SEBO Automatic X4 Review

Posted by on July 13, 2011
SEBO Automatic X4

Vacuum Details

  • Super Powerful 1300 Watt Motor
  • Electronic Height Adjustment to Accommodate All Floor Types
  • Lifetime Belts Guaranteed for the Life of the Machine
  • Hospital-grade S-class filtration - 99.9% effective to 0.3 microns.
  • Active Wand and Hose make quick work of above-the-floor cleaning tasks
  • Extra Attachments Including Turbo Brush and Extended Hose - Perfect for Pet Owners
  • HEPA Filtration and Replaceable Odor Filter
  • Double Row Brush with 12" Path
  • Built Like a Tank

List Price: $899.00
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Vacuum Review

Note: The model we reviewed is the Sebo X4 EXTRA model, meaning that it came with extra tools including the TURBO brush head. This makes the vacuum around $85.00 more than the standard, but these tools are Worth Every Penny!

Sebo is a European vacuum manufacturer that is known for making some of the highest quality vacuums in the world. This vacuum was designed and manufactured in Germany. It should easily last 15+ years, so that is something to consider when looking at the hefty price tag.

Power! - The Sebo X4 Automatic comes with an extremely powerful 1300 watt motor. The suction on this beast rivals that of any other pet hair vacuum. Using the extended wand and hose you are able to suck pet hair out of the deepest cracks and crevices.

Clean Filtration - This Sebo vacuum uses a 3 step filtration process. Yes this vacuum uses bags, but it does so much more. It has an S-Class, or HEPA filter that traps 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns. The air is further filtered through an exhaust filter that cleans the air of odors. It is our belief that HEPA filtration and odor filtration are crucial for a pet hair vacuum.

Smart Vacuum - The Sebo X4 is one smart pet hair vacuum. It is computer controlled to adjust brush height and monitor the vacuum's health. This is by far the slickest, automatic height adjustment we've seen on any vacuum. It will automatically adjust to any floor height and even compensates for brush wear! This pet hair vacuum is so smart that it will even shut itself down if it senses a blockage.

Brilliant Brush Design - The Sebo uses a dual bristle roller design that is very effective at loosening pet hair. The roller brush can easily be removed to clean, and with the automatic height adjustment is very gentle on carpet fibers.

Lifetime Belts - If you've ever owned a cheap vacuum you know that belts stretch and break on a regular basis. With the Sebo X4 you don't have to worry about belts ever again.

Light and Maneuverable - The Sebo X4 is surprisingly light and quiet for such a sturdy vacuum. It is much quieter than the Dyson DC25 Animal and is nearly as easy to maneuver.

Extend Hose and Turbo Brush - The extended vacuum hose on this Sebo is very impressive. It is quickly accessible and is active upon retrieval. The turbo brush attachment is passively activated by the vacuum suction and is a nice touch for removing pet hair from stairs and furniture. In addition to the extended hose and turbo brush all the other tools are well designed and very functional.

Quality - This is where Sebo really shines. The Sebo X4 Automatic is pure quality. All the seams are tight and sealed. This vacuum is obviously well built and should last for a couple decades. No other pet hair vacuum that we've reviewed is even close in quality. Dyson vacuums are the next best in terms of quality, but the Sebo is better.

Warranty - 5 years.


So far, the Sebo X4 is our top pick as "Best Vacuum for Pet Hair." It is very expensive, but considering it should last for 15+ years and has lifetime belts, it's actually a good deal. Make sure you purchase the EXTRA model because the extra tools and extended hose are very much worth the extra money.

The only thing that we consider a drawback regarding this vacuum is the fact that it requires bags. The bags are a very large capacity, but you will have to replace them. The good news is that this vacuum emits the cleanest air you could imagine, so you can make your house smell pet free!

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