How to Empty Shark Vacuum?


Due to the wide variety of shark vacuum cleaners in terms of technology, special features, shark vacuum cups, sizes, capacities, etc., of course, cleaning and maintenance procedures may vary. However, even your cleaning equipment needs good care from time to time. Otherwise, it may stop working properly.

Given the importance of this matter, I will explain when and how to clean a vacuum cleaner. In this article, you’ll get step-by-step instructions to follow. So, if you don’t want to miss any details, read on. I hope you like it!

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How Ofen Your Shark Vacuum Need To Be Emptied?

Because how often users use the device varies from person to person. Therefore, the frequency of cleaning will vary. It doesn’t make sense to clean your vacuum cleaner once a week or once a month.

There is an interesting aspect to any vacuum cleaner. Most cleaners have an indication function. Therefore, on your device, you can check whether the label on the indicator reaches the maximum dirt level.

Normally, labels are displayed as the minimum and maximum padding. Here, if you see a glass halfway through, it’s time to clean it up.

It is best not to wait until the last minute, as this will affect its efficiency. Also, if the equipment isn’t properly cleaned or clogged, then it’s definitely time to clean up.

Sign That Your Vacuum Need To Be Emptied


If the bin is full of dirt and debris, you will find that the vacuum has some problems. Therefore, emptying the bins is very important. Here are some signs indicating when the trash needs to be emptied.

Sign 1: Unpleasant smell

A bad smell can also occur if the vacuum cleaner is not emptied properly. Once the bin is emptied or cleaned, the smell returns to normal.

Sign 2: Suction power:

When filters get dirty and clogged, your vacuum system will no longer work as smoothly as before. Suction loss is the main sign that reminds you to empty your trash. Suction power:

When filters get dirty and clogged, your vacuum system will no longer work as smoothly as before. Suction loss is the main sign that reminds you to empty your trash.

Sign 3: Gasping Sound:

A vacuum cleaner will often make a gasping sound if it is not emptied properly.

How To Empty A Shark Vacuum-Step by Step Guide

Before you start cleaning, I suggest you read the instructions for the Shark vacuum carefully. You can then follow these steps to clean and restore the new look carefully and correctly.

Step 1 – Disconnect the AC connection

First, you need to make sure the device is disconnected from the AC power socket. Then, remove the plug and place the device in a spacious area for cleaning. If you have a cordless Shark Duo Clean vacuum, remove the battery.

Step 2 – Turn on the Shark vacuum

The startup function of the Shark Duo vacuum cleaner may vary from device to device. However, to open the box, hold the handle on the side of the box, and then grab and open it.

Step 3 — Separate the dust collector

To remove dirt and debris, separate the dust cup from the equipment.

Step 4 — Remove motor front filter

Some Shark Duo-Clean vacuum cleaners come with front motor filters. You may need to clean the filter to avoid clogging. Therefore, check for instructions on how to remove filters and cleaning procedures.

Step 5 – Remove dust and debris from the carbon tank

To remove dust and debris, the bin needs to be pulled from the equipment. Press the button near the case and then use the handle to pull the case out of the device. Then, the debris in the garbage is released.

You can use water to remove all kinds of debris from the filter tank and filtration system. Rinse thoroughly with water for proper cleaning.

Step 6 – Dry and reposition the dust collector

After cleaning, you need to make sure the cup is completely dry. Then, the parts need to be carefully repositioned in the device. Finally, check whether the equipment is correctly installed in place and whether it works normally.

Tips for Cleaning Different Models of Shark Vacuum Cleaners

Due to the wide variety of SHARK vacuum cleaners, what and how do you probably need to pay attention to cleaning equipment parts.

Shark charging sweeper

Shark charging sweeper

Be careful when cleaning components of a rechargeable Shark Dual Clean vacuum cleaner.

Before cleaning rotating brushes, dust cups, filters, etc., remember the location of each part in the device. Because you need to put them back in place after you finish cleaning them.

HEPA Shark Filter

Shark Duo Clean filters are widely available. You can find prefilters, HEPA filters, and more.

HEPA is one of the most popular filters among the best shark vacuum cleaners.

As usual, remove the dust cup, filter, and other components for cleaning. However, for HEPA filters, I recommend not using any cleaners. Instead, clean the filter with fresh water, squeeze out the excess water and dry it.

Make sure the filter is completely dry before putting it back into the device. Remember, the filter dryer takes hours compared to the cup and other parts.

Shark cordless vacuum cleaner

cordless vacuum cleaner

For shark Duo-Clean cordless vacuum cleaners, always remove the battery before starting cleaning. Then, follow the instructions to remove the dustproof cup.

Make sure the part is completely dry before putting it back into the device. If the cup is repositioned when it is wet, it may affect the working mechanism of the device.

Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner

Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner

The Navigator vacuum also has a similar mechanism for opening the dust cup. Therefore, follow the instructions that come with the device to open the cup and clean the debris.

You can find the release button and then rotate the tank to remove it from the device. Then, follow the returned steps to reposition the parts in the device.

Final Verdict

Shark vacuum cleaners need proper maintenance. You should clean the filter regularly for better performance. But if you don’t regularly maintain the cleaning process, it could end up being a useless piece of equipment.

Therefore, follow the steps to clean the device and keep it for a long time. I hope this is a useful article that inspires you to protect your precious shark vacuum cleaner for long-term use.