Dyson DC41 Animal Review

Posted by on April 30, 2012
Dyson DC41 Animal  Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Details

  • Improved Cyclone Technology
  • Ball Technology for Easy Navigation
  • Dual Edge Cleaning Power Head
  • Automatic Height Adjusting Power Head
  • Lower Profile and 90 Degree Turning Radius
  • Mini Turbine Brush for Pet Hair
  • Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly

List Price: $599.99
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Vacuum Review

We have received requests to review the Dyson DC41 Animal, since one of our top contenders for "Best Vacuum for Pet Hair" is the Dyson DC25 Animal. Dyson made several "improvements" for this model that aid in suction and maneuverability. We took a look at this vacuum from two perspectives. One, as a new vacuum to the pet vac market and secondly, we compared it to previous Dyson models.

Radial Root Cyclone Technology - Dyson's claim to fame has always been their Root Cyclone Technology. The cyclone technology drops dirt out of the air path prior to exiting through filters. This process prevents filters from clogging and eliminates the resulting loss of suction. The DC41 Animal has a new improved root cyclone technology that Dyson refers to as Radial Root Cyclone. The cyclones appear similar to the naked eye, but Dyson claims they redesigned the airflow to guide the air path into a more efficient "radial" pattern which reduces noise and increases suction. The result of this new technology is a constant suction of 235 Airwatts versus the DC25's 220.

Improved Ball Technology - Dyson's Improved Ball technology helped to minimize the overall footprint of the DC41 Animal. They incorporated more parts into the navigation ball such as the motor and all ducting. This allows for more maneuverability. The Dyson DC41 Animal can pivot 90 degrees allowing it to turn on a dime. Compared to the DC25 we would say that there is only a slight, noticeable improvement in maneuverability, but it is nice to not have the ducting wrapping around the sides of the ball.

Massive Suction - As we mentioned earlier, the new Radial Root Cyclone Technology enhances airflow giving the DC41 Animal massive suction at constant 235 Air Watts. In practical use we couldn't tell much of a difference from that of the Dyson DC25 Animal's 220 Air Watts.

Automatic Height Adjustment Power Head Plate - The head plate has a form of spring action that allows it to automatically adjust to the flooring height. This technology is supposed to increase floor contact and ensure maximum suction at all times. We are not too sure about this particular feature. It does a great job going from hardwood floors to small runners, but needs a bit of an assist if going from hardwood floors to shag carpeting. The head doesn't feel like the sturdiest feature of the vacuum so we are unsure if this will last. The good news is all Dyson vacuums have a 5 year parts and labor warranty.

Large Capacity - One feature we really like about the Dyson DC41 Animal (and other Dyson vacs) is the large capacity of the dust bin. This one really tops the scales at 0.55 gallon! That may not sound like much, but it is about 5x bigger than many other bagless vacuums and is 75% bigger than the DC25! If you have a large house filled with pets (especially with carpet) a big dust bin is a must. Even a large house that is filthy with pet hair won't require more than 3 or 4 dust bin clearings with the DC41.

Dust Bin Side Note: - One nice feature about a bagless vacuum is the fact that you don't need bags, but with that comes a bit of dealing with dust mess. If you have allergies or any aversion to dust we would recommend going with a pet hair vacuum that uses bags such as the Sebo X4 Automatic. Although we didn't have a problem with this issue, we have read of some people having a problem with dust falling off the bottom of the dust bin into the center of the DC41 vacuum, which contains the inner filtration system. The result of this dust dropping into the inner chambers would allow dust to reach the motor, which would not be good for its longevity. There is a post motor exhaust filter so you wouldn't have to worry about the dust venting into the room.

Motorized Brush Bar - The motorized brush bar does a fantastic job of loosening dirt and pet hair from carpet. It can be manually turned off at the push of a button and turns off automatically when the vac. is locked in the upright position (good for when using the stretch hose.)

HEPA Filter Vacuum - The Dyson DC41 Animal is a certified asthma friendly pet hair vacuum that has a LIFETIME, washable HEPA filter. The HEPA filter removes microscopic allergens and fills your room with clean air. All of the components are self contained and sealed. There could be the issue of dust falling to the inner filter system when emptying the dust bin (see above.) There is also an issue of cleaning the inner screen filter that blocks larger particles. The easiest way to clean the inner dust screen is to remove the screen and vacuum it with another vacuum (as crazy as that sounds.)

Telescoping Stretch Hose - The stretch hose on the DC41 is different than that of the DC25 Animal. There is still the solid, non collapsible 3 foot section, or wand, that is attached to the hose, but the whole handle doesn't need to be removed as with the DC25. There is now a one-click feature to install the attachments. This feature is very nice, because the attachments won't fall off.

One annoying feature is the whole cord must be unwound in order to remove the hose, because the hose handle has the top clip to hold the cord. The stretch hose is very long and combined with the 35 foot cord gives the Dyson DC41 Animal a total reach of over 50 feet!.

Mini Turbine Head - There hasn't been much of a change in the turbine head compared to the DC25. The mini turbine head is passively powered by the vacuum suction. It contains a rotary head with small bristles. It does work well on short carpet and upholstery in removing dog and cat hair.

Other Features - The DC41 Animal has the standard onboard tools such as a crevice and brush tool. One nice feature is the crevice tool is now incorporated into the brush tool. You can use the brush tool for upholstery surfaces then push a button for a switch blade like presentation of the crevice tool. We really liked this feature because we didn't have to keep switching back and forth between tools.

Warranty - 5 years for parts and labor.


We can say that the Dyson DC41 Animal does a good job at vacuuming up pet hair. It has an impressive reach, and the new one click attachment feature is welcome. It's nice to know that your attachments are locked on and won't pull off when vacuuming in tight spots. The new Radial Root Cyclone Technology doesn't produce noticeably more suction, but may result in a quieter vacuum.

We really like the new ball design which incorporates the ducting. Now that the ducting is not on the sides of the ball you are able to maneuver the vacuum closer to walls resulting in better edge cleaning.

The air output is very clean due to the multiple level of filtration and the washable, lifetime HEPA filter. If your house isn't too dusty you can go 3 months between washing. Dyson claims that the belts and filters will last the lifetime of the machine.

Final Conclusion

Overall, we like the DC41 Animal very much. We aren't quite sure if the build quality is as good as the DC25 Animal. The DC25 just feels a little more solid. The features of the DC41 are very welcome, and this vacuum is very maneuverable. All in all, this vacuum is one of our top picks for bagless Best Vacuum for Pet Hair!

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