How Often To Change Roomba Filter – What You Should Know

How Often To Change Roomba Filter – What You Should Know

Your Roomba needs to be properly maintained if you want it to keep working efficiently for a longer period of time. Depending on how frequently you use your Roomba, you should change its filters.

The Roomba filter should be changed every two to three months, according to the instructions. Before then, you should think about changing the filter if you notice a decrease in the Roomba’s suction power.

If you have pets, make sure to clean the filter at least twice weekly. Use compressed air for lighter cleaning or water for more thorough cleaning; never reinstall it before it is completely dry. Additionally, not all filters can be washed, so make sure to read the article on cleaning the Roomba filter.

What Kinds Of Filters Can I Use For My Roomba?

  1. iRobot i and e series of Roombas: High-Efficiency Filter
  2. Series 800-900 of the Roomba: HEPA Filters
  3. iRobot Roomba 600 Series: High-Efficiency Filters
  4. iRobot Roomba s Series: High-Efficiency Filter
  5. iRobot 700 Series: High-Efficiency Filters

How To Clean A Roomba Filter

If you follow iRobot’s advice, you shouldn’t wash the Roomba filter, so you might be wondering how to clean one. After all, you don’t want to need to change the old filter with a new one after every use. Here is a look at how to do it; it’s fairly simple:

  1. To start, take out the trash can and throw anything in it away. Each use should be followed by this.
  2. The filter, or filters, on some models, ought to be simple to get to as you take out the trash can. Remove it (or them).
  3. Tap the filter against the interior of the trash can. Any dust or debris that has been trapped should be moved by doing this. Till you no longer see any dust or debris coming from it, keep gently tapping it against the interior of the trash can.
  4. You can use an air compressor or compressed air can to help remove any debris if you want to step up your filter cleaning efforts.
  5. Just be careful to apply the air from a secure distance to avoid damaging the filter.
    Reinstall the waste container and filter(s) in the Roomba.

iRobot recommends cleaning the filter at least once per week, perhaps more if you live in a home with pets or with heavily soiled floors.

How Frequently Should I Replace The Roomba Filter?

The frequency of vacuuming with a Roomba depends on a number of factors, but iRobot advises changing the filters on these vacuums at least once every two months. But if the filter is properly cleaned each week, according to Clean Home World, it can typically last six to twelve months before needing to be replaced.

Again, a number of factors affect how frequently filters need to be replaced. For example, if you live in a two-person household instead of a five-person one with pets, your floors are probably less dirty. While the latter example would probably be best served by sticking to replacing filters every two months, as per iRobot’s recommendation, the former example could probably benefit from replacing filters every six to twelve months.

The “Parts and Accessories” section of iRobot’s online store, as well as one of its retailer partners, sells replacement filters for all models of Roombas.

Your Roomba’s filter is most likely to blame if you notice that its suction power is lacking. This is why it’s crucial to clean the filter on a weekly basis and to follow the advised replacement filter schedule. Failure to do so will probably affect the device’s performance and could even result in an early failure.

How Often To Change Roomba Filter

Roomba Filter Replacement Buying Guide

In a market flooded with counterfeit third-party replacement parts, purchasing a Roomba replacement part—including a filter—is the biggest challenge. It can also be challenging to determine which filter is best for you. Some advice to assist you in choosing the appropriate filter for your Roomba has been provided in this section.

Buy Authentic Roomba Filters

The market is flooded with Roomba replacement parts: some are genuine parts while others are knockoffs. To make sure that your Roomba performs at its best, as a consumer, you should purchase a genuine filter.

Having said that, we advise purchasing genuine filters made by iRobot. The best performance and durability are guaranteed despite the potential slight price premium. A few other third-party brands are also available that promise superior performance and durability but are less expensive.

Buy From Trusted Sellers

Purchase a replacement filter from Amazon if you are not purchasing from iRobot directly. Amazon offers discounted prices and the assurance that you are purchasing genuine goods. Every seller on the platforms is investigated by the retailer.

Additionally, you can read customer reviews on Amazon to avoid being tricked into purchasing fake Roomba filters just because they are inexpensive.

How To Replace Roomba Bag

See the instructions for replacing the Roomba bag below. The automatic Clean Base unit works with all Roomba i and S series vacuums.

  • Step 1: By raising the lid, you can access the canister.
  • Step 2: Holding the plastic card that leads to the vacuum port will allow you to remove the entire bag from the canister.
  • Throw away the used bag as the third step.
  • Step 4: Insert the plastic card between the rails to replace the old bag with a new one.

The lid should be gently pressed down in the final step to make sure it is completely closed.


The complete guide to cleaning and replacing Roomba filters are now available for your reference, everyone. The filter needs to be cleaned and changed for the Roomba to operate at its best, even though many owners only focus on emptying the bin.

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