How to Empty Roomba Vacuum – Tips to Make It Clean

How to Empty Roomba Vacuum – Tips to Make It Clean

The robotic vacuum that started it all—your Roomba—is now history. It can be quickly customized using the iRobot app, automated to sweep on a daily schedule, and integrated with your Alexa ecosystem. But don’t forget that your Roomba has a home for all those collected dust bunnies, taking up valuable space in the dirt bin.

When Should The Roomba Bin Be Emptied?

After each use, it is advised that the Roomba bin be emptied. All Roomba models, including the Roomba 400 Discovery series and the Roomba 800 and 900 series, fall under this description. While the bin is full and needs to be emptied, the Roomba e and I Series models would alert you to this.  Under the CLEAN button, there is an indicator that flashes “Full Bin.” This will appear in the iRobot Home App as well.

In the Roomba, I Series, the CLEAN button’s Light Ring will flash red in the direction of the button’s back. Additionally flashing on the robot in the E Series is the Full Bin indicator. However, the Roomba i7 Plus is the model to choose if you want a Roomba that eliminates the need for you to empty its trash. Due to the fact that it is the only Roomba model that can empty its bin, it is regarded as the best one to date. The drawback is that the Roomba i7 Plus will set you back almost a thousand dollars!

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How To Empty The Bin On The Roomba E, I, And J Series

While Roomba’s most expensive flagship vacuums frequently include an auto-empty dust canister and charging dock, the majority of the company’s models use an internal dirt bin built right into the vacuum. The trash must be emptied into the bin once it is full. Fortunately, doing so is not too difficult.

Step 1: On the vacuum’s back, push the bin release button. A trash can icon indicates this switch. Once you’ve done that, the entire trash can will come slipping out of the vacuum.

Step 2: Make sure there is real trash can nearby. After that, to physically open the dirt bin’s door, hold the dirt bin in your hand and press the button marked with a trash can icon. After that, just empty the dirt into the trash.

Try to turn your face away while doing this to avoid getting debris in your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Step 3: Additionally, it makes sense to clean your Roomba’s filter while you’re emptying the trash can.

Simply grab the side of the filter and pull it out of the dirt bin while holding the dirt bin in your hand. To remove any firmly lodged debris, tap it against the trashcan’s side.

Step 4: Finish by hand washing and rinsing the dirt bin of your Roomba to remove any last bits of debris, letting it air dry, and then replacing the filter.

Step 5: Re-secure the Roomba’s dirt bin with a lock. That’s all there is to it!

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How To Empty Roomba S9 Series

You’ve come to the right place because this model is washable and empties somewhat differently than earlier models.

You must first lift the cover on the top of your Roomba before pulling the handle on the side to remove the dustbin. Next, quickly open the door and remove the filter. Thoroughly clean the filter of all dirt and debris. Bring the dustbin to the trash can after that, and put the stuck contents inside. To ensure that every last bit of dust has been removed, gently tap and shake.

Remember to position the Roomba dustbin upright after washing it in cool water so that it can dry completely. Clean the inside of the sensors with a cloth to make sure nothing is left behind. When the bin is fully dry, shut the lid and put the filter back in place. Ensure that all of the doors are properly snapped back. Reattach the dustbin to the vacuum and finish.

The iRobot Home app is also compatible with this S9 model. To use the Empty Bin feature, simply access the Settings menu. Check your WiFi connections or update your app if it doesn’t work.

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Empty Roomba Vacuum

How To Empty The Roomba J7 And J7+

Below, I’ll list each step in brief.

  1. To remove the trash can, release the latch: With the rear latch, the J7+ dustbin resembles the I-series. To unlock and take out the container, push this lever.
  2. Open the door, then remove everything: Place the dustbin over the trash can after it has been removed to empty it.

The steps with the clean base station are similar to the I-series despite the design changes.

These variations must make use of the same bag that slides in from the top.

  1. Check the bag’s capacity after opening the clean base station.
  2. If the bag is full, remove it and throw it away.
  3. Place a new bag.

There you have it: basic instructions for each model range in the iRobot product line.

To keep the debris from building up to unmanageable levels, don’t forget to clean the trash can.

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How To Clean Your Roomba’s Brushes And Wheels

Your vacuum brushes should be cleaned once to twice a week, according to Roomba. It’s a good idea to clean your vacuum’s wheels while you’re at it as well. We’ll teach you how.

Step 1: Turn your Roomba on its side and detach the two yellow brush guard levers by pulling back to lift the brushes from the vacuum’s frame.

Bristles should be present on one of the brushes. The second will be covered in a number of tiny rubber panels.

Step 2: Start pulling the extra hair from the brush’s bristles, rubber panels, and yellow plastic ends once the brushes have been taken out of the way.

To access hair tangled up around the lock-in points on your brush, you can even unscrew the plastic ends.

Step 3: Simply line up the squared end of the non-removable brush cap with the receptacle inside the Roomba and snap it into place to reattach the main brushes.

Step 4: Use a Philips head screwdriver to detach the side-sweeping brush from the Roomba’s chassis before cleaning it.

If you’re having trouble pulling the hairs out of the brushes, you can cut them with a scissor or utility blade.

Step 5: Additionally, the wheels on your Roomba can accumulate dirt and hair. Thankfully, cleaning them is not too challenging.

Turn your Roomba over, grab the front caster wheel, and pull it out straight. The wheel’s axle and stem should be cleared of any hair clumps before being snapped back into place.

Step 6: The side wheels should be pressed into the Roomba’s frame. Any significant hair clumps and other debris can be removed by repeating this action several times.

The key to maintaining a clean home and the robot vacuum is to keep your Roomba clean. Fortunately, as you’ve seen, these amazing robot vacuums only need a little bit of maintenance—just a little love and care every now and then.

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How Frequently Should The Roomba Be Cleaned?

Robot vacuums have bins that can only hold a certain amount of dirt before their suction mechanism stops working, just like the best multi-surface vacuum cleaners. The dustbins on the compact robot models are much smaller than those on those larger vacuums, necessitating much more frequent emptying. To make sure they are always prepared, it’s a good idea to empty them after the machine runs three times. You might need to empty them even more frequently if the house is big or if there are pets.


If you want your Roomba to last a long time, emptying the bin is one of those essential tasks you should do frequently.  Fortunately, emptying the trash can is not at all difficult. Ensure that you carry out this action following each Roomba cleaning cycle.

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