How to Clean Roomba Wheels – Simple Cleaning Guide

How to Clean Roomba Wheels – Simple Cleaning Guide

A lot of hair is probably wrapped around the axle of the front caster wheel of your Roomba, and there is probably dust stuck inside the compartments that house the side wheels.

Although a Roomba’s wheels are simple to overlook, you should do so frequently; in fact, iRobot advises doing so once every two weeks. And you should definitely flip your robot over and check its wheels if you notice herky-jerky movement as it sweeps your floors.

Why Should You Clean The Wheels On Your Roomba?

If the Roomba’s side wheel compartments are clogged with debris and you’re having trouble getting them out, try spraying them with compressed air.

Dust, hair, and other impurities adhere to the wheel and its surrounding components every time a robot vacuum runs.

These substances build up over time and lead to unneeded wear. The wheel motor burning out too soon is the worst-case scenario.

Since it would cost more, you don’t want this to occur. Keeping this component clean is crucial because an original wheel module is not inexpensive.

How to Clean Roomba Wheels

What Equipment Is Required To Clean The Roomba Wheels?

Philips screwdriver: To remove the outer and inner bolts, a standard Philips screwdriver and a small one are required, respectively.

Rubber Gloves: Wear a pair to stop your fingerprints from being all over the robot.

Microfiber towels: Because they are lint-free and soft, I prefer to use microfiber towels.

Ziplock bags (Optional): Unless you’re changing the wheels, you won’t need these.

Portable vacuum (Optional): To expedite the process, I use a vacuum to collect debris from around the wheels.

How To Clean A Roomba’s Front Caster Wheel

Initially, you should flip your Roomba over and set it down on a smooth surface, preferably something soft like a towel. (Given how filthy your Roomba probably is, you should probably wash the towel as soon as you’re done cleaning the Roomba.)

Following that, you must remove the Roomba’s caster wheel. Simply grab the wheel firmly and pull it out straight to complete the trick without using any tools. The caster should easily release along with its stem with a little force.

Quite a bit of hair will probably be wrapped around the axle, which is more likely than not. Simply remove the wheel from its housing rather than attempting to yank it free; once you’ve done that, you can easily remove the hair ring from around the axle.

How To Clean Roomba Side Wheels

Over a crisp white towel, turn the robot over. The towel shields the robot’s exterior from being scratched by the hard surface.
Take a fresh microfiber towel, and rub the wheels lightly. Till the dust is no longer visible, slowly turn each wheel while wiping the sides and tracks. If there is dust buildup on the wheel assembly, use a handheld with a brush attachment.
Look underneath to see if there is any debris. To check, gently push each wheel. Proceed to the next section if you can see significant accumulation.

Try spraying them with compressed air if you’re having trouble getting the debris out of the Roomba’s side wheel compartments.

How To Remove Hair And Clean

After removing the wheels, you can clean and inspect each component. You can use a clean, dry towel to wipe it clean after removing all the hairs that are stuck on them. To avoid corroding the metallic and electrical components nearby, make sure the towel is completely dry. Place the wheel assembly back together after a thorough cleaning. To properly place them back, perform the steps in reverse.

Start focusing on each module individually. Cut off any extra hairs by inserting the scissors inside the wheel axle where it is clogged with hairs. When the long hairs are cut, the remaining hair pieces will eventually fall out, so you don’t need to work too hard after a few repetitions. Simply rotate the wheels a little to let the hair follicles fall to the ground. Additionally, search the wheel models for any hair strands that might be caught somewhere else, then use the scissors to cut them off.

You can remove any remaining hairs and vacuum any dust particles that are stuck on the wheel modules by using the crevice and dusting tools on your vacuum cleaner. Until you are happy with the outcome, move it and brush it around the wheel and module’s body. To make sure the areas are dust-free, vacuum the robot vacuum’s bottom where you just removed the modules.

As previously mentioned, you can simply remove the wheel portion to perform some dusting and unclogging if you’re wondering how to clean a Roomba front wheel. The task is essentially the same whether you choose to remove the entire unit or not, but there will be more places to clean.

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Final Thoughts

The entire procedure for cleaning Roomba wheels, including the front caster wheel and the side wheels, is now complete. You can help your robot vacuum last longer by taking the time to remove dust and hair from the wheels, especially if your Roomba is already a member of your family.

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