Are Roombas Worth It – Should I Buy Roomba Vacuum?

Are Roombas Worth It – Should I Buy Roomba Vacuum?

You’ve heard someone rave about their Roomba robotic cleaner, which has you wondering: Are they worth the price? Well, if you read my post, you might be aware that I spent a lot of money on a Roomba since I couldn’t keep up with our young children and clean the floors.

The majority of individuals will find it to be worthwhile to get an iRobot Roomba robot vacuum. With the push of a button, they can quickly clean carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate, hardwood, and other floor types. Even when you’re away from the house, your floors can still be cleaned.

That makes it plain that I think Roombas are valuable, but it also makes it clear that not everyone would gain anything from employing a robot vacuum. You must continue reading this Roomba vacuum review to learn more.

How Does The Robotic Vacuum Roomba Operate?

Suction And Performance

Similar to how many people mistakenly believe that there aren’t any significant differences between vacuums and navigation. So, in this case, is a Roomba worth it? Let’s compare the Roomba i7 and Roomba 675 to see if there is a significant improvement in suction and performance.

One of the better premium robot vacuums, in my opinion, is the Roomba i7. It employs a dirt detector system, which has advantages and disadvantages. Even though it needs more time to thoroughly clean an area, it continues to scan a surface until it detects no dirt. Putting aside the extra time, the i7 does a great job cleaning both carpets and hard floors. On carpets, it works better.

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Overall, the Roomba i7 has the strength required to thoroughly clean your house.

On the other hand, I’ve tested a lot of cheap vacuums, and the Roomba 600 series is one of the worst. I don’t just mean against the i7. I’m referring to the Eufy and Deebot robot vacuums, which are similarly priced. It appears to be a failure in every way. Only one brush is available, there isn’t much power, and the Dirt Detect System battles the shoddy power and battery. It will repeatedly go over the same area, making sure that cleaning your home will take forever.

It should be obvious that the premium Roomba prevails in this comparison once again. Nobody enjoys having to spend more money, but you also don’t want to buy a cheap vacuum that won’t be able to clean your house.

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These Roombas have comparable battery lives when compared on paper. The Roomba i7 has a 75-minute battery life, compared to the Roomba 675’s 60 minutes. Do not be fooled by that. They differ greatly from one another even in this situation.

Remember how we said the Roomba i7 is more adept at mapping and navigating your home? This is significant in this situation. It’s uncommon for the i7 to complete your home in a single pass. In the middle of its cleaning cycle, it will probably need to recharge. As a result, it returns to the charging base before the battery runs out. This makes sure that it won’t pass away unexpectedly in the middle of a room while cleaning your house.

The Roomba 675 and other 600 series Roombas can locate their charging base if they are right next to it, but if not, they frequently struggle to recharge in the middle of their cycle. If you discover a dead 600 series in an unlikely location, don’t be shocked. If you live in a large home, you might even need to search for it.

They can both recharge while they are running through their cleaning cycles, but the i7 finds the charging base more easily than the 600 series.


I’ll talk a little bit about software as my final topic. I’ll say that both cheap and expensive Roombas have excellent software, despite the fact that there are differences in this regard. iRobot outdoes the competition here by offering one of the best apps.

The Roomba i7 is simple to connect, and you can even use Alexa or Google Home to do it. Interested in maximizing the utility of your Roomba? Use a clever IFTTT command. For instance, you can program the Roomba to pause each time the phone rings. You can schedule the times, days, and rooms to be cleaned using the scheduling option.

In relation to upgrading the i7, a Clean Base is an optional accessory that gathers sand, debris, and pet hair. The base holds up to 30 trays’ worth of debris and cleans the dust tray. This comes standard with the Roomba i7+, or you can purchase the Clean Base separately along with the i7.

Alexa and Google Home are both compatible with the Roomba s9+, which also uses the iRobot app. With the app, you can schedule tasks and even check the battery level and general condition of the robot. The initial connection can be intimidating, and there is no IFTTT support.

Overall, both do well with their software. The 675 covers all the essential bases and is surprisingly robust considering its price, even though the i7 is better and has more options.

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Advantages Of Roomba Vacuum

Roomba Parts Are Easily Replaceable

Did you know that iRobot continues to sell spare parts for its older models?

The original Roombas, indeed. This guarantees that finding replacement parts will never be a hassle. Not when the business itself continues to offer them. even for supposedly outdated models.

You ought to save cash as a result of this. Because you won’t need to upgrade your Roomba every few years. When replacement parts are needed, you can simply purchase them. On iRobot’s website, you might find them. additionally in the official Amazon store of the business.

Roomaba Can Clean The Whole House

Although Roomba is designed to clean the entire house, this is not practical for us.  The ranch we purchased is 4,300 square feet, and although it runs continuously, I have to move it every morning.  This place has a strange layout, but I’m sure it could handle the entire house if we didn’t have so much for it to clean.  But because it has to go over things again that it didn’t understand the first time, it takes forever.  Moving it every day ensures that it cleans about 3/4 of the house each day, so for several days in a row, the same area receives cleaning, but then that area skips a day.

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Can Charge Themselves

Roombas have the added benefit of being self-charging compared to conventional vacuums. From the second generation onward, every Roomba has this capability. They are now capable of independently returning to their charging stations.

