Miele Cat and Dog Vacuum Review

Posted by on February 6, 2012
Miele Cat and Dog Vacuum

Vacuum Details

  • Powerful 1200 Watt Vortex Motor
  • Rotary Dial Adjustable Air Flow
  • Separate 4,800 RPM Power Brush Motor
  • Active Carbon Air Cleaner
  • Fully Automatic Height Adjustment
  • Miele SwivelNeck for Maximum Maneuverability
  • Fold Flat Vacuuming
  • Pre-Motor Filter
  • 54 foot Cleaning Radius
  • German Engineering and Quality

List Price: $649.99
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Vacuum Review

We are so impressed with the German vacuums made by Sebo we decided to check out the Cat and Dog S7260 made by German company Miele. This vacuum turned out to be one of our favorite pet hair vacuums, along with the Sebo X4.

The Miele Cat and Dog vacuum is a very well built and thoughtfully designed pet hair vacuum. It is built on the same backbone as Miele's other S7 upright vacuums, but this one comes with a few extra features to make it a formidable pet vac.

Powerful Suction - The Miele Cat and Dog has a powerful 1,200 Watt Miele Vortex Motor. This powerful motor is designed and manufactured in Germany by Miele. It provides extremely powerful suction that will remove the most stubborn pet hair. They are so proud of this motor that they supply a 7 year warrant of parts and labor!

4,800 Electrobrush Motor - This is one powerful rotor brush. The 4,800 RPM beater brush will easily loosen pet hair from deep pile carpets. The motor can be turned off so the Miele Cat and Dog can be used on hardwood floors.

Rotary Dial Vacuum Flow Adjustment - The Miele Dog and Cat vacuum has a convenient air flow adjustment. The dial is located just below the handle for easy access. There are 6 different air flow settings that should fit any need. You can use the lowest settings for delicate cleaning jobs such as draperies.

Automatic Height Adjustment - This is one thing we really like about this vacuum, it has a spring loaded, automatic height adjustment feature. You don't have to select the height of the carpet, the Miele Cat and Dog vac does it for you!

Large Cleaning Radius - This Miele pet hair vacuum has an extremely large cleaning radius at 54 feet. The cleaning radius is comprised of the massive 39 foot electrical cord and the 12' stretch hose and lay-flat reach.

Lay Flat SwivelNeck Design - The Miele Cat and Dog has a patented swivel neck design similar to the Sebo Felix 1. This feature allows the Cat and Dog to lay completely flat to vacuum under low furniture. This is an extremely unique and useful feature in an upright pet hair vacuum. In addition to the Swivel Neck design the vac comes with 360 degree swivel casters giving this vacuum extremely good maneuverability.

Pre-Motor Filter - The Miele Cat and Dog comes with a pre-motor filter to protect the Vortex motor from dust damage. It should be replaced when it becomes overly dirty or when starting a new box of bags.

Active Clean Air Technology - The Miele Cat and Dog comes with a their Super Clean air filter combined with an activated charcoal filter. This filtration absorbs odors leaving you room smelling clean. It traps particles down to 0.5 microns. If you have allergies you may want to consider upgrading to their HEPA filter.

AirClean Filter Bag Technology - We know some people hate vacuums that require bags. We feel that bags are a good thing for pet owners due to the cleanliness they offer. The Miele AirClean filter bags technology includes and 9 layer bag of electrostatic charged materials to help trap dust, pollen and animal dander. The best part about their AirClean technology is the spring loaded, self locking opening. This ensures that you never breath in any dust when changing bags.

Handheld Turbo Brush - One of the reaons Miele called this vacuum the "Cat and Dog" is because it comes with a handheld turbo brush for cleaning pet hair from stairs and furniture. This hand held turbo brush is just over 5 inches wide. It is powered by the vacuum airflow and has a 120 degree swivel neck.

12' Hose and Stainless Steel Extend Wand - This is an extremely handy feature in a pet hair vacuum. The Miele Cat and Dog comes with a very generous 12 foot stretch hose and a stainless steel telescopic wand. This combined with the included crevice tool allows you to vacuum up pet hair from tight spaces.

Anti Tip Over Feature - The Miele Cat and Dog has a swivel point for the hose attachment. This gives the vacuum more stability when using the stretch hose. This is an extremely well thought out item that highlights the engineering that goes into Miele vacuums.

Bright LED Lights - Some people question the efficacy of vacuum headlamps, but the Miele Cat and Dog has 8 powerful LED lights. These lights are extremely useful when taking advantage of the vacuums lay-flat design. You can vacuum under couches and other furniture and easily see what you're doing.

Miele Quality - Miele produces vacuums of true quality. They have been designing and manufacturing floor care equipment for over eighty years. This vacuum is extremely well built and the sealed air system provides a true clean air system.


The Miele Cat and Dog is a true contender for Best Vacuum for Pet Hair. It is extremely well built and maneuverable. It's powerful suction has no problem pulling pet hair out of deep pile carpet. The clean air technology leaves the room smelling fresh and clean.

The cleaning radius of this vacuum is amazing and the Swivel Neck lay-flat technology allows this pet vac to reach nearly anywhere. Combine the Swivel Neck lay flat feature with the 12 foot stretch hose, stainless steel telescopic wand and hand-held turbo brush and you've got vacuum that can rid your house of all pet hair.

The Miele Cat and Dog does require bags and the pre-motor filter. We have checked the prices and they are not too expensive. One good thing about the Miele bag system is it removes virtually all dust and you can keep your hands (and lungs) clean when changing bags.

All in all we give this vacuum an excellent rating and recommend it as a good upright vacuum for pet hair. If you are more interested in a canister style pet hair vacuum then we would recommend the Sebo Felix 1.

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