should be able to slide it up.

  • Step 2

Pull the upper edge of the HEPA neutralizer towards you and lift it out of the housing.

  • Step 3

Hold the HEPA neutralizer with the blinds facing up. Inject cold water into the HEPA neutralizer until the water overflows. Continue flushing the filter with water for one minute.

rainbow vacuum
  • Step 4

Turn the HEPA neutralizer over and shake it to let the water flow out through the shutter.

  • Step 5

Rinse HEPA neutralizer again with water. Repeat the process until the water shaken out of the filter is clean.

  • Step 6

Shake the filter with the blinds facing down to remove as much moisture as possible.

  • Step 7

Replace HEPA neutralizer in rainbow vacuum.

  • Step 8

Remove the ventilation door from the rear panel and empty the pool.

  • Step 9

Put the rainbow vacuum cleaner on a clean towel with the ventilation door facing down on the towel.

  • Step 10

Place the air flow adapter on the machine as if you were running it.

  • Step 11

Run rainbow vacuum for 30 minutes to dry HEPA neutralizer.

  • Step 12

Reconnect the ventilation door.

Rainbow vacuum minimum care

After each use, immediately throw away the dirty water and clean the rainbow basin.

Store the rainbow in a clean and dry place instead of a pool.

After cleaning, store the pool and rainbow separately.

If you want it to run at the lowest speed to aromatize and clean the air in your home, please use it with clean water.

Clean the rainbow separator at least once a year.

Common Problems of Rainbow Vacuum Filter Cleaning 

  • How to clean the interior of the rainbow vacuum hose?

To clean the interior of the rainbow vacuum hose, take the hose out of the vacuum. After the hose is removed, any dirt or debris inside can be removed with a brush. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt or debris from the hose.

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  • Can you clean the filter in rainbow vacuum?

Yes, you can clean the filter in rainbow vacuum. The filter should be cleaned every six months to ensure the best performance.

  • Why does my rainbow vacuum cleaner stink?

There are several reasons why your rainbow vacuum cleaner stinks. One possibility is that the dust cup is full and needs to be emptied. If the dust cup is not emptied regularly, it may start to give off an unpleasant smell. Another possibility is that the filter needs to be replaced. If the filters are not replaced regularly, they may also start to give off an unpleasant smell.

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  • Do you use hot water or cold water in rainbow vacuum?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question – it depends on what is best for you. Some people find that using hot water can make vacuum cleaners more effective, while others find that using cold water is better. Try these two options to see which one you prefer.

  • How to clean rainbow HEPA filter?

To clean the rainbow HEPA filter, unplug the vacuum cleaner and empty the filter cartridge of any dirt or debris. Next, remove the filter cover and the filter itself. Wash the filter with warm water and let it dry. Reconnect the filter and cover and insert the vacuum cleaner.

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