How To Clean Shark Rocket Vacuum Filter In Simple Ways?

How To Clean Shark Rocket Vacuum Filter In Simple Ways?

The Shark Rocket is a beautiful machine. The manufacturer claims that sharks never lose suction, but this assertion is based on the requirement that the foam filters be cleaned at least once every three months. Additionally, the rotating brush and canister need to be routinely cleaned by Shark Rocket Vacuum owners.

How should filters for the Shark Rocket Vacuum be cleaned? Prior to cleaning, take out the HEPA and primary filters from the Shark Rocket Vacuum. Both filters should be rinsed in cold water only, without any soap, and allowed to air dry for at least a day. Allow both filters to dry before replacing them in the Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner unit.

Signs a Shark Rocket Vacuum Needs Cleaning

  • Loss of suction: A big fat hairy fuzzball or an old filter that has stopped filtering can clog a vacuum and stop the suction, it happens. The first indication that someone needs a thorough cleaning, regardless of the cause, is a loss of suction.
  • Visible dirt left behind: A Shark Rocket Vacuum will never leave a trail of food particles or other debris when operating at its best. If it does, that’s a definite sign that it needs to be cleaned.
  • Weird sound: If your Shark sounds like it is gasping for air, you can be certain that it is bathtime. Because it is, that is. And that could put a lot of strain on the vacuum’s motor.
  • Unpleasant odor: It is never acceptable for a Shark Rocket Vacuum to emit a foul smell. If it does, take that as a warning that the vacuum needs a thorough cleaning.

What You Need To Clean Shark Rocket Vacuum Filter

  • Warm water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Wood skewer, or similar
  • Flashlight
  • Soft brush like a bottle brush
  • Scissors

How to Clean a Shark Rocket Vacuum Cleaner

There are numerous Shark models available, and most of them have a few minor differences in their components. If you have a Shark Rocket Vacuum, you can find the parts and discover how to maintain them by reading the manual designed specifically for your model. Despite this, the cleaning process is the same for the majority of Shark models.

Remember that there are three simple steps involved in cleaning your Shark Rocket Vacuum. The rotating brush, filters, and canister are all part of this. If you’re looking for quick and dirty on how to clean a Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner, check out the brief video below. If you want to read the tutorial in detail, keep reading the post.

Step 1: Disassemble

A power source must be removed from the vacuum before disassembling it. Stay calm in this situation. We’re not referring to unscrewing screws or disconnecting wires. The HEPA filter, its cover, the handle hose, the dust canister, and the foam/felt filters should all be taken out.

Make a note of where the filters are so that you can replace them in the same order. It’s not challenging. Just pay attention.

Step 2: Empty the Dust Canister

Due to a lid-release button that enables the hinged cover to separate from the canister and drop into the trash, the dust canister on both Shark cordless and upright vacuums is incredibly simple to empty. Before you can do this with cordless models, you must first remove the wand. By pressing the release button at the top of the main unit on the upright corded models, you should first remove the dust canister from the vacuum.  

We can take the canister out of the appliance and put the dirt in a disposal bag. Use your microfiber cloth to clean the canister after soaking it in soapy water. Dry it by air after giving it a cold water rinse.

Before reassembling, make sure the canister is entirely dry. It could take up to 24 hours.

The primary cleaning tool is the rotating brush, which collects dirt, hair, and other debris.

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Step 3: Shark Rocket Vacuum Filter Cleaning

A felt filter, a HEPA filter, and one or two (depending on the model) thick foam filters make up the excellent filter system in Shark Rocket Vacuums. 

Take extra precaution to prevent harming the foam and felt filters because the manufacturer recommends against using soap while rinsing them.

To clean the foam filter, it must be scrubbed and squeezed firmly. After being thoroughly cleaned and rinsed, the filter(s) may or may not regain their initial white appearance. If they are not torn, shattered, or otherwise harmed, they will be fine, even if they remain discolored.

Step 4: Wash the Filter Under Cool & Running Water

Take each filter to a sink with cool running water after cleaning it completely with a brush. Submerge one of the filters in the stream of water. To get rid of any last bits of dust or dirt that might be stuck to it, gently scrub it with your hand.

Place the filter back under running water after removing as much dirt and dust as you can, and let the water flow through it until it is clear. Till both filters are clean, repeat the process with each.

Step 5: Clean the Rotating Brush

Start by detaching the floor attachment of your rotating brush from its handle. There will typically be a button at each end of the floor attachment on most models. To release the brush head for more effective cleaning, press these buttons.

Snip any debris that is entangled in the brush using your scissors. In order to avoid damaging the bristles, use your hands to carefully remove all the debris.

To get rid of tough dirt, either use a soft brush or soak the brush in water and scrub it well. Before re-attaching the brush, give it at least 24 hours to air-dry.

How Often Should A Shark Rocket Vacuum Be Cleaned?

The owner’s manual recommends cleaning the filters every three months.

The high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter can function flawlessly for two years. But if you find its efficiency dwindling, you may want to clean or replace it sooner.

To put it simply, for your Shark Rocket Vacuum to function properly, you must remember to clean it four times a year. However, you might still forget a few dates even with a Google calendar reminder.

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Final Words

The details on how to clean Shark Rocket vacuum filters are now available. Regardless of how dirty or dusty your vacuum’s filter is, all you need to clean it yourself to save money is a dusting brush and some cool running water.

Just take care when handling your filters during these stages to be gentle and careful. The vacuum filters must be changed every three months, so make sure you stick to this schedule to avoid damaging your Shark Rocket filter.

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