How to Change Your Vacuum Belt?

How to Change Your Vacuum Belt?

This guide will show you how to change your vacuum belt. As we all know, replacing the damaged or inelastic drive belt is one of the most common maintenance of vacuum cleaners. We need to write down the brand and model of vacuum cleaner, and then buy a replacement vacuum belt in a hardware store or vacuum cleaner service center. You can buy more at one time in case you need it from time to time. Then, it takes about 30 minutes to repair by yourself. After opening the new belt, turn the motor shaft by hand to ensure that it is correctly installed and located in the center of the two rollers. If the belt size and installation are correct, it will rotate the brush.

What is a Vacuum Cleaner Belt?

The vacuum cleaner belt is part of the vacuum and connects the brush roller to the vacuum motor shaft. It transmits power from the vacuum motor to the roller brush. The vacuum belt is also called mixing brush, and the brush roller is called mixing brush. The vacuum cleaner with broken belt will

Although it is still very absorbent, it will not collect too much debris from the carpet without a rolling brush. A properly sized belt is a necessary condition for any vacuum cleaner to work properly. The vacuum cleaner with rubber belt needs to be replaced once a year. If you change it incorrectly, it will break again and again.

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Signs of Broken Vacuum Cleaner Belt

When the rolling brush of the vacuum cleaner stops, you must check what makes it stop, mainly the belt makes it unable to work. Belt breakage will make the vacuum cleaner run very slowly and difficult on the surface.

Usually, when the belt breaks, you will hear more noise in the vacuum cleaner, similar to the noise of the engine running. Another good indicator is that the vacuum begins to produce odor. Before consulting a service provider, you should try to replace the belt yourself at home.

How to Change Your Vacuum Belt

Why Does the Vacuum Cleaner Belt Break?

First of all, we should know why the belt of vacuum cleaner breaks. The reasons are as follows:

  • Normal wear
  • The installed belt does not match the vacuum
  • The brush roller is blocked due to incorrect belt installation

How to Install / Replace the Belt of Vacuum Cleaner?

  1. Prepare tools

If you change the belt of the vacuum cleaner at home, this is a very easy task. You can easily do it yourself without paying the service provider.

There are several tools you need to replace the belt:

  • Bolt driver
  • A new vacuum belt
  • Accurately order new belts

There are many types of vacuum belts on the market. You need to know the exact size of the vacuum belt suitable for your vacuum cleaner. Buying the wrong belt will cause you difficulties. You must know the type of your vacuum cleaner. You can also ask in the store and tell you the type of vacuum cleaner. What’s easier is that you can find a new belt in any online store in the home appliance sector (such as Amazon), which costs less than 10 pounds. Or you can visit the manufacturer / company website directly to find the right belt for your vacuum cleaner.

  1. Unplug the vacuum cleaner

Do not replace the belt when the vacuum cleaner is turned on. To ensure your safety, please unplug the vacuum cleaner first, and then remove the belt.

  1. Turn the vacuum cleaner upside down

Turn the vacuum cleaner upside down. Now put it on the desk or workstation. Put your hands down. This will facilitate access to the area of the brush roll and vacuum belt

  1. Remove the base plate

To remove the belt, the base plate must be removed first. The vacuum base plate has four to six screws that fix the plate. Sometimes there is another plate to hold the roller brush.

  1. Remove the screws

Remove all screws on the board with a screwdriver. Some vacuum cleaners have two screws, and some vacuum cleaners have four to six screws, depending on the model of the vacuum cleaner. Using a small negative (flat) blade screwdriver, unscrew the screw counterclockwise.

  1. Remove the old belt

The position of the belt in each vacuum cleaner is the same. The broken belt must be located at the head of the vacuum head around the brush roller. It can be at the top or bottom of the vacuum head. Find out by hand where the belt is connected to the motor. Remember this place, because you have to wear a new belt here.

Now that the bottom plate has been removed, the old (or damaged) belt will easily come out of the vacuum. Before removing the old belts and brush rollers, first look at how they are arranged in vacuum and how they are connected to each other. We can pull the brush roller out of the vacuum and slide it out of the belt ring. Then, remove the other end of the vacuum belt from the motor shaft.

  1. Take out the brush roller

Remove the old belt and brush roller, separate it from the vacuum cleaner and clean the brush roller, because you must put it back. If the drum becomes dirty, it will cause blockage and may damage the belt again.

  1. Install a new belt

Connect the new belt to the pulley spindle and the belt will be connected to the motor. Wrap the new belt around the main shaft, and then move backward around the brush angle of the drum. The belt must be pushed around the end of the drum, otherwise it will break again. The belt must not be too tight to prevent the roller from moving onto the kapper. Due to the tension of the belt, you will find it difficult to put the drum back in place.

No matter what vacuum method is adopted, the purpose is to restore the brush roller and belt to their original position before closing the vacuum housing. For vacuum cleaners with round and flat belts, a little muscle is needed to pull the brush roller in place so that there is a new belt that is not stretched. We can put the vacuum base plate and / or any other removed housing parts back into the brush roll area. This repair is now complete. According to the type of vacuum belt, the new vacuum mixer belt can be used for months to years before being replaced again.

  1. Check Again

If your vacuum model adopts the type of round or flat vacuum belt, this means that the belt is fixed between the motor shaft and the brush roller with tension. The new belt seems too small for a vacuum. This is probably normal and expected. In case, please carefully check whether your vacuum cleaner has appropriate parts, but please note that the round and flat vacuum belt types will stretch greatly over time. Gear belts and V-belts are also elastic, but not so large.

Because the vacuum undergoes all the stretching during use, it is likely to become larger when you hold the old belt against the new one. We can slide the new vacuum belt around the vacuum motor shaft. Once it is on the shaft, roll the brush through the other end of the belt.

You need to check again whether the belt is correctly connected and connected to the motor. Rotate the brush and check whether the brush operates freely and whether there is dust, dirt and carpet debris attached to the brush.

  1. Put the board back into the vacuum cleaner

Put the board back into the vacuum cleaner and secure all the screws that were removed previously.

  1. Turn on the vacuum cleaner

Turn on the vacuum cleaner and see if the drum moves fast and well. If not, your safety belt is not fixed correctly, and you need to reinstall the vacuum cleaner correctly.


Because the vacuum belt of a vacuum cleaner is used to stretch, wear and tear and finally crack, every vacuum cleaner owner can save time and money by understanding the basic knowledge of replacing the vacuum belt. Fortunately, replacing the vacuum belt is a very simple maintenance for most vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaner owners should not bring their machines to stores just to replace belts.

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