So you won’t need to constantly check the Roomba’s charge level if you use one. When the power goes out, you won’t have to hurry to the closest outlet. It’s also another automation feature that will help you save a ton of time and effort.

Are Roombas Worth It

Disadvantages Of Roomba Vacuum

Roombas Get Stuck

Robot vacuums often become stuck, despite being made to avoid obstacles like furniture and walls. Additionally, they can sometimes become stuck in the most aggravating ways, making it difficult to free them from their catch. Before realizing that those chair legs are now the bars to their jail cell, they will manage to squeeze between the chair legs. You’ll discover that your Roomba spent more time locked away than it did cleaning your floors if you take a long break.

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Robot Vacuums Take A Long Time

Unquestionably, a robot vacuum cannot keep up with the speed that a person can manually clean a space. This is due to the time required for a robot vacuum to run through its algorithms in order to decide where to go and how to get there, not to mention the time lost when the device becomes stuck. A faster battery drain is also a result of the time spent trying to locate a destination.

If you adhere to a few fundamental guidelines, a manual vacuum can serve you much better. You can complete the task quickly and efficiently—let’s say, like a robot—by following these quick tips.

Roomba Require Your House To Be Clean Already

For proper operation, Roomba requires a completely uncluttered home. As a result, they’ll likely run over the cables and get stuck because they won’t notice that they’re there. It is your responsibility to clear the floor of any obstructions before turning on your Roomba, which defeats the purpose of having an automatic vacuum. Furthermore, many robot vacuums can’t smoothly switch from carpets to hardwood floors, even if your floors are completely bare (which can be next to impossible).

Roomba Application In The Smart Home

In particular, robot vacuum cleaners are well suited for integration with smart homes. The makers of the devices, however, have just recently gotten on board with this. You can order Roombas from the most recent generation with smart home features. In particular, this is valid when using a smartphone to operate the robot. But as a first step, a third-party manufacturer offers add-on gadgets that can also turn older Roombas into smart-home capable units. 

On top of the vacuum’s lid, these ring modules are mounted. These allow for more sophisticated controls on smartphones. Few millimeters are all that these modules add up to. Driving under obstacles is thus not significantly hindered.

The Roomba remote control can be replaced with a smartphone, but that’s not all it can do. The floor vacuum’s control is instead affected by the integrated tracking feature. Roomba’s control can advance significantly with the commands “Clean when I leave the house” or “Clean when I’m on my way home.” 

The gadget “tracks” the whereabouts and motion patterns of the smartphone. The owner is not in the house, for instance, if the phone is 100 meters from the house, according to Roomba. It is now aware of when to begin a cleaning cycle. The same holds true when traveling from work to home. 

It is possible to program the functions in great detail. Even extreme requirements can be set. For instance, as soon as the owner enters the house once more, the Roomba should return to the charging station. Furthermore, the robot always gives its user pertinent information. By doing this, the owner will always be aware of when to empty the dirt bin. (Read More: How to Empty Roomba Vacuum – Tips to Make It Clean)

Must You Purchase A Robot Vacuum?

The last few years have seen a rapid advancement in robot vacuum technology. Older models would repeatedly clean the same area while completely omitting another. Also, many models now offer mid-cleaning recharge, which means the robot will return to its dock, charge, and then pick up where it left off with the cleaning task. This improves the balance between suction power and battery life. Numerous robot vacuums can map your entire home and let you choose which rooms to clean and how frequently, but the cost of all that technology is high.

While the best vacuums typically cost less but have more suction, they also require more manual labor. It’s all manual labor, in actuality. There is currently no automated way to tell your Miele Complete C3 Calima canister vacuum to clean your living room; much less to give it a weekly cleaning schedule.

Robot vacuums are worth the investment for routine vacuuming in between occasionally deep cleaning sessions, even though they don’t completely replace a traditional vacuum’s deep-cleaning capabilities. This saves you the trouble of dragging a vacuum out of a hall closet and doing it yourself. For households with pets, where dander and fur can amass quickly, they are particularly useful. Additionally, a robot vacuum can be purchased to clean up before uninvited guests arrive.

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Are Roombas Worth It?

iRobot’s Roomba is the leading brand of robot vacuums, and they are worthwhile investments. Because they have the most cutting-edge features, this is the case. Additionally, they are simple to maintain and have replaceable parts. Additionally, they are long-lasting, with a lifespan of 4 to 6 years.

However, I had anticipated that it would be difficult to work with small objects, cords, and other such obstructions. Fortunately, though, it automatically stops if something gets caught in it, preventing damage to the device.  This self-corrects, in contrast to my old vacuum, which I would use to the absolute limit of my ability.  As a result, until I address the issue, it won’t restart.  It no longer gets stuck very often after the first week or so.

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To think about who wouldn’t benefit from purchasing a Roomba is preferable. With its Roomba family, IRobot effectively holds the top spot in the market. 

There are some products from makers of other brands that are really not worse. There are numerous knockoffs and inexpensive derivatives, but they cannot compete in terms of comfort and dependability. The entire concept of the cleaning robot, however, quickly loses validity if this is not provided. 

It’s just no longer enjoyable to operate the robot if it’s constantly stuck because of a flaw in the design or if it can’t find the charging station. Therefore, even if it requires a larger investment, you should always choose a branded device.

